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  • LostLight Reads Hunter 2E

    So, Hunter is by far my most favorite CofD game, and I can't say how excited I am for finally getting the Kickstarter. As such, I am going to detail my experience of reading the manuscript in this thread in real time. God, this is so awesome, I can't wait!

    Anyway, here we go-

    opening quote- awesome.

    God, it looks exactly like I imagined it to be.

    I really like how the book describes the Vigil- hope and despair is such a strong theme, and the imagery is beautiful.

    Si it seems that compacts and conspiracies still use Status to grant benefits. I knew that the whole attempt to translate those groups to Mystery Cults was too early!

    wooooooowwww I like the concept of Mythics... In think I found a new way to integrate the Navio de Tolos to 2e.

    There seems to be Bygones as something more accessible to all hunters? Perhaps that's why the AKD were removed from being a core group in 2e...

    Not sure that I get the concept of rogue cells from the description- I know the 1e definition of cancer cells, but what does it mean "operate on their own" as being differ from any 1st tier cell?

    Wait- if rippers are still humans, does it mean the Code still states to protect them?

    I really love the whole "low on information" feeling that Hunter have. Something bumps at the night, but you have no idea WHAT it is.

    I really like the fact the Hunter's terminology is more or less the one I use for writing. No need for drastic changes in wrietups from that POV.

    Oh, the Mortal Instruments is on the inspiration list! Natural, of course, but I usually don't recognize the inspirations :P

    Chapter One's opening quote- cool

    So it seems that Touchstones and losing them will be tied to become a Slasher. At least, that was what I hoped it to be.

    So professions as a concept are still around, I'm just not sure if they have any mechanical support. Nice touch that the book makes a clear distinction between tiers of game.

    The concept of "joining a compact/conspiracy is a compromise" seems to run deep in this book. nice.

    So research and investigation is going to be a main theme of playing Hunter- as it should be.

    I really like it that the Vigil almost feels like a sentient thing. the whole "the Vigil as a virus" comes really strong from the writeup. Really cool.

    ohhhhh I really like Hunter politics.

    I really do enjoy the description of the Hunter society

    Ah, my favorite- Conspiracies

    So it seems like the history of Cheiron is playing a big role in the book. Nice, I like to see the setting evolves.

    So it seems that Endowments are going to be less stable and more flexible in 2e. Interesting.

    And History Section!

    Not sure if I'm reading it right- but are the Keepers of the Weave and the Scarlet Watch still around? Because if so- awesome! Compacts also seems to be far more localized in space and time, which may explain the Followers of Mansa from DE2.

    So the Barrett Commission is no longer around? Oh well...

    The One seems like a very interesting plot hook. A bit direct, but still interesting.



    The Ordo de Quirinus sound like a very pre modern version of VALKYRIE

    The Scenes of the Forbidden are nice.

    The Ahl al Jabal cameo. Cool.

    So the Bear Lodge has also collapsed, being absorbed in the Ashwood Abbey while originally being formed from the Les Voyageurs (?). I'm not sure how I feel about the canon fall of two splats, but them being absorbed into the Abbey does make sense. Make it three.

    Again, I'm a bit torn about the loss of some of those compacts. While it does emphasis strongly the unstable nature of compacts and the evolution of the Vigil, I believe some of those groups have their fans, and I'm not sure how they feel about it. None of those evolution seems unnatural, however- they make a lot of sense, add dynamism for the setting and emphasis the temporary nature of compacts and the dangers of the Vigil- but still.

    Wait- the Merrick Institution is gone?! That's... disappointing, saying the least. Or are they talking about the Institution that created the traumatic children? Because that would make much more sense.

    Yeah, those hunters who think they can tell the Promethean Brotherhood and the Abbey what to do can go and *************[REDACTED]**. On the other hand- I do have plans for them... (evil laughter)

    Ohh Los Angelitos! A new compact on which only the name is known! Cool!

    So the Council of Bones really seem to fill the scholar type conspiracy niche.

    Hey- you CAN'T make up an awesome name for a conspiracy such as the Five Roses Empire and just say that it was DISBANDED! Come On!


    A node for Fallen Blossoms. Nice.

    The Archive of the Lucifuge is everything I ever wanted it to be.

    And here comes Chapter 2...

    So the Watch and the Keepers are apparently not around, I think.. at least, not as they were.

