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    So while I am working on my next STV title for Hunter and searching a project for my PhD, I've decided to take a break and train my homebrew writing skills for 2e- and what better path would be to do so other than experimenting on some long, fan loved classic? I mean, sure, I could practice on some of my previouse homebrew or canon oragnizations, however that feels like I would be "cheating" myself, as now it feels like I should keep such things for the STV (honestly, one of reasons I've more or less stopped making new homebrew in the forums is because of that reason, illogical as it may be). At any case, as Status benefits are practically unchanged (not to mention that there are no strict guiding rules for it in 2e), I'm going to ignore the compacts, and instead go straight to convert the Endowments of the conspiracies which are presented in the book.

    (note- I am not going to make full presentation of each Endowment, and instead going to relay obn the original text as reference. If you don't have it, just look out for it online, as it should be on the internet. If you can't find, PM me and I'll send it to you, for as a free fanmade resource it should be ok).

    So let's start from the first one- the unearthly Lumina of the Army of Light.

    So, in 1e, Lumina has two main features: the Conduit, and their connection to Death. The Conduit is an item which allows the hunter to activate Lumina, and as such, in theory, gives a -2 modifier to balance those Endowments. However, the thing is that the hunter can not get rid of the Conduit, and they do not require a variety of objects to activate the Endowment. Yet again, if we treat the Conduit as vital for activating Lumina, and the hunter does not always carry the relic with them, it should still be a -2 modifier- so yeah, currently let's just take it, and rule that the hunter must actually be in touch with the Conduit while activating a certain Lumen.

    Now, the other apspect is how Lumina is tied to the afterlife, whatever it may be (and it is definetly not the Underworld. Well, probably). Activating Lumina gains a number of bonuses from being used in the prsence of death, as well as being penalized or assisted by the hunter's morality, as well as the concept that learning more than 5 Lumina reduces the Health of the hunter. Now, as modifiers for activation are not requierments, they should not actually have impact on the balancing, as they more or less balance themselves. On the other hand, Lumina should still have a way to "reduce" the vitality of its user, yet I am preety sure that limiting the number to "five safely" is a bit hard to balance. What if, instead, using a Lumen would temporary reduce the maximal Health of the hunter by one? Similar in concept to how the Blood Hunter class from Critical Role reduces their own max HP in order to activate their rites. Or maybe we should instead represent it in the form of a Condition or a Tilt which is caused by activating Lumina, which represents the same concept? Like "slow healing", which makes it harder for those who activate Lumina to heal themselves? Such a Condition/ Tilt should be a -3 modifier for the calculation, IMO.

    Finally, one othe rpoint we should consider is that Lumina also costs Willpower to activate- generally, one Willpower point. That should be another -1. Summing it up, we are starting with a -6 for the Endowments, which makes it quite a disadvantage to learn- which only means that if we wish to balance it, it should also be pretty powerfull. The Dying for Knowledge optional rule could also be used, giving the hunter a special extra feature for a chosen Endowment every time suffer from a near death (or total death) experience).

    Also, as we strip Lumina from its rating, lets replace any reference for it in the dice pool with Presence. I think it will be appropriate as a "measure of expressing the Light".

    So, first, let's start with designing the Backlash Condition in a very quick and dirt way-

    New Condition: Slow Healing (Presistent)
    Something hinders your body's healing abilities. It may be some curse, disease or even nano machines which work against your body's self recovery. While you are under the effect of this Condition, you heal twice as slow as usually.
    Possible Sources: activating a Lumen
    Resolution: having your Health trait completly healed.
    Beat: n/a

    So yeah, simple and easy solution.

    Now, as for the powers themselves-

    Crepuscular Reach: originally, that Endowment allows one to see and interact with beings in the Twilight state using their Lumina trait. If we were to lift the limit on 5 Lumina, we actually remove the rating of the Endowment, which mean we should shift it to some other trait- perhaps Resolve? Like, punching beings in the Twilight using your own Resolve does sound awesome, IMO. As for the balancing, seeing into the Twilight is a +3 benefit, and interacting with them should be another +2 (like, I would have said it should be a +3, but the thing is that hitting things in the Twilight without seeing them is a bit redundant, so it should be seen as an extension of the previouse effect). We can limit it to one Scene in order to add a +1 to the balance, and we end up with a nice 0 value Endowment.

