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    This is a template that arises from interactions with slashers.

    Despite the name this is not a female-only template, the template is gender-neutral & I consider the template's name to be similarly gender-neutral despite female pronouns.
    Sometimes if someone survives an encounter with a slasher they will become a Final Girl. The more consecutive slasher encounters they have, the higher the possibility that they will become a Final Girl, but it never becomes certain & the highest other has ever gotten was just under 50% likelihood (that person dealt with consistent, consecutive slasher encounters for 12 straight years).
    They come in two varieties, Generic (when the encounters are with a variety of different slashers) & Specific (when the encounters are with one slasher, over & over again).

    Generic: a Generic Final Girl is guaranteed to come back from the dead if killed by a slasher & has Unseen sense (Slashers).

    Specific: a Specific Final Girl has a possibility for coming back to life when killed by a slasher, but it's not guaranteed. They have Unseen Sense for a specific slasher or slasher Undertaking. They have one or two abilities designed to directly or indirectly, work against the slasher they have encountered multiple times (though they don't have to be facing this slasher, or any slasher, to use these abilities).
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