    I'm not sure SWORN are for my liking, but I guess we'll see how it goes?

    So the Ashwood are in the book, as well as the AKD! Awesome! The Nine Stars also seem to be very interesting.

    Endowments- yeahhhhhh

    Endowments as a gamble is a very nice twist.

    Perispiritism sounds like a very nice name for Endowments.

    It seems that Endowments will be different from the Playtest version (I don't remember if it was rated in that version). Again, there is a reason you shouldn't revise homebrew to 2E before it comes out.

    Aaand that's it, for now at least. More on February 8th!

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    Waaaaaaaaaaaait. Hunter is your favorite game? Well shock and motherfucking awe. Who'd ever guess that one? 🤯😂


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      I'll admit, I already said it once, I'm not happy at all with the compacts falling. Division 6 for one I know has many fans for being a subversion of "secret government organization, and personally I just dont like the purposeful taking down of any previously established organizations (one of the reasons I'm sad about the Abbey and AKD not being full splats)

      I know these seem natural, but the bear lodge values nothing of the abbey (even if their stereotype hinted at it), the Commission makes sense in a way, but their whole ethos was being virtually unknown and keeping to politics/business/military affairs. they just dont fit being part of Men in Black.

      who knows, maybe there will be a compacts and conspiracies vol 2 that brings back the original supplement organizations. again, it's likely just me being selfish, but I dont think new, stated to be active, organizations should be marginalized.

      big fan of the terminology and the pseudomystical take on the Vigil itself, and 9 stars, well I loved sleeping dogs, so I should love them


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        And here comes the second preview!

        First, here are some songs you should listen to when reading Hunter-

        We are the Others- Delain
        Paradise- Within Temptation ft Tarja
        Welcome to the Black Parade- My Chemical Romance Cover by Postmodern Jukebox
        Innocent Sorrow- Abingdon Boys School

        And of course, in honor for the Slasher Chronicles:
        Shia LaBeouf- Rob Cantor

        with that out of the way- let's start on reading, shall we?

        Ohhh cool art for the Ascending Ones. I like it.

        Yeah, the Long Night are full power Apocalypse Cult.

        Well, it seem they have also went full power on the theme of "desperate hope" of the book. The End of Time is here, and you are not good enough for Heaven.

        Yeah, I can definitely see the touch of Compacts & Conspiracies in the writeup.

        I must say that I do like how the writeup moves from hope to despair. One moment, the end of times is coming and Satan is about to devour the world. On the other, by believing that it is the Apocalypse, you also believe that the Second Coming will soon happen. The dichotomy between an hopeless battle and clinging to hope and faith is a great opening for the first writeup in the book, IMO.

        Yeah, the Long Night just throwing all monsters into the "demon" category makes tons of sense for them.

        So who said they can't play monster redeemers in 2e? Because if you were afraid it would be the case, apparently, it is not.

        In general, it looks like they have kept the 1e structure for Hunter writeup. As most 2e games changed it, I am a bit surprised. Not that it is a bad thing, just somewhat surprising.

        Yeah, the Doctrines are still here, almost unchanged I believe.

        Ah, finally, Status benefits- yes, the same concept as 1e.

        Again, I need to say it- awesome art for the Ascending Ones.

        Woooooooooow, I really like that quote. I wonder if they are going to embrace the Mummy angle from Mortal Remains.

        So some interesting description for the development of Elixirs. It is far less mythic than how their original writeup was, which helps to actually ground them in history, which is cool.

        Yeah, they are still global drug dealers and underground doctors.

        Ammm tasty plot hook is indeed tasty. I wonder if the leaders of the Ascending Ones plan to prepare to some coming danger (*cough*ARISEN*cough*) or if they are the ones who were touched by the corruption.

        Again, we can clearly see that the "all monsters must be slain" kind of hunter is far from the default concept. Yeah, the concept of Sulha between monsters is still a thing, and them being known as "neutral emissaries" between monster organizations both makes sense and is extremely ironic on the same time.

        Interesting- so the Ascending Ones are a fractured organization, only slightly better than groups such as Les Mysteres and the Cainte Heresy. Interesting.

        I really like how the Hunter description shows the three faces of the AO- faith, crime and mysticism, all touched by alchemy.

