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How difficult should it be to learn of the existence of Task Force Valkyrie?

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  • How difficult should it be to learn of the existence of Task Force Valkyrie?

    Hey guys,
    As the above. My group are Demons and potentially being stalked by a Hunter cell. One of them was a sniper in the military running cover for what they thought was the CIA. What sort of roll should they do, and how difficult should it be to know/learn of Valkyries existence?

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    Like, knowing that there is a conspiracy theory that the American government has a special agency that hunt supernatural thrats and cover up the "truth" is a common knowledge. Knowing that such agency truly/ probably exist would require some reasearch. Knowing that it is calle Task Force: VALKYRIE as well as when andf how it was established (that is, "core book information")? I am not sure how availble that information is withou some outright investigation and contacts.

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      Agree 100% with LostLight. It would require some in-game legwork and some sort of Investigation or Streetwise roll against a relatively high difficulty number.

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