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  • 189) Back in the 80's there was a rumor about a mysterious arcade game called PRIMODE. Some kind of trippy puzzle game that was supposed to expand your brain but ended up giving people psych problems. People said all sorts of weird things about it: that it was a secret government project, that it was designed by a psychic wizard, that it was programmed using geometry from a dying star. You didn't think much about it until the disappearances started happening. People just walking outside and not coming back, leaving behind surreal drawings hidden in their abandoned belongings. Then you heard it on the radio, a short story tucked between bigger news, about a star NASA had been watching for the last couple decades that just exploded.


    • 190) Cheiron Group hunters have been turning up dead. Making it more disturbing is that some of their Thaumatech implants have been gruesomely removed. Your cell is racing against the clock to find the killer before the next hunter dies, knowing that any of you could be next. Imagine your horror to discover that all the missing implants seem to have come from the same "donor", and that rather than being removed they've been tearing their way out.


      • 191: Britain is in an uproar. No, not over Brexit, the hunters are calling to the world for help. It seems that an order of knights swearing allegiance to the court of Arthur has started attacking hunter cells, ordering hunters to swear magically enforced oaths of loyalty. They claim that Arthur will soon return from Avalon, and reforge England in its darkest hour.

        Okay, maybe it does have to do with Brexit.


        • Originally posted by Flyboy254 View Post
          191: Britain is in an uproar. No, not over Brexit, the hunters are calling to the world for help. It seems that an order of knights swearing allegiance to the court of Arthur has started attacking hunter cells, ordering hunters to swear magically enforced oaths of loyalty. They claim that Arthur will soon return from Avalon, and reforge England in its darkest hour.

          Okay, maybe it does have to do with Brexit.
          192.) making the situation even weirder, is the involvement of a clan of werewolves claiming to be descendants of Sir Marrok, the round table's resident werewolf and, according to the legends King Arthur's chief bodyguard. While they are known to be helping the aforementioned knights, their main concern appears to be causing trouble for the werewolf leaders of ireland and scotland, who reluctantly swore vassalage to the Marroks when their homelands became part of the UK, so that they don't use Brexit as justification to rebel against them. The resulting werewolf civil war has led to hunter cells being used as deniable assets by the various werewolf factions, who pay them in money and stranger things.

          My Savannah Setting for CofD can be found here

          My heroes as monster tamers rules for BtP can be found here


          • 193: A political candidate, one most of your cell doesn't like, is coming to town on the campaign trail. What's more, when they've arrived, they've sought the cell out. They've been vouched for and sent to you by a trusted ally, and was apparently a fairly prolific hunter before an encounter with a particular evil that left only the candidate alive and able to continue the vigil. They have it from their own trusted sources that a particularly nasty group of baddies is going to be rising up in your town, soon, and they want to your help to stop it before it gets out of control.

            Can the cell put aside their differences and work with this old hand? Will you put down a force of evil that threatens your very homes? Or is it a trick?

            Apologies for the lengths of these but figured it needed some setting.

            194: Nice, wholesome town in the middle of nowhere. Not even old-fashioned, some of the people are pretty modern and almost everyone is open minded and accepting. The place seems blessed. Cancer rates are at a flat zero, as are many other diseases, the old seem to live well past the national average, every citizen's business is a success, farms are lush and abundant and haven't needed any outside help. Children are born healthy and hale, those who go off to war come back with in one piece. Other, more predatory supernaturals seem to avoid the place, not out of any fear, they're just subtly guided away.

            Of course, as every hunter knows, one thing good in life is too good to be true. And they're right. Four sacrifices a year. They believe they're good people, it's worth it. They try to use criminals, but the crime rate is so low as it is. A lot of people pass through, perhaps intrigued by some 'Mom and Pop' store or another, or seduced by a particularly striking citizen. Better an outsider than one of your friends, or relatives, right? That's what they decide, anyways.

            The sacrifice isn't to any monster. It's a rite, and only works within the city limits, and the heads of every household know how to perform it, having watched and assisted in it over the years.

            Maybe they're just passing through. Maybe they were born there. Maybe a friend has gone missing and you're sure they were there, and you know these people are lying when they say they don't know your buddy. What, if anything, is to be done?

            195: Because some people give the benefit of the doubt to small towns, or might not see harm in it. Same town, same situation, but with a new conflict.

