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Lighting Candles in a Web of Pain [Hunters and Deviants oh my]

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  • Lighting Candles in a Web of Pain [Hunters and Deviants oh my]

    So it's been awhile since I wrote something about Hunter, and Deviant's Kickstarter has finished recently, so I think it is time that we'll start to think about the unavoidable question that every Vigil fan has probably asked himself while thinking on Deviant. That is- if Deviants are people who got their very soul broken by a group of terrible people which composed what is known as conspiracies, and hunters are people who work together to fight monsters even when the prices are high and which many times composed organizations that are known as conspiracies, does it mean that Hunters take part in the infamous Web of Pain? Could it be that our good old monster hunters, who risk their lives in order to fight the darkness and bring light to the world, take part in doing terrible things to innocent people? Are our many, well intention (more or less. Usually less) compacts and conspiracies are a part of the dreadful network of information meant to create and hunt down the Broken?

    The short answer: yes.

    But as the short answer does not deserve a thread of its own, let's talk about the long answer. The long answer is yes- but. The Web of Pain is presented as some sort of a "social accord", a mean of community between many occult organizations who target the Renegades for their own uses. They may have created them, or that they try to get one and examine it, or maybe they want to kill it. heck, they maybe think they want to help it- even though the way they describe "help" and the way that Deviants do are far from the same thing. Considering that Compacts and Conspiracies (who, from Deviant's perspective, would just be called "conspiracies", as they don't divide those organizations by scale and reach like hunters do) are occult organizations, they should, at least on the surface, be considered a part of the Web. Yet, being a part of the Web of Pain usually means you are a part of the accord between conspiracies, and that you supply information in exchange for information. Conspiracies usually fight each other on regular basis, after all- there is not greater agenda which connects the many disparate conspiracies (or is there?), other than the fact that sometimes, they have common interests- especially in capturing Deviants.

    As such, you can't, as an organization, grow old and big enough without at least getting somewhat entangled in the Web of Pain. Even if you don't want to make Deviants, and have little interest in capturing the poor bastards, you still need information about them, because when they get out of control you should be prepared to withstand the miniapocalypse which is formed when they go all out. Heck, even if you were to ignore Deviants entirely, the fact that they are monsters and that your job is creating monsters, you need to have contacts with other occult organizations for other reasons. For example, the AKD may want information about some lost relic they search, so they ask around in other circles and find it in an organization who is willing to give it away, with exchange for their help in capturing a Renegade. The Lucifuge wants to defeat a demonic cult and seeks for allies, and they find them in the Church of Holy Night who also wish to fight the demon worshipers- and free the angel trapped in the human body they created in their rituals. A lone hunter have his family member in a dire medical state when Cheiron comes in and are willing to provide treatment- if you'll take care of that rogue agent who got half mad after having the mind of a zombie transplanted into his head. Oh, and he bites, so make sure to wear safety clothing.

    Willing or not, once you are an organization which deals with occult powers, beings or etcetera, you can't help but eventually being entangled by the Web of Pain. Some organization embrace that side of them, becoming forces in the Web which Deviants fearfully whisper their names (Cheiron, I'm looking at you. No, don't look back. Stay there), while others only turn to their contacts in the Web when they have no other choice- but the Web is binding, and an organization which somehow avoids its touch should be small, young and idealist- and probably, won't live for too long.

    Ok, so by joining a conspiracy, you at least take an informal, small part in the grander, insidious Web of Pain. What's now? Does it mean you are an enemy for all Renegades, an immoral monster who supports human exploitation in exchange for profit?

    Of course not.

    Like, you could be- but it doesn't have to be the case. By the fact that you have contacts among the Web of Pain means that you are a part of it, but only by technicality. Sometimes, that technicality is what's important- especially in the case of Renegades who keep on burning one conspiracy after the other and do not know or care how and if those groups are connected, or perhaps that you have just messed up so bad that other people came to put you down for your own good. Some hunters can take part in the Web, but turn it against other organizations. It is not an uncommon practice, after all- conspiracies eat each other even without considering Vigilant organizations. However, Vigilant organizations can take down conspiracies not because of profit or interest in Deviants- but simply because of ideals. Because of the Code. Because they condemn their actions and their crimes against the innocents. Because they light a candle. Because they uphold the Vigil.

