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Cheiron group antagonists in 2E

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  • Cheiron group antagonists in 2E

    Hi all,
    I've been running a pretty long V:TR campaing, my PCs have become powerful enough to make a name for themselves, carve up a space in the Domin hierarchy and batte other supernaturals efficiently. They also have a good net of allies and ghouls.

    I would like to introduce the Cheiron as an antagonist, as they looks pretty powerful. The nearly unlimied resources are already a big threat, but also thaumatech should be. But, I have to say,Thamatech feels a bit weak if I take it straight from 1e book. Vampires in 2e have incredible powers, much stronger than they had in 1e, so I think it wouldbe fitting to make Thaumatech a bit stronger. How would you do it, has anybody already tried something similar?

    thank you for your support.

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    Wouldn't all Hunter powers be weak against high-level Vampires though, you just make up for that with numbers and surprise

    Didn't anyone ever tell you not to bring claws to a gun fight?