        Kinda surprised there was no mention of Akhenaten by name in the writeup. Also, no Mummy reference. Oh well.

        Yeah, the idea that each of the three factions is almost independent from one another is still a thing.

        It looks like the Knife of Paradise is less connected to extremist religious groups than it was in 1e, as far as I remember. The Jagged Crescent are still the criminal organization we all know and love, and the Order is as hermetic as ever.

        So thankfully, the first point of Status among conspiracies isn't now just "you can buy dots in the X Endowments"

        yeah yeah, same old Endowments section from the earlier preview

        Basically, the alchemy of the Ascending Ones is transforming poison into salvation, with faith serving as the furnace. Nice.

        With the emphasis on internal alchemy, I'm surprised there was no mention of Tao or a Chinese branch in the writeup.

        Again, a strong hint that something is wrong about the AO's hunters- but what?

        Oh, so it includes the mechanics for making new Elixirs. Cool. Now you are not just a user, but also a researcher (support for an Order member)

        I like the presentation of the Elixirs. It shows that the true Endowment is not the potion itself, but the ability to transform the poison into power. You are Endowed with recipes, knowledge and discipline to transform the reagents into an Elixir, not just a ready made potion. I wonder if that counts for them being Sleepwalkers and/or Kin for Beasts.

        Looking at the Endowments, Amun's Water seems the most out of place- most of them have some alchemical transformation of the body and or mind. this one turns you outright invisible. Weird- not bad, but weird.

        Again, I knew people shouldn't start converting Endowments to the Condition structure before it was official.

        So someone tries to take over the resources which hunters use to work. I wonder if this plot hook is meant to discourage cross-conspiracy games, or serve as a plot hook for one.

        I must say that something feels reaaaaaaally weird in the previews until now. It is full of dynamism to the point the changes happen right now in the hunter society, as if there is a preparation for something which is going to change. Usually, Core books are meant to be more or less static- you get the writeups, splats and mechanics, and assume there won't be any radical changes unless there will be a new edition. Even then, most 2e's changes were rectons instead of progression in time. Perhaps the "static' state for Hunter 2e is that change is coming and nothing is stable. Strange- again, not bad, just very strange. I wonder if it is going to continue in the rest of the writeups.
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          So let's see what Hunter has given me for my birthday, shall we?

          Interesting that considering the strong ties the history section had with Dark Eras that there is no tie in between the Loyalists of Thule's writeup in their origin in Into the Cold.

          Again, I see that the Loyalists' writeup is very Compacts and Conspiracies inspired. the Three Old Men which hate each other to death while united by common debt makes a great hook for the group.

          Again, an organization on the edge and the fear of being compromised. Dynamism and instability is a very strong theme of this book, and I assume means to encourage you, as a ST, to make your own groups or replace others as you wish.

          Also, my pet theory- the Three Old Men were so invested in their hatred and debt and work, that they never noticed that they have died, and still work to maintain the compact. My idea is that eventually, after rediscovering the ghosts of the romoahals, they would absorb the ancient ghosts and create some sort of eldritch network of information, leading the compact into becoming a conspiracy. Again, just how I would play thing out.

          Also, weird that there is no mention of the romoahals.

          Yeah, so I personally feel that the writeup leads towards the Loyalists being on the way of becoming a conspiracy (or dying out. It is always an option)

          I wonder if the book is going to suggest WHY there is a rise in the supernatural's activity. No other 2e game suggest that something is brewing under the surface, but it is clear that something is going on from Hunter's perspective.

          Yep, the Loyalists are definitely NOT nice.

          I think that the whole "tomb raider" angle that the AKD had is more covered now by some of the Loyalists. Still, we are getting the AKD, so we'll see the differences later on.

          Yep, risking Willpower is still a thing.

          I must say that Cheiron's art is less evocative than the AO's, IMO.

          Why the hell the "House of Katz" sound some familiar?..

          So Katz is an abbreviation of "priest of justice" in hebrew, Helios is often connected to Apollo which is the god of healing among many others, and I can't find something about Octavian and healing, but I guess it may have been Cheiron's Roman incarnation.

          I think I remember the logo on a sword or shield of Roman centurion from Witch Finders- but no mention of Santorini? A missed opportunity, IMO.