    The Vigil is, after all, a Virus. It moves from one person to another, eventually lighting whole organizations meant to keep humanity safe from the monsters in the dark. In many ways, the Vigil works like the Web of Pain, but granting hope where the other grants despair. In a way, the Vigil may, just like a virus, have infected the wider Web of Pain, using its structure in order to spread around the world and bringing light to the darkest parts of our society. Just like how the Contagion spreads through the God Machine, ironically. The Vigil lives in the Web and turn it against itself, creating pockets of resistance and taking over it for its own agenda. The Vigil use the Web of Pain as much as the Web uses the Vigil. It may not matter much for that specific Deviant who is hunted by that specific hunter, but in the larger scale, it makes a difference- because just as conspiracies may recruit the help of hunter contacts in hunting a Deviant, Renegades may recruit the help of hunters in order to fight conspiracies. Perhaps Deviants have even went to storm the offices of their enemy conspiracy, only to find it dead and broken, as hunters took it apart as part of their Vigil. Would the Renegade by happy about it? Probably not- their vengeance was taken from them, after all- but it makes a difference. The world becomes brighter. The night becomes paler. And if that's not the whole point of the Vigil, what is it?

    So, in that case, when we examine a certain compact or conspiracy in relation to the Web of Pain, we need to ask ourselves a few questions- can they create Deviants? Will they create Deviant? And what will they do with Deviants if they were to stumble upon one?

    And I'm going to answer those questions- in the next post. I think I ran out of room.

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    So let's start with some ground rules, shall we?

    As we mentioned earlier, hunters divide their organizations into compacts and conspiracies by their reach and means. Deviants do not. As such, when we ask the three great questions (can they make Deviants, will they and what would they do with them), we can safely assume that while the first question would depend on the compact, for conspiracies it would be a big old "yes". Hunter's conspiracies are organization with global reach, many resources and enough information to cause you a Breaking Point from trying to read it all. Conspiracies can make Deviants, undoubtedly- but would they? That's the question.

    So let's start with the core, shall we?

    Ashwood Abbey: the Abbey more or less runs on money. It is a pyramid scheme, were hunters pay a lot for the right to hunt with style. While they may not be the most informative of compacts, they are diffidently the richest among them, with the only reason that they haven't became a conspiracy is that they spend more than they earn. As they are also among the more well connected compacts (after all, you can't be a rich bastard without making frenemies along the way), we can assume that if they were to want to make a Deviant, they may, at the very least, have enough money to spill on such a project. So yeah, they are definitely able to make a Deviant.

    But will they?

    The instinct is to say 'yes'- why wouldn't they? Making a Deviant sounds like a blast, after all, especially if you get to find a creative way to both make them and then kill them. But the instinct, in that case, is wrong- the Ashwood Abbey will not make Deviants. Why, do you ask? Because their all pjhilosophy, their all raison d'etre, is that it is ok for them being terrible human beings and do terrible things to other people, because they are not human. It is ok to capture a vampire and starve to torpor. It is ok to put a werewolf in a silver cage. It is ok to cause drug a mage while they do magic. It is ok, because they are not humans. But taking a human and putting it through a traumatic process that ends up breaking their soul? That's against the very principle of the Abbey, and may very well end up with revoking their license. Now, "accidents" can happen and "accidents" do create Deviants, and if a certain cell manages to pay money through the Web of Pain to a conspiracy to make them a Deviant to hunt it is fair game, but they need to make sure that the Abbey is whole will not be connected to the payment, and preferably won't know about it either. And if they mess up with their "little game" and the Deviant seek them out with vengeance in their eyes, they should be prepared for their licence being revoked and the Abbey burning any connection between it and the cell, leaving them to the dead. The Abbey is corrupted, but it is not stupid.

    But ready made Deviants? That's a fair game.

    The Abbey probably have a very, very well connected place in the Web of Pain. While they may not seek to make Deviants, they would definitely search after Deviants to hunt down, probably ones that either no conspiracy wants, or that the said conspiracy wants them dead, or even just going against other conspiracies as a part of the rush. Abbey members may even try to cause the Deviant to go out of control, triggering their self destruction mechanism and watch them from safe distance as they blow up, chanting "I am Death, the Destroyer of Worlds". A Deviant hunted by the Abbey would probably discover that experience as troubling, saying the least. The Abbey use very sadistic techniques, and it would certainly cost Stability for the Deviants. And even if the Deviant would come out alive, killing the cell members and raiding their bases, when investigating the group's motives ins search for answers, the truth may be shocking. That those hunters had no secret agenda, higher calling or evil master plan. That those hunters hunted them for fun. I can easily believe that such a revelation could kill a Deviant- and may be the reason why the Abbey is still standing.