            Someone else has found out about the rite, and not an individual but an Organization. Maybe it's Cheiron, finding that their implants are wild successes when performed in the limits. Maybe it's some mad scientist of a Centimani, who finds that they form no Wasteland as long as they stay, maybe something more sinister. Or something entirely mundane, like a 'normal' cult who finds their practices and preaching just work better there, or a company whose products made in town just sell better, dominating the market, the training facility they've built churning out money-making super-executives, loyal to the corp.

            And they're taking over. They've influenced elections, bought out mortgages, have had people driven out of town and sometimes just disappeared. Their people are in the positions of power, and they're not going to stop until there's no competition. A town that had maybe four accidental deaths a year has shot up to twenty. They want to benefit from the rite, no one else.

            196: Every Friday night at 11:15, there's a Breaking News announcement, and reporter Melissa Mendez informs you of a crime that, to you, was obviously committed by a supernatural. Often one you never would have found yourself. The problem is, Miss Mendez has been dead for years. A member of Network Zero, she was killed while trying to let everyone know what was going on. Her spirit lives on, pointing you in the direction of danger through her news alerts.

            The problem is, she doesn't stop. If you ignore her message, 15 past the hour, every hour, it keeps popping up on any tv you can perceive. Even if it's off or unplugged, the device manages to activate to urge you to do something about it. If you've decided to get rid of your tv the message finds its way into computer banner ads and in every car radio within earshot.
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            • 197: To the untrained eye, it looks like any other vase from the early Classic period of Greece, specifically from the area around Athens. As a member of the Spear and Shield, you know it as the ancient legendary item Pandora's Box. It's empty of course, but one day a man comes to you with an offer. Claiming to be the big Z himself, he offers to guide your cell to hunt down all of mankind's ills in exchange for the honor of being elevated to the level of a demigod. To prove his credentials, he calls down Heracles and Hera in the middle of another "You're not my real mother" spat.

              Okay, the Greek gods want you to hunt down the residents of Pandora's Box. Nothing suspicious about this at all.


              • 198) There's a rumor going around Task Force: VALKYRIE. A lot of resources in FORT are being diverted toward a special project with very high clearance, ADAMSKI has been covering up bizarre goings on in a block of warehouses, TAKOMA has been receiving strange work orders even by their standards, and TWILIGHT has been processing an unusually large number of new confidential informants in the "Changeling" community. Something big is in the works, something you've heard called MORDRED. It looks like they might be doing recon in an interstitial realm with the help of knowledgeable guides, but you're starting to suspect that's just the beginning. When the file crossed your desk connecting dozens of missing persons to an ENE involved in cross-dimensional human trafficking the whole thing fell into place. They're planning a raid on the other side, deeper than anyone has ever gone and come out again, with a vanguard of vengeful Changelings outfitted with Task Force weaponry and training. They're going to exfiltrate one of the Others.

                God help them.


                • 199: UFO sightings and spacemen are bubkiss, it's the oceans that have the really freaky stuff. Sea monsters, immortal giant crabs, merpeople, and...Catholics?! That's right, somehow a clan of fish-people were converted when the Church was in it's infancy, and they want to rebuild their own way of worship with Rome. So now you have to handle whatever fallout occurs.
                  - Malleus Maleficarum: Worse, you have to deal with ministering to them. Two millennia of isolation have bred a vastly different interpretation of Christ's teachings utterly at odds with current canon law. So good luck telling the fish-people that they didn't need to kill and eat one of their own every Friday.


                  • 200. When Devora gave birth to her child, she expected a pretty little girl that should could dress up like her favorite porcelain dolls and brush her hair all nice and straight. Instead, her daughter Evelyn was born with a bright red birthmark on her face, and frizzy hair like her father's. Devora was mortified, but soon devised a way to realize her dream. She fashioned a porcelain mask, and a lovely straight wig, and forced Evelyn to wear it around the house. She put her in child-sized doll clothing, and even locked her in a velvet lined truck at night. One day, when Devora's husband could take no more, he tried to leave and take little Evelyn with him. There was a struggle, and when the two crashed into a table with lit candles on it, the old house went up in flames. Little Evelyn was still locked in her trunk in the attic, and no one ever found her. It has been twenty years since that night, and somehow, Evelyn has returned. Donning the cracked and charred mask her mother made for her years ago, she now prowls the streets at night, finding the "pretty children" and murdering them with a pair of her mother's fabric shears. She will prove to her mother once and for all that she is a pretty girl, even if it means killing all the others. Can your cell put this broken dolly back in her box, for good?