          Like, seriously- are you trying to claim that the average citizen in the world thinks that a pharmaceuticals company are NOT the devil? I mean, no matter how much money they spill for philanthropy and medical treatment, no one I knows thinks that those companies actually care about anyone but making money from sick people- and that's before taking into account that this is the CofD's version of our world.

          Melanie Sweetwater- yeah, sure. That's definitely NOT a suspicious name...

          I wonder that if Cheiron is Wolfram and Hart, then Sweetwater is Eve?

          Like, I'm starting to wonder how many of the abbreviations fans use were canon before 2e. I mean, we have already seen TFV and now TCG- and I honesty can't recall if I have ever seen those being used in the books. Oh well.

          Pension? Ah! I want to see one FPD agent reaching old age and actually enjoying that benefit.

          Yeah, Cheiron are as evil as always (which is, as evil as any company is, with some unknown agendas)

          Again- instability in CHEIRON. Now, that's a terrifying thought. I would play with the rouge agents turning to my homebrew Ningishzida crime syndicate. This plot hook works well with my Civil Wars suggestion for them.

          So the DPT are practically NPCs in universe.

          Ok- what is the "incident"? Is the the Beast that went rampage and brought down Cheiron's offices in Tokyo, from that fiction?

          And seriously- an even MORE useless version of the field resources manual? Can they PLEASE make it a stretch goal to make it an actual book, like the Testament of Longinus and Dreams of Avarice? Why do other gamelines get all of the fun?

          "Now you have new nightmares" is, like, the best sentence in this book until now :P

          Yeah, your first test to encrypting the code for your manual- where your life depends on it.

          "Sweetwater is watching" is almost as good as the previous quote.

          Thaumatech being a bleeding edge science my *****. Organ transplant doesn't work like this, and they know it. This is some voodoo madness and fleshcraft that could make the Tzimisce feel impressed.

          Yeah, there is no way out from Cheiron with all of your pieces inside.

          Yeah, I guess that with too many implants, the agent is going to go Deviant instead.

          I do like the transplant mechanics.

          Again, I must wonder if when the hunter reach a maximal amount of Endowments, are they considered sleepwalkers/kin. The second option is probably horrifying for the Beasts who witness it.

          I wonder if the new version of the manual was in fact written by the rouge cell of P.R, and if they are somehow connected to the "incident"- or maybe it was the last thing the conspiracy managed to capture before their escape.

          It is more likely that Cheiron stole the hand from the AKD than from the AO.

          The swarm is seriously terrifying. I feel like I should get that reference, but I don't know what it should mean.

          Now I want to know from where the sonic resonance attenuator comes from.

          Goddamn it, they put pieces of mummies inside of people?!

          Anyway, a very cool writeup for Cheiron and the Loyalists. Some missed opportunists for the lack of references such as Santorini, Into the Cold and the romoahals, but overall very nice. Kudos on the flesh horrors. I can definitely say it is the best birthday present I got today (sure, it is the only one- unless the stray cat counts, but still).

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            Thank you for the post and Happy Birthday LostLight.

            Thoughts ripple out, birthing others


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              And here comes the time for Network 0 and the brand new Council of Bones!

              Full disclosure- as the AKD were, like my second favorite conspiracy (right after the Lucifuge, and in some days even more than them), I am going to be very critical with those who took their place as a core group. Not that I won't be fair, but I'm going to give them a very good look. I believe they are going to be good, don't take me wrong- but if there will be something about them I won't like I won't sugarcoat it.

              But first thing -first- Network 0!

              Lol- I do like the fact that even in the CofD, Slenderman is fake... or, at least, it was. I mean, what that real is not important- what you think is real does.

              So here is one group which thinks that humanity SHOULD know that there are monsters in the dark. That puts them in conflict with not only the monsters, but also with most hunters.

              Also- does that mean that the drone person's art was NOT a Network 0 art? I was sure it was.. maybe it is Valkyrie or VASCU, then?

              Yeah, I guess that some of those trolls were actual trolls. We have enough monsters who know how to use the internet and would not like to get exposed by hunters. Others could be hunters of other conspiracies who launched a cyber attack on NW-0's credibility- VALKYRIE, I'm looking at you!

              I guess that such a setback for Network 0 was expected- the pitch for the group was when the internet was still seen as a way to connect the world to all information and allowing everyone to know everything. Now, you CAN'T believe the internet, and even videos are not enough ton convince people due to Deep Fake and all of that. Network 0 must change attitude or develop their tools even further- both which could lead into them growing into a conspiracy, if they'll survive.

