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[2E] Slasher Chronicles inspirations

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  • [2E] Slasher Chronicles inspirations

    So preparing for HtV 2E Kickstarter, I think about inspirations for Slashers and their stories for 2E games. I'm just ending this year Season 9 of American Horror Story: 1984 - that ends
    with like 5 or 6 serial killers, hunting one another, even beyond grave!

    See the trailer - and best see this season whole!

    I think it's great modern Slasher story inspirations to use. Have more for us to share?

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    Pretty much any low budget horror film from 1980 to 1990. If it's got a Full Moon Features as the production company your gonna be in for a good ride.


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      My Favorite Slasher movie will always remain "Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon" which posited a loose Compact of Slashers who saw what they did as necessary to the human condition. There needs to be those who embody pure evil, in order for people to be reminded of what good is. Also just a really good movie and meta commentary on Slasher movies and how they changed over the decades.