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Three Things I Hate About You [SEKRET PROJECT]

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    Valkyrie will go after what they deem to be threats to national security which, translated from fedboy, means whoever or whatever could potentially threaten or rival the power of the U.S. Government and their, ahem, benefactors. That means both vampires who haven't paid up, as you mentioned, and mages. TFV likely hates mages because they could erase the US government from existence or at least give the armed forces a rough go of it. If these folks don't want people having bump stocks then they definitely don't want them to have fireballs, let alone reality warping abilities. They will treat mages as potential terrorists and monitor/liquidate them accordingly. They'll probably be more reactive towards them and leave them alone if they're not hurting anyone or being handled by other groups. They may even be willing to work with groups that stick to the shadows or could be of use. For example, I think Mortal remains mentioned that they help Changelings obtain false identities and social security cards in exchange for their silence and help.

    We were supposed supposed to shoot that, right?