              Live feed hunts? Yeah, that can't end badly :P

              In wonder is a possible merge between Network 0 and the Null Mysteriis is what the future holds- it would help them ground their claims in reality and give them contacts and academic support. Add to that a merge with the Loyalists of Thule (even though their agendas clash hardly), and an information based conspiracy may rise from the mix.

              Oh- I must say I feel sad for that vampire. They were probably mid humanity level one, as they tried not to kill the hunter. They may have even seen them as a Touchstone for them. Oh well, they are dead now.

              Yeah, I think that the Army of Truth is destined to fall down, and the Secret Keepers merging with with the Loyalists)

              And now- the Council of Bones.

              Yeah, hunters who don't fear death means a LOT of problem for monsters :P

              I do like the occultist network kind of things which is going on for them- but how can they hate the undead and still work with ghosts?

              So the Council dies and is being reborn constantly? Makes you wonder what exactly keeps it alive..

              Thinking on that, wouldn't the rise and fall of the group is somewhat similar to the rise and fall of Krewes?

              Yeah, the title of the "first hunters" belongs to the Nibiru.

              I really do like their origin myth, however- I would have liked it to be a bit more expanded, actually.

              Overall looks nice- some things rings a bell a bit with my homebrew Ebony Fangs. Some rework may be needed for their transition for 2e, but I think that their niche as exiles and outcasts is strong enough to allow them to stand on their own.

              I assume that the Council clashes quite a bit with Slashers, making them a good material for 2e. In general, I feel like the new organizations tends towards a more universal attitude towards monsters, and are less focused around a specific kind of monsters.

              I must say I'm curious about why there isn't much about the history of the Council's earlier incarnations compared to the Ascending Ones and Cheiron. It is very specific about the current organization, which looks like it is very fractured in structure, and doesn't say much about other forms it was rebuilt. I would have expected a shout out for 1001 Nightmares, as they were mentioned there.

              So mediums that don't work as mediums is a bit strange- why it enhance that most other mediums are either fake or being manipulated by monsters, I would have expected it as a natural way the group would work. A somewhat chivalrous choice, I think. Maybe that medium from Paranormal Activity was a member of the group.

              Maybe the Council is the one responsible for denying organizations their very needed resources?

              I must say that the Council is a bit too "clean" for me- sure, there is a certain amount of hypocrisy in the way they view themselves as one of the few "clean" conspiracies (as their Endowments are "natural"), but I feel they are styled as without the dark side I like for my organizations.

              I do like the hunter sections, however.

              Using the dead while being constantly on the watch of being manipulated may be the reason why the Les Mysteres were dissolved, from meta perspective.

              Again, Perispiritism is a great name for an Endowment.

              I would really like to see the Council in the Age of Spiritualism Dark Era.

              I personally think that the Mark is actually a parasitic entity made from the remains of a ghost, bound the their host like a geist.

              I would say that hunters murdering those who use their Endowments before others is a bit extreme- but considering they don;t see death as much of an issue I can understand where they are coming from.

              I do wonder what the numbers in the eyes of the skull means.. maybe no hunter of the Council can live beyond 99? The life of an hunter are dangerous, after all.

              I do like how the Council leave messages upon the Twilight.

              I don't think that I have seen any limit or way to learn new Endowments for the Council, which is different from the ones granted to the AO and Cheiron.

              So the Council can actually turn ghosts into hand puppet? Yea, that's disgusting

              I must admit that with all of their fear from the Twilight, what do you think will happen if a Council member will visit the UNDERWORLD?

              Aaand the preview died for some reason? I'll complete whatever left and my finale thoughts for when ti would return

              EDIT- and it is back again!

              And I actually have nothing more to end!

              Overall, I really liked Network 0's writeup. Something about the Council a bit bothers me, and I'm not sure what. Some lack of consistency, maybe? Or maybe they were not what I expected them to be? I mean, they are not bad or anything, but I'm just not strongly into them... Again, I may be biased, as I mentally compare them to my own homebrew conspiracies and for them taking the place of the AKD as a core group. Still, something just robs me the wrong way about them, and I can't say what.
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                I think you hit the nail on the head when you said too clean. They seem to only hunt the bad monsters like vampires and zombies. well staying cool with the good monsters like witches or sin eaters. I would have liked a more adversary type relationship with at least sin eaters. maybe seeing them as ghosts controlling humans and how that is bad. something like that.