                    • 201: Cults are always bad news, right? When they are not making gruesome sacrifices to edlritch beings, they are leeching from their members down to the last drop and destroying lives. And they're never open about their practices, which only makes the situation worse. Imagine the Cell's surprise when they receive mail inviting them to a new religion whose members are dedicated to tracking down and neutralizing the dangerous parts of other cults. They even have a website, with a list of benefits for joining and contributing.

                      It seems they have found a way to reverse-engineer the tainted Essence and other supernatural energies that center on cursed artifacts, the body parts of malevolent entities and so on. They harness it into a physical compound that is not unlike the Tass that some Mages use, and they're looking for help on how to market and mass produce it. The compound makes one a lot more resistant to influence from malignant ephemerals, especially mind control and bodily transformation.

                      The Cell stands to gain a lot of money and free samples, but what about the possible side effects? They don't seem to be affiliated with Cheiron, and their leader is a charismatic and inventive sort who likes to meet in person and freely shares the Cult's knowledge. He insists that mankind is capable of cleaning the world of any entities that feed on our vices and make everything worse, but he is oddly scientific about this mission. Is he onto something? He says he's done some self-experimentation on his free time, and the results are impressive to say the least...

                      Inspired by the discussion thread for Deviant. The cult's leader is doing research on cures for the negative effects of powers like Fetter and Claiming, and how to artificially reproduce the positive parts with no ephemerals involved.
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                      "Fate is a cruel jester with a finely developed sense of irony." - Sir Night as portrayed by Leliel, The Horror Recognition Guide


                      • 202: Stephen King should never direct coked out of his skull, because he might just be right about a few things. A group of vehicles of various males and models have come alive, but aren't immediately hostile due to their owners care and maintenance. They want to communicate, to learn about emotions and what it means to be sapient. Think you're up for it?


                        • 203: (TFV) They finally did it. Scifi authors have been predicting that combat-capable mechs are imminent since Wells' Martian tripods, but aside from a few weird things you've heard rumors about, and the odd wonky prototype, no government has officially put anything like it into development. But word is that Project Euparkeria is the real deal, a bipedal armored vehicle capable of surprising speed and agility. The walker's designers have scheduled a product demonstration to show off what it can do, and security is high. But it isn't just the usual- your cell has been called on to monitor the demonstration with some vague militarese about "your unique skillsets may be required". That's pretty much a dead giveaway that some supernatural force has shown interest in this new weapon...or in the all star selection of top military personnel who will be attending the event.

                          204: Mass sightings of a particular type of being or phenomena are always bad news, but these are even stranger than normal. Instead of mass reports of bodies drained of blood or giant hairy beasts or UFOs, you've started hearing about mysterious people showing up all over the globe, claiming to be citizens of countries that don't exist and carrying IDs, passports, and credit cards that don't correspond to any known nation or bank. Not only that, these mysterious castaways seem to be from the same alternate universe, since they seem to understand each other perfectly. This is going to be a pain to cover up...and an absolute nightmare to understand.

                          205: There's something haunting your town or city, stalking the back alleys and picking off prey with supernatural skill. Only thing is, this entity looks almost like a caricature of a hunter- witnesses say it wears a long coat and a bulletproof vest, and it usually brandishes a stake, fire axe, or shotgun. It can pass for human, but those who have seen it up close say it looks almost like a heavily stylized drawing, with impossibly long leanly muscled limbs and a face more grim and determined than a stone carving of a puritan witch hunter. All of its victims have had some connection to the supernatural, as well. How do you handle an entity that seems to be doing your job for you? How about when the local supernatural communities start to wonder if you somehow summoned this creature?

                          206: Few Hunters aren't plagued by some degree of financial woes, so the offer that arrived is pretty tempting. One of those fantastically rich eccentric billionaires has somehow tracked down your cell and is impressed with your track record, so he's willing to pay a ton to hire you on as security. See, he's recently purchased a relic rumored to have incredible supernatural power, and he's planning on moving it from its secret location to a specially prepared vault. He wants you to provide an escort for it, because he's sure that certain parties are going to want to get their hands on it, and once he removes it from its resting place, any being with magical senses will be able to detect the power it radiates.