    Crepuscular Shift: as part of Lumina's theme of shifting between dimensions, this power allows the user to partially hide their presence by standing on the boundary between worlds. For simplicty's sake, I would say that any attempt to notice the hunter's presence would suffer from a -5 modifier for a Scene. With +5 from the effect and +1 for the duration, we once again priovide an easy balance for this Lumen.

    Distortion: using Hellfire as a model, we could make distortion a +2 lethal damage weapon for using Weaponry check, yet based on Resolve. On the other hand, that would leave us with a -3. We could either add another effect in order to balance it, or make it into a +5 lethal damage. While it is technically balanced, I feel that it makes the Endowment too destructive, and as such perhaps we could use the theme of "distorting the dimensions" in order to make it that for the next Scene, any attempts for ephemereal beings to activate their Manifestations suffers from a -2 modifier to the dice pool. That feels more appropriate, and should balance the equation.

    Divine Analgesic: so this Endowment should render the user immune for all kinds of bad effects for a Scene. Let's instead say that the hunter is immune to the Fugue Condition as well as the Poisoned, Drugged and Sick Tilts while the Endowment is active. Generally, inflicting such Tilts should be a +3 value, so ending them should be equivilent. The fact that it renders the user immune should, IMO, be another +2, and the duration grants another +1, which should overall balance the equation.

    Luminous Push: Outright teleporting someone is indeed a big thing, and as we want to make it big let's say that 10 yards of teleportion equal to +2 Value. As such, we can say you can telepoprt someone up to 30 yards and wrap this up. I'm also open towards weakening the Endowment and saying that each yard equals to a +1 Value, making it into a 50 yards of teleportation and imposing a -1 on the next action of the one to get shoved through the Light.

    Luminous Shift: technically, those are three seperate Endowments- Minor, Major and Supreme, with each carrying more people and crossing further distance. Instead, let's fold all the three inmto the same Endowment, with an option to be expanded. Let's say that the basic version allows the hunter to teleport the same distance as mentioned in the previouse Endowment- so 30 yards teleportation. To this, we'll add that the hunter can also teleport with them any person or object, yet if their size is 3 or higher they have to "pay a toll" of one point of lethal damage. The hunter can choose to take the damage on themselves, or if the other passanger if willing, they may choose to pay the toll, even though it most be done knowingly (as such, objects and animals can't pay the toll). As for increasing the range, let's say that for each Conduit which the hunter access while activating the Endowment adds extra 10 yards to the teleportation. That makes the Endowment to both serve as the basic teleportation signature move of the Army, as well as turning into a tool which could, potentially, allow the hunter to teleport a whole spaceship, if enough hunters contribute their Conduits and pay the toll together, which I think feels both appropriate for the Army specifically and Hunter in general.

    Overwhelm: seems like a basic Tilt inflicting Endowment. Let's say it forces the Stunned Tilt, which is a +2, which leaves us with a -4 to balance. Let's say that it also inflicts the Amnesia Condition which erases the target's memory of the last 24 hours, which should balance the equation.

    Release the Sun: again, for simplicity's sake, let say that each point of Value equals to 2 yards of immediate area and 4 of outermost area. The light produced by the orb will always be considered to be sunlight for any effect which cares about it (so bye bye bloodsuckers). As the light lasts for a Scene, which is +1, and also serves as a lethal weapon when hitting with it, so let's make it a +2 lethal damage weapon, this basic benefits leaves us with a +2 Value, which corresponds to 4 yards of light in the immediate area and 8 in the outermost area. If we want to round things up, we can simply say it will be 5 yards for inner and 10 for outer and call it a deal.

    Sensory Projection: the less physical version of teleport, this one is basically the Clairvoyance merit. While the original is a 3 dots merit, as this is an Endowment lets decide that every 10 mile of scrying would equal to a value of 1. As such, we could go extreme and say that you can project your senses to a distance of up to 60 miles. However, doing so does leave your body in a vunerable state, basically the Immobalized Tilt, together with Blinded and Deafened. That's another -6. We can use the Duration to somewhat balance it, making it into a up to 24 hours projection, yet this still leaves us with a -3. Using the rest to the Endowment's own power, we can exttend the reach to 90 miles. If the fact it is not 100 miles hurts your soul, we can change it to 100 miles on the expanse of shortening the duration to 8 hours, noting that such projection does not count as "sleep" for the user.

    And that's it! I must say it was kinda fun. If I'll still feel inspired to keep this going, next would be the Invocations of the Aves Minerva (or, as KingsRaven version is called, the Athenic Church- a name which I like better as I actually helped in choosing it).
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