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Loyalists and the Ahnenerbe

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  • Loyalists and the Ahnenerbe

    I was going to comment on this in the kickstarter thread but thought it maybe deserved a separate thread.

    It struck me reading their 2e description that their backstory fits the Ahnenerbe far better than the Thule Society. (Which if I remember correctly, they originally might have been way back when Hunter 1e was first revealed).

    [To clarify for anyone who doesn't know, the Abnenerbe were a sort of thinktank under the aegis of the SS that Hienrich Himmler charged with discovering archaeological and anthropological evidence of Atlantis, Aryans and other stuff.]

    It seems to imply that Thule was innocently interested in Aryan civilizations and that the Nazis took their ideas and perverted them in a way which shocked them, which is just not true. Like, the Thule Society were rabidly anti-Semitic and there seems to be some discussion if they were even a real occult society or if it was just a cover for the organisation of far-right militias.

    At the same time, the history of expeditions in search of Atlantis and other stuff is the actual history of the Abnenerbe. Plus the section refers to the:

    ...once-revered professors, archaeologists, and philosophers of the Thule Gesselshaft...
    Which I don't think anyone ever referred to the Thule Society membership as. Meanwhile that might well describe the Abnenerbe.

    Finally, there's the issue of the Loyalists theme of 'guilt'. This is kinda undermined by Thule being both so far removed from the Nazis, whilst also more or less agreeing wholeheartedly with their ideology. Meanwhile, as I understand it, a lot of the Abenerbe were otherwise serious scholars who were happy to work for Himmler if it meant they got the resources they wanted. There's actual genuine conflict there.

    Actually, one final note, the 2e description mentions that in the aftermath of the war, the Loyalists identified Nazis for the Allies, which kinda implies that they must have been involved with the Nazi regime to know about.