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Have you thought about how Halloween is one of the Worst days to be a Hunter

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  • Have you thought about how Halloween is one of the Worst days to be a Hunter

    So Halloween is approaching and I was thinking how some of the different game lines and I realized just how bad maintaining the Vigil would be during that particular night of the year.

    Let's start with the easy one: Disguises. One in Three people will probably be Wearing Facial Coverings. And others dressed up as monsters so you don’t know the different between a really good Custom and a Claimed.

    Second is the chaos that is Halloween night. Some might think that having a multitude of eyes would by good. But then the crowds are easy to get lost in especially that most people would think they are just covered in Red die. And Any one screaming as a Prank.

    Third point is more for the likes of Hunters with basics Human decency lots of children outside. Children and teenagers that would want to explore “spooky places” and sleep in a “Haunted” area of forest where people say weird dog things sometimes

    And last but not least is that Halloween has the tendency to draw the weirdos out of the woodworks. If a Slasher is planning to go on a streak, this is a good time as any, so you can be sure of this fact: something WILL happen this night.

    Buuuut at the very least you're not a Changeling going though Samhain. Silver lining.

    Considering Halloween is said to dim the barriers between Worlds..,yeah. You do not want the True Fae going “Trick and treating.

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    Easily one of the worst. Vampires can pass undetected with the right clothes, werewolves are antsy because of the weakened barriers, witches probably feel a surge in power, and yeah then there's the fucking Wild Hunt running around so that's a bonus. I imagine that anything below a conspiracy hunkers down and tries to weather the storm unless something particularly awful is going down.


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      Not to mention the incredible horror/fear fest that the Beast might take advantage of.


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        Funny thing: In Dresden Files, Halloween is the only day in the year where Immortals can be killed.


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          "Nonsense! Halloween is when I do my best work! You just have to hide and wait in the shadows, then burst out and take them down! I've had hunts were I slaughtered dozens of the little monsters. Had to move after that, but still..." -Kilgore, local Slasher.


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            Sure but if they survive the night, it becomes the Feast of All saints clearly giving MalMal a +5 to every Benediction. Argue with your table about it!