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Demon/ghost retainers

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  • Demon/ghost retainers

    I've been thinking about how to make something like the 1st eds Lucifuge's Familiar after reading the Council of Bones entry, which says you get a two dot ghost Retainer when you hit Status dot 3, and the Lucifuge entry, which mentions a few times little demons doing what their Lucifuge hunters want them to do.

    Spending dots on a Retainer does seem like the simplest way to do this. Would you all do anything mechanically to represent the Retainer being a ghost/demon, or is that even necessary?

    Getting into the idea of a Lucifuge with a one- or two-dot Retainer representing a trio of evil imps.

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    The three dot Retainer you get at CoB Status 5 (you remembered that slightly wrong) could be at the low end of Rank 2 (and needs to be Rank 2 to be as useful as it's supposed to be) so assign the appropriate amount of Influence, Manifestations, and Numina for Rank 2 and you're done. A one or two dot Retainer on the other hand would definitely be Rank 1, while four or five dots would be the mid to high end (respectively) of Rank 2.