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    Some kind of Compact or Conspiracy led by a self-aware piece of Infrastructure. It might have managed to become seperate from the God-Machine.


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      The Wolves of London, Conspiracy
      The Wolves of London were born in Victorian England (London to be precise), born from growing interest in spiritualism. This group managed to develop a way to imitate a Hunter's Aspect. They didn't know that at the time, they just knew that they had stumbled upon some real power.
      It wasn't long before they had their first encounter with the Uratha. There were Forsaken, Pure, Ghost Wolves... & Bale Hounds. It started out peaceful, relatively speaking, but things quickly turned bloody.
      When the dust settled the newly named Wolves of London (taking their from the place where they were born, London, & the fact that they were imitating an ability of the wolf-shifters), looked at what had happened, identified four different categories to sort the wolves into, & concluded that it was one of those groups (Bale Hounds) that were solely responsible for the slaughter.
      The Wolves of London had an enemy they intended to wipe from the face of the Earth.

      The Wolves of London have two seperate Endowments which are not mutually exclusive. Though they do have very different applications & naturally must be bought separately.

      Endowment: Aspects of the Wolf ● - ●●●●●
      With this Endowment you may utilize the various Hunter's Aspects that the Uratha use. More dots represent a deeper understanding of the ritual. Yes, the ritual. This Endowment is a single Ritual & with more dots you not only have a greater chance of successfully performing it, but also a greater chance of controlling which Hunter's Aspect you wish to take on.
      Repeated use of this Endowment has the result of people being less civilized, & at this point even the most civilized member of the Wolves of London, who has never performed the ritual comes across as a bit feral.

      Endowment: Blades of the Kill
      Originally, the enemy of the Wolves of London was simply any Bale Hounds they could find, but with time & study comes understanding that the enemy was far greater than a bunch of profane wolf-shifters.
      The Blades of the Kill are a collection of tools of various kinds designed to kill Bale Hounds, starve maeltinets, & cleanse Wounds & Wounded spirits, subvert the powers of the Maeljin among other things.
      There are unconfirmed rumours of a weapon that could potentially kill one of the Maeljin, buried somewhere in the armory of the Wolves of London, never used because it is said to use such a weapon would set off a nuclear war.
      Finally, there is a ritual via which one of the Wolves of London can accurately identify if anyone in a room is a Bale Hound, it has been used three times in the group's history.
      Potential Ingredients for the Bale Hound Detection Rite:
      ● The willing sacrifice of a lune.
      ● Essence from a helion that rejects Helios's war on the Uratha, to ally with the Forsaken.
      ● The heart of an Uratha, harvested when the wolf was in the First Change.
      ● A knife made from the bones of a Bale Hound.
      ● Membership in the Wolves of London, with a minimum status rating of three.


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        Paradiso: inspired by the Continental featured in the John Wick movies.

        The Bogatyrs: a Deceased Compact/Conspiracy that operated out of the East Slavic region.

        A neo-pagan Conpiracy. Endowment focuses on requesting aid from various pagan deities.

        A Wiccan Compact/Conspiracy.

        A Compact formed from police. The 3 main factions of the compact are:
        • The boots on the street: patron cops, detectives, etc.
        • The leadership: sergeants, captains, chiefs, etc.
        • The civilian employees of the cops: civilian liaisons, personal assistants, secretaries, etc.


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          That one sounds like Sunset Securities, a compact that runs itself out of nightclubs, also the police compact is either VASCU or five stars. Or just a union cell.