    The Long Night: due to their small size and fractured structure, it is very unlikely that the Long Night would have the means to create a Deviant of their own. Research, other than researching the bible and apocalyptic prophecies, is not exactly the strong suit of that compact. However, they may really want to do so- all for good intentions, of course. If they'll find the means to make a Deviant which is meant to serve as Jesus Reborn or something that would help fulfilling one of the prophecies, it is not out of the picture that they will not go with the plan. More than that, the Long Night sound just like the guys who would be manipulated by a larger conspiracy, probably with some religious character, in order to create a Deviant and move forward to the next stage in the Apocalypse. So yeah, while they probably can't make one by their own, they may be manipulated to do so, or seek the means for such ceremony, or at least some cells of them would even if the compact as whole would avoid it.

    Now, as for what they would do with Deviants? Purify Satan's spawn, of course! Chances are that most of the Broken would be viewed as people who were touched by the Devil. Perhaps they'll try to exorcise them (something which would probably do more harm than good), but they are very likely to try and hunt them done. Those produced by the more religious conspiracies, such as Chosen Ones, Prophets, Antichrists and Demonic Possessed, would gather much more interest from the compact than the others, being seen as literal signs for the fight between God and the Devil. Now, let's be honest in here- the chances are that the Long Night would not, knowingly, take part in the Web of Pain. If they'll make or hear about a Deviant, it is likely because some bigger conspiracy would decide to manipulate them into working for them, unknowingly. Still, ignorance does not justify the results, after all.

    Loyalists of Thule: Now things are getting interesting! The Loyalists occupy a very special place in the Web of Pain. I mean, they have started as an occult group with much less... compassionate standards. While they constantly work to repair their legacy, it would not be unlikely that other organizations has decided to take interest in it, following what they believe is the legacy of the Thule Society. That would put them in odds with the Loyalists, who would probably take those groups as a living symbol of their dirty past, and would actively hunt them down as a way to pay for their sins.

    More than that, the Loyalists put a large emphasis over collecting information, especially of the occult kind. They, undoubtedly, have the knowledge and the means to make a Deviant. In fact, as the moto of the group is that you messed up and now need to pursue the Vigil to repay for your sins, having former conspirators and Progenitors seeking redemption for their actions and solace from both their former compatriot would be very, very in theme. As such, not only that the Loyalists have the means to make Deviants, it is very likely that a decent amount of their members have helped creating one, and turned to the group after regretting their actions. Would that stop the Deviants from hunting them down? Probably not, but of they'll manage to look beyond their conviction, they may gain the support of really important allies, who know the belly of the beast better than anyone else.

    As such, yes, the Loyalists can make Deviants- and now, they won't do it, as causing a Divergence is probably how some of them got their in the first place. In fact, I imagine that the Loyalists would serve as some very interesting place in the Web of Pain- secrecy is also a part of their methods, especially when the Web searches for rogue scientists, fearing their secrets would be revealed. The Loyalists are probably considered to be an urban legend among the lower ranks of the Web and an hidden adversary for the higher ones. They are a place some conspirators simply vanish to one day, seeking to make amends for their sins. They are the ghost of the Web, walking between conspiracies, sabotaging their works and spreading misinformation to ruin the efforts of those groups, while on the other hand giving crucial information about them to the correct hunters and Renegades. I could easily see that the Loyalists, as whole would work with Deviants from afar, supply them with methods to bring down their tormentors, even though they would still keep an open eye in case one of them is going to blow up. In a way, the Loyalists are the best expression of the Vigil taking over the Web, and how it keeps on spreading to bring down those who work for the darkness.

    Network Zero: Another group to occupy a strange place in the Web of Pain, Network Zero are probably the most hated thing in the world for many, many conspiracies. As their goal is to bring out the truth and reveal the secrets of the darkness to the world, and the goal of many conspiracies is to keep those secrets for themselves, it is very, very likely that the Secret Frequency are one of the most hated groups in the whole world (by conspiracies, of course). While each member on its own would probably lack the means to make a Deviant, in theory, if someone were to gather all of the information which is spread across the compact, they may in theory reconstruct a way to cause a Divergence- even though they would still need to gather the needed resources, and separate misinformation from true methods, and even then it is assuming that someone degenerated enough has joined the compact. Not impossible, sure, but very unlikely IMO.

