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Rare Photo of the "Phantom Blood" Cell, 1890 Colorized.

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  • Rare Photo of the "Phantom Blood" Cell, 1890 Colorized.

    Pictured Above are the members of the "Phantom Blood" Cell which protected the Streets of London from a vampiric scourge in the 1890s. Top Antonio Zeppelli, Middle Robert E.O. Speedwagon, and bottom Jonathon Joestar.

    The Vampire Scourge was headed up by Jonathon's own adopted Brother, Dio Brando and his use of a strange Stone Mask which the Ageis Kai Doru have shown much interest in. The Joestars were a very well respected aristocratic family known for their generosity and scholarly pursuits. Zeppelli himself was a master of the obscure martial art known as "Hamon" which was said to use the body's lifeforce to channel the very power of the sun and life itself to destroy the Undead. Jonathon came to master this skill himself under the tutelage of Zeppelli. Speedwagon was unable to quite get the hang of Hamon, but contributed to the Cell with his underworld contacts and street smarts.

    Sadly, Jonathon and Zeppelli would both lose their lives in the fight against the Dark, but Speedwagon would persist, and prosper. In the United States he would become rich and found the Vigil Conspiracy known as "The Speedwagon Foundation" that seeks to understand the Supernatural, help those who mean no harm to humanity, and provide research and knowledge to those who take up the Torch against the Dark.

    ​Jonathon and Antonio's own Grandsons would work together under the auspice of Robert and his Speedwagon Foundation in the 1930s.

    Edit: These are some of the characters from a strange little show/manga called "Jojo'z Bizarre Adventure" which actually translates very well into the World/Chronicles of Darkness... This picture is about the Heroes from the first part known as "Phantom Blood" that were all about hunting Vampires in England.

    Hamon and it's practitioners strike me as a Conspiracy level group, as to while their numbers are very small, Hamon itself is a very powerful skill specifically against the Undead.

    As for Speedwagon, he goes on to found a Foundation that lasts well into the modern day, helping the descendants of the original characters through the ages. The Speedwagon foundation easily becomes it's own Conspiracy as well, though one that is much lighter than some of the others.
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