                That and they match too closely with Krewes for my taste.


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                  Their biases based on undeath rather than personage and their susceptibilty to being a tool of ghosts is plenty problematic. There's also clearly something missing in their understanding of their relationship to the legacy and mecahnics of the Conspiracy that does not bode well.
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                    Originally posted by ArcaneArts View Post
                    Their biases based on undeath rather than personage and their susceptibilty to being a tool of ghosts is plenty problematic. There's also clearly something missing in their understanding of their relationship to the legacy and mecahnics of the Conspiracy that does not bode well.
                    now that you mention it. they do seem to just want to raze whatever refuses to die (without even questioning whether they even WANTED to be undead to begin with)

                    LostLight, I think the reason they are more kind to ghost is because it's a spiritual being, not bound in flesh. that, and most are trying to move on, but unable to until they either get destroyed or complete unfinished business


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                      Yeah, the whole "undead bad, unquiet good" thing is something begging for a Reaper to pretend to be a "concerned citizen" and hunt those nasty ghostwalkers.

                      Besides, they do have a pretty dark side; their inability to trust other conspiracies and antagonize other hunters they feel are doing it wrong. That's self-destructive.


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                        Originally posted by Leliel View Post
                        Yeah, the whole "undead bad, unquiet good" thing is something begging for a Reaper to pretend to be a "concerned citizen" and hunt those nasty ghostwalkers.

                        Besides, they do have a pretty dark side; their inability to trust other conspiracies and antagonize other hunters they feel are doing it wrong. That's self-destructive.
                        I did like that hypocrisy there. "did that man just say he communed with God to do that? he can NOT be trusted. now let's go hunt that beast our ghost said killed him".


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                          Again, "Probably Manipulated by Ghost Conspiracies" is absolutely on that list of "And You Think Being Funded by Vampires is Bad Somehow".

                          Sean K.I.W./Kelly R.A. Steele, Freelance Writer(Feel free to call me Sean, Kelly, Arcane, or Arc)
                          The world is not beautiful, therefore it is.-Keiichi Sigsawa, Kino's Journey
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                            Originally posted by ArcaneArts View Post
                            Again, "Probably Manipulated by Ghost Conspiracies" is absolutely on that list of "And You Think Being Funded by Vampires is Bad Somehow".
                            to be honest, I never understood how being funded by monsters was such a huge deal breaker to so many people. like sure, they can influence TFV with taking some funding away, but they are largely unaware of just about everything else


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                              Oh, the Council of Bones are, without doubt, hypocrites, and any group which kills any member of theirs simply by using their Endowment before others, if I read it correctly, definitely has a bad side, and they know that the ghosts can manipulate them. But something about them still feels off, for me- I can't put my finger on it. Maybe I expected too much to fall in love with them from first sight - I love ghost hunting groups, and I love scholar groups and I love oracular groups- but something doesn't click for me. I mean, the Cappodacians were one of my favorite Clans/Bloodlines in Masquerade, and each of the splats covers the same niche of "scholars of death" for their game, and still I can't put my finger on what doesn't clicks for me. I would have said it was their fractured structure and the lack of history in their writeup, but I still liked the Les Mysteres, so...

                              Maybe it is a combination of factors, perhaps it is something I misread about them, maybe it is some unconscious bias for some of my own writings and the AKD, maybe it is something that I need to ponder about, maybe I just need to some time- not every love is from first sight, after all. Still, currently, something about them feels too clean for me- I think that the "cleanliness" that I feel is how focused they are on the Vigil. I am not sure how they fund themselves or integrate themselves into mortal society. They are too isolated, both in the Vigil and in the world. Something feels off with them lacking an actual connection- unlike the ghosts they "care" for, they feel like they drift through time and space, without something to anchor them, without some connection to the world. For being their most current incarnation, it feels like they are fading out...

                              Again, it is not a bad writeup- they just don't "click' for me, and I am not sure why. I think that it is their total devotion for their Vigil and isolation from the world, but again, it may not be the whole picture. Once I'll actually get it I'll post it, but for now I think that that's what disturbs me the most about them.

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