                          207: Ashwood Abbey is prepping for one of its biggest events ever. They've used their connections to get Central Park completely to themselves for the night, and they've brought in some "experts" to set up powerful wards around the park. Their plan is to release a bunch of dangerous cryptids and creatures inside the park, and have a grand old time hunting them. That would be bad enough, but what happens when the various transports bringing the creatures into the city are all hit and wrecked simultaneously, unleashing the creatures into the city itself?

                          208: (TFV/ADAMSKI) There's a hot new big budget paranormal reality show getting ready to premiere, so that means it's time to do what ADAMSKI does best: misdirect. The Men in Black have a simple task: turn the show into a laughingstock before it accidentally stumbles onto anything genuine. Unfortunately, the True Believer in the starring role is unusually dedicated and perceptive, and he starts to suspect that the "experts" and "witnesses" have been planted to discredit him. If he could somehow find proof of this, TFV is looking at a crisis.
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                          • 208: Racing, it's a sport no matter how you slice it. New age coliseums where nomex-clad gladiators race each other and luck itself to win the big prize. Your cell just lives near one of the smaller racetracks, so you don't usually give it too much notice. Only today, there's been a strange find at the track. Someone found what looks like a burned tire in the middle of pit row, a number painted in the center of it. The organizers treat it as a prank, until that same car winds up crashed into the wall. The driver survived, but the car is toast and the team out for the season. The organizers think it's mundane sabotage of some kind, but you have to be suspicious. Was it just mundane sabotage dressed up as a ritual, or are more drivers about to risk their necks?

                            209 (TFV): Parris Island has been hit. Marine contacts have been reporting recruits just waking up and walking right into the jaws of the alligators in the swamps surrounding the island. Officially, it's all being written off as the stress of training the best America has to offer with the pledge that the Marine Corps will "modify" its standards to prevent further incidents. The evidence says otherwise, as drill instructors are unable to restrain the Marines they do find literally marching to their dooms. The records state that these were the standout recruits, the ones with bright futures in the Corps right ahead of them. Further, the records report that one Marine in the 1950s did march right to the gators. Any other cell would assume it's the vengeful ghost of that lost recruit, but you're paid too much to assume. Something is using the incident as a cover, find what really wants to kill these future Marines.


                            • 210: Living quietly in the city, there is a woman who is a textbook monster in every way but behavior - she keeps to herself, doesn't harm humans, and her live has been shaped by the effort of appearing outwardly normal in order to have something like a normal life. Having been this way for as long as she can remember, her existence has somehow been been revealed to the local hunters and she is in particular danger from-

                              - The malleus malificarum, long night and even lucifuge, being a succubus. With stubby horns, the classic spade-tipped tail and an impossibly beautiful body, she can only really go out during Halloween and must work from home. Blessed items react to her as if she was a true demon, though she is entirely flesh-and-blood, binding or banishing rituals do nothing to her. Is this a curse or a demon in denial?

                              - The union, after the lake she lives next to suffers a rash of drownings, mainly male children. The Rusalka swears she is not responsible for their deaths, and even has an alibi in a few cases, but who knows what the supernatural are capable of? She begs the cell to clear her name before hunters come after her with fire, guns, and 'how to kill a river spirit' they got off google translate. Did someone get their mythology wrong, or is this just a very canny murderess?

                              - Null mysteriis and TASKFORCE: valkryie. Bad sci-fi movies aside, this robot girl is more interested in living her life than trying to kill all meatbags. Her creator/father passed away years ago, and an internet connection is all she needs to explore the world. She's a miracle of science, seemingly made without any supernatural assistance, and that makes her very valuable to the kind of people who believe in human rights for humans alone - taking her apart would advance science by decades. If her arguments about the nature of life and consciousness can't sway you, then consider what a group of amoral scientists could do with an army of killer robots.


                              • LIVE!!!

                                211: Did you hear about what's been going on in Nebraska? The story is that someone has held up a convenience store run by a werewolf, and things got ugly. From there a werewolf holy war has seemingly been launched, groups of werewolves grabbing hunter families and using them as ritual sacrifices in sick ceremonies. The only way to stop this might be investigating the source, and that means traveling deep into enemy territory.

                                212: A satellite is said to have orbited the Earth since before men made it into space. Called "The Black Knight", the satellite is anything from an observer of humankind to a doomsday weapon. The only way to know for sure is to investigate. One of the conspiracies has ponied up the money, but can't afford to lose their best to something that might not even be their kind of problem. So congratulations, you're going to be the first hunter in space.