    In general, I see that Network Zero have some very awkward standings with the many conspiracies around the world. From one side, the hunters would try to infiltrate into secrets cults and laboratories, record their experiments and spread them out to the world. Other conspirators, as well as Deviants, are likely to collect that information and use it against those conspiracies. As such, the compact serves as a vital tool in fighting the said conspiracies. On the other hand, while they are a conspiracy's worst nightmare, they are also an efficient tool in their hands- after all, Network Zero works to reveal the truth, and exposing the existence of Deviants is also a part of their job. By using the compact, conspiracies may gain information about where do certain Deviants hide, and may even manipulate the compact's members into tracking them down and exposing where they hide, giving the conspiracies a better chance at capturing them with very low risks.

    As such, the thing about Network Zero is that they are some sort of a double edge sword- they are neutral in the Web, simply spreading information about both conspirators and Deviants, allowing each of the sides to use that information to hunt down their targets. In general, the compact is somewhat neutral in that struggle, and without some change in hierarchy and rise of a supervising group among the compact, something which would signal the change of the compact into a true conspiracy, it would still try to spread information and reveal the truth to the world. What other people actually do with that truth is not part of their responsibility, after all.

    Null Mysteriis: Oh, Holy Simplicity! Here is a group that can and will create Deviants. Their scientists work constantly to use scientific tools in order to understand occult phenomena. They work tirelessly to understand how occult energies work. And more important than all, they actually have access to laboratories with the right equipment in order to preform the research needed to induce the Divergence upon a soul. And why would they do it? For Science, of course! What a silly question. While some members of the group are probably against human experiments, it is highly probably that some scientists may either volunteer to go through the experiment by themselves, trick people to do it for them or even go full Web of Pain and abduct someone no one cares about to do the next great breakthrough. Yeah yeah, that's unethical and all of that, but all it takes is one hunter who went through one too many Vigils and woke up on a bad day to do that experiment for the "greater good" or to bring some "new golden age" or anything like that.

    While not all of Null Mysteriis's scientists would be immoral enough to cause the Divergence upon other people or foolish enough to go through the process by themselves, Null Mysteriis as a compact would have a lot of interest in capturing Renegades, even if only in order to understand and solve the process of Divergence. Preforming experiments upon captured Deviants in order to better and understand the theory of the process is something very, very likely, even though that due to their relatively short reach they would have a lot of problem with competing against the bigger conspiracies with catching runaway Deviants. Instead, the Null Mysteriis may try and negotiate with the Deviants- let us to investigate your state under supervision and in your own terms, and we will offer you a safehouse to hide in while your conspiracy seeks you out. Sure, a Deviant needs to be desperate to agree to such deal, but Deviants are desperate people. In the wider Web of Pain, the compact may bee seen as an inside joke- people who are obsessed with trying to understand what can be understood, and who sacrifice their lives for science alone. Still. they are probably seen as an efficient tool in the eyes of some powerful members in the Web,and if they actually do find a discovery, those conspiracies may offer much to recruit the said scientist.

    The Union: being a 2nd tier group with the mentality of 1st tier hunters, I find it very, very unlikely that the Union, as whole, have any means for or interest in making a Deviant. In fact, they may be among the few Vigilante organization that have no ties whatsoever in the Web of Pain. The only interest that the Union would have in Deviants is with those Deviants who get into their neighborhood and start doing trouble. Conspiracies, of course, are just as bad as Deviants, with their human experiments and demon worship and the hidden dungeons they built beneath your house. So release the girl and slowly go out of my basement, or I'll shotgun your face, you got that?

    That's it for the small fish in the Web. Now, let's start talking about the sharks.

    Aegis Kai Doru: Now, being one of the oldest conspiracies out there, the chances are that sometime, somewhere, at least one of their conspiracies has dirtied their hands and tried to break the soul of a mortal. Probably the Sword. It's always their fault. I could totally see Sword members going together and trying to reclaim their former glory by binding a power bastard relics into their body, maybe even shards of Omphalos stones, and breaking their soul int the process. As such, it is likely that their Deviants would be of the Invasive Clad, as they would involve unnatural connection between relics and the flesh of the Broken. Loyal Deviants would probably serve as either tomb guardians of some kind, or as a specimen in their quest to gain what was lost from them. In the Web of Pain, the AKD are a very well known name, even though that they don't have much interest in Deviants in general- more of a guy you really, really don't want to mess up with, steal their relics or otherwise stand between them and their goals. Some conspirators, of course, won't listen to their warnings, and try to use a relic the AKD wants in order to create a Deviant. Those are the cases when the Deviant returns for payback, only to discover their conspiracy in ruins and a much older, more powerful conspiracy hunting them down for that amulet which now serves as their heart. In general, the AKD would have little to no interest in Deviant unless they are somehow connected to relics, or if they are the product or are used as conducts to the lost heritage of the Guardians.

