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[2E question] Tier 1 or 2 with supernatural powers?

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  • [2E question] Tier 1 or 2 with supernatural powers?

    I haven't followed the games development, just recently checked out and saw it's still on the way. I don't know if this was answered somewhere, I hope you don't mind if I ask anyway.

    I've been wondering about running a bit of "amateur occult detectives" game where the characters stumble upon disturbing shit happening around their town and end up trying to solve it. Since I'm kinda familiar with the CoD ruleset I've been thinking about using Hunter since it seems like a decent fit. I want to keep things local without global or national agencies having big presence. However I would like if the system allowed for the PCs to develop some minor supernatural powers or perform a magic ritual or two, though from 1e most supernatural stuff is relegated to those tier 3 global organisations, which is don't quite want to use.

    So would it be possible to run a game at tier 1 but with the characters getting some supernatural oomph without going straight into tier 3 gameplay?

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    The book has some Supernatural Merits, I believe. These can be taken regardless of conspiracy/compact membership, and can be complemented with the Merits from Chronicles of Darkness and Hurt Locker.


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      Also you could allow minor splats options, as wolf-blooded, demon offspring or proximus, as Hunter characters.


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        Yeah, simple Supernatural Merits or minor templates are the easiest solution. Also, you could always decide to just give the players a choice of a single Endowment, unrelated to a greater conspiracy and without the ability to buy more, or introduce it through the plot (like an angel blessing a PC with a Benediction, dealing with Alchemy to produce a "power up" elixir due to notes on the internet and lost books in the library, getting "fixed" by a underground doctor who used a monster part to save their lives or them stealing a piece of high tech equipment from a governmental agency before it was "locked" to outsider use). Heck, in some cases, such as the character finding a magical relic or awakening to their demonic bloodline without having the Lucifuge finding out about them, it is actually supported by the setting itself.

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