    Ascending Ones: yet another truly ancient conspiracy, the Cult of the Phoenix are even MORE likely to create Deviants due to its fascination in alchemy from one side, and commitment for an holy war from the other. After all, they were mentioned to have been working on making a promethean. Trying to purify the soul in order to fight monsters means constant experimentation with new Elixirs, and developing new Elixirs does mean making mistakes- and Deviants are the worst one can make. I could easily see that their Deviants turn up addicted to the potions of the conspiracy, making their vast majority into Loyalists. If a Deviants turns out really bad, however, the AO would hunt them down for being impure and dangerous- such as Mutants. Coactives and Cephalists also make good Clades for AO created Deviants. As such, it makes sense that the Ascending Ones do probably have a decent place in the Web of Pain, either at capturing/ killing renegades, or by selling certain exotic materials in order to make them. Deviants who were created due to some supernatural drugs, or even the wrong mixture of drugs, may easily tear apart their drag dealer and the local network, but when they discover that the certain cell was in fact a part of the Ascending Ones they may find themselves suddenly at a disadvantage. As for Deviants which are outside of their own responsibility, the AO would probably still hunt them down, thinking on them as too dangerous and chaotic to be left alone to their own devices.

    Cheiron Group: Like, do I have to?.. Fine. fine, put the scalpel down.

    I mean, like, YES. The Cheiron Group CAN make Deviants, they WILL make Deviants and ARE making Deviants while we speak. In fact, it may very well be that their Endowments are the result of many failed experiments RESULTING with Deviants. That leads to an interesting thought, that maybe some Endowments are, in fact, the result of "studied Variations", or Variations who came under control. They are much less powerful than the all out power of a broken soul, but at least they don't lead you into a time bomb... usually.

    Anyway, back to Cheiron- it is clear that Cheiron are a big and important factor in the Web of Pain. Their name is whispered among Deviants and conspirators alike, as THE conspiracy, the secret organization that makes things that even most conspirators won't do. Hybrids are probably the most common Clade produced by Cheiron, with either an intentional result or the accident of a very experimental Thaumatech, or maybe the result or transplanting too many monster parts into the human body. Cheiron are old, powerful and have survived their fair share of Renegades coming to get them, many of them ending up again on the surgery table. Heck, Cheiron would not even be satisfied with only chasing down their own Deviants. Deviants of other conspiracies are also a fair game. The conspiracies themselves are a fair game. They buy, devour and take over other conspiracies, and then take over their assets and Deviants. Even Loyalists may end up turning Renegades because their conspiracy was eaten by Cheiron. In many ways, Cheiron is the example for the Web of Pain part timing the Vigil, instead of Vigilantes part timing the Web. Cheiron are a terrifying enemy, one which orchestrate the Web and cares only for other, big sharks like them. Still, the truth is that they do uphold the Vigil, for in the end the Deviants are not usually the goal, only the means for achieving a much more stable, reliable and reproducible product which could be sold and bought through the world.

    Lucifuge: So after dealing with such a dark organization as Cheiron, it is nice to go to a much brighter group, one who actually has the Vigil burning in their blood. As a conspiracy, the Lucifuge undoubtedly have the means to produce a Deviant- but they are also among the least likely conspiracy to do so. Oh, let's not lie to ourselves, they have probably made one or two through the ages, as they try to engineer bloodlines or break the 666 limit on their members. However, those cases are probably rare, for the Lucifuge know that Hell is real, and that it is their duty to redeem their blood and fight against the darkness. As a group, the Lucifuge fight many conspiracies, especially those who deal with demons and make Deviants using demonic possessions of some kind. In fact, it is very likely that many of those cults belong to their archenemies, the L'Enfant Diabolique. Heck, maybe the Lucifuge werte the result of Deviant experimentation done ages ago, which has since reached a stable form due to the use of Castigations., with the Lucifuge themselves serving as the "Renegades" and the L'Enfant as the "Loyalists". On the other hand, the fact that the Lady have lived for so long kinda disprove it, but who knows? At any case, yeah, no- the Lucifuge are very, very unlikely to produce Deviants, as they know how bad it is to be monsters, not to mention making them.

    As for what do they do with Deviants- that's more complicated. Some Lucifuge may try to try and redeem them, maintaining their Stability and protect them from the conspiracies who hunt for them. Others may wish to give them a "merciful death", knowing that once a soul breaks it is only a matter of time before all will blow up. Deviants of infernal or celestial origin are destined to be attacked by Lucifuge agents, due to the danger they present- but infernal cults and conspiracies will also be targeted by the Lucifuge. As such, I imagine that unlike most conspiracies, the Lucifuge would have very bad relations with the Web of Pain, and would probably won't take an active part in it, relaying on their allies among the Vigil and their own resources. I', pretty sure that enough conspiracies got the memo in the Web that "if you see someone who throws fireballs and summon devils from hell- run. The Lucifuge are coming for you". Or something like that.

    Malleus Maleficarum: And then we have the dear old Malleus. As one of the most powerful religious conspiracies, which also secretly practice strong interest in the properties of vampire blood, the chances are that even if the conspiracy as whole does not produce Divergences, some of its many orders do in their attempt to bring fourth a "soldier of god", a "chosen one" or some any other variation of holy warrior against the darkness. Even if the Malleus deem those acts as immoral and heretic, and would hunt down those conspiracies that produce Deviants (especially is they summon demons or disturb Heaven or preform any kind of heresy by doing so), some of its orders would be a part of the Web, seeking after their Renegade saints or to bring down the products of heresy. Coactives are probably a common Clade for the MM's Broken, as well as a few Invasives (which contain holy relics) or Hybrids (that have angels and demons and their bodies, or that those parts of the saints have been melded too perfectly into them). While the Malleus is likely to treat most Deviants just as any other monster- that is, a dangerous devilspawn which needs to be brought down- those who are touched by hell would be further hunted by them, and those chosen by the divine would be be captured by them, seeing them as prophets and saints which are meant to either serve God in fighting evil, saved from ways of heresy or even locked down and protected just like any holy relic the conspiracy sees as important, each of their words being recorded in the chance it would serve as a prophecy.

    Task Force: VALKYRIE: Now we reach the big boys' league. Let's not fool ourselves- the US government in the CofD has probably produced so many Deviants since the Cold War, that it could be considered as a conspiracy by its own right, and VALKYRIE are probably one of the most important assets at capturing, neutralizing and gaining information about Deviants. While VALKYRIE as an organization is not likely to produce Deviants, its researchers and scientists are likely to search to create a supersoldier, investigating all Clades as they seek to make a "stable" way to reproduce those powers to the field agents. VALKYRIE is probably aware to the Web of Pain, but is unlikely to actually take an active part in them. Sometimes, it would fight those conspiracies which they deem to try and do something too dangerous, such as opening the gates of hell, mass producing a clone army or creating a supervirus for a zombie apocalypse. On other times, they will use conspiracies in the Web as tools in helping them to catch dangerous Deviants. Probably, the forces behind VALKYRIE hire other agencies which can't be tracked into them in order to experiment and create Deviants. If the Deviant turns out of control and runs away, they send VALKYRIE to clean the mess and take down the Renegade. If the experiment succeeds, they send VALKYRIE to confiscate the result and make sure the smaller conspiracy will keep its mouth shut- or get rid of them if they object those actions. VALKYRIE itself, however, is probably kept in the dark- they hunt Deviants like they hunt other monsters, following the commands of their officers knowing that they serve their country and maintain the peace. If the commands are to kill the Deviant, they kill them. If it is to capture and retrieve them, they'll do as such. Individuals may have their doubts, but in VALKURIE it is better to go with the flow and ignore the fact that most about what the organization is doing is unknown- so while TF:V doesn't create Deviants by itself, probably, it is definitely connected (perhaps without even being aware) to the wider Web of Pain, and are used mainly for cleanup and recovery missions in the subject.

    Well, that's for the core groups. Maybe I'll also do the supplemental ones if I'll be inspired.

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      LostLight, I just want to say to you - you are the best! Now I will not run my Deviant games without Hunters Orgs crossover in them! Let the Candle Light - and burn!

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