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    19) The PC's have been cursed by a mage with a twisted sense of humor. Every 24 hours, the PC's turn into random animals, and the only way for them to change back without breaking the spell is to kill another human. Can they track down the twisted mage and end their curse, or will they be forced to live out their days slaughtering mortals to retain their humanity?

    20) One of the PC's was taken into the Hedge when their cell foolishly underestimated their last target. They managed to escape after spending 25 years in Arcadia, but discovered that their disappearance has lasted only 5 seconds in the mundane world. The new changeling must now struggle to hold onto their sanity after 25 years of slavery, but worse yet, their old cell members must make a choice. Do they help their damaged comrade heal from the trauma of the Fae, or put them out of their misery?

    (story involves a cross over with Changeling: the Lost)
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      21) lately, strange things happen in your city- it seems like every superstition happens, terribly, for good and ill. When a black cat crosses someone's path and he doesn't spit, he is involved in a car accident few moments later. When someone throws salt behind his left shoulder, he wins the lottery. Who does those things? Is it a magic going out of control? A powerful fae? The deeds of a demon? And what would happen when someone would become a monster because of those "superstitions"?

      and selfish promotions :P

      22) Your family had that clock for ages- a big horlogin covered with the pictures of crying angels. While it has always spooked you, there was never something weird about it. One day, someone knocks on your door. He claims to be a part of a company named "Raziel Ltd", and that your clock isn't really yours- its the company's. A demon took your father's soul and made the clock into a part of his- and your- life. Actually, your very existence is false, made by the lies the demon made and bought from others. He tells you that he could make your life independent, but first you must give him the clock and go to the company's office with him. Would you believe him? Can you take that chance?

      23) You have a ghostwalker friend. While you don't like her too much, she does help you from time to time with giving you important information. One day, she knocks on your door, begging for help- she says that someone needlessly disturbs the rest of the dead, banishing ghosts, sealing Averian Gates and even hunts down some sin eaters. Apparently, the group name themselves as the Ebony Fangs, and they are some sort of a death cult. Will you help your friend, or leave her for the dead?

      24) Lately, there is a new fortune teller in town. You see her advertisements everywhere- in the newspapers, on radio, on TV. She claims that her predictions are 100% accurate. It's means that she is either a charlatan or a witch, and you and your cell decide to check it out. Your plan is making you into a "bait" and make her read you future. But when you come, she already expect you. She says she is neither a magician not a trickster, instead that she is simply blessed with the "Vision". While it stinks up to the heavens, she says she has a good information for you- and that in three days, a slasher will show up in the city. She gives you a list of future victims, and tells you to protect them. Will you listen to her? And when the killings would start, will turn to her for help? And what will you do when you'll discover that she is a murderer by herself, part of a group who both kills and saves life in the name of a brighter tomorrow- the Pythian Oracles?

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        25) The PC's are friends with another cell and have received some disturbing news. One of their friends was killed on a hunt. The bad news is that according to the security footage mailed to the PC's, he didn't stay dead for very long. While his cell was grieving for the loss, the fallen hunter promptly climbed out of his coffin and proceeded to massacre his stunned cellmates without any provocation. Someone or something brought their friend back to life as a Slasher, and by the looks of things, he's a Mask!

        Can the PC's figure out what happened to their mute, homicidal friend, or will they be left grasping at straws after being forced to put him down permanently?


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          26: (Malleus, Long Night) Someone, somehow, is vandalizing your church during services. In broad daylight, they're smearing excrement on the statues outside and covering the walls in blood and other fluids. Even with the police outside watching all sides of the building, the vandalism somehow moved to the roof on their watch. This is beyond a prank, this is something trying to send a message against God's house. The only clue anyone can find to what's happening is that whatever is doing it seems to have a special hatred for men of the cloth, as evidenced by images of the leader of the church being graphically killed during each incident show. How do you beat this thing, especially since it only seems to show itself during a mass?

          27: Someone is going around town parading cryptids through the streets like they're party favors. Hoop snakes, jackalopes, even a bigfoot. Right now it's only a rumor, but if someone finally does get over the shock and grab a camera? Find out who's doing it, and why they think this even needs to be done at all.


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            28. Every dog in town pulls a "Lassie, someone's down the well", towards the same well.

            29. The monster menacing your town turns out to be a manifestation of your emotions, the ones that fuel your vigil.

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              1001 seems like kind of an arbitrary number (not to mention ambitious??). or perhaps this is a scholarly nod to the classic 1001 arabian nights? if so then *wink* I recognise and appreciate the reference, fellow bibliophile. if not then uhh yeah dude that's arbitrary. regardless, my contributions:

              30. ever met a parent who lives... perhaps —too— vicariously through their son's prom? make sure your troupe are cool with bad dad stories brto
              31. old joe, the town's most beloved hunter, says something insanely racist and the cell realises that their crusade against monsters may be problematic/allegorical
              32. holy lord. somebody turned the regular zoo into a vampire zoo.
              33. a fatter ephemeral version of the cell haunts the cell, outright asking them outright about like if they're such hot shit morally speaking next to the shit they're killing. just does the 'a-ok' sign to answers.


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                34: (TFV primary) Your cell has orders you're suddenly not comfortable with: A cell of domestic terrorists has sprung up in your area. Intel is frighteningly sketchy about who they are or what their goals include, but they have a lot of guns and a lot of anger at the American way of life. But intel is clear that they aren't supernatural and they aren't clued in. Command wants them taken care of simply because the people need to be kept calm and not panic over the fact that a terrorist cell so large even exists. These are regular, non-ENE individuals, and you're being ordered to kill them because they're about to do something that should make them a target of anyone else but the government's monster hunters.


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                  Flyboy, that is sweet.

                  35: (Sons of CuChulainn) Everyone knows that the Luxor casino was built and still is run by a mummy. Ok, most people don't know, but everyone who knows about The Arisen is thinking it. This Mummy has acquired the Stone of Fál, and something locking Ireland's heritage in a basement just doesn't sit right with The Hounds. The Irish Mob might be a shadow of it's former self, but it still has connections. The Sons are putting together a team of experts for the greatest heist in Vegas' history.

                  36: (Any religious group) Plans have been drawn for an intra-faith summit. Everyone's going to be there, not just Christians and Muslims, everyone: Shinto, Voodoo, Zoroastrians, every religion the mainstream considers legitimate is sending a top priest to talk about world peace and make press friendly statements. Since most religious Conspiracies occasionally use their monster hunters as general purpose muscle there's one or two in each delegation's security team. That means behind every mild inoffensive theologian and diplomat is a well armed, paranoid and quite possibly fundamentalist hunter. Can you get through the entire summit without violence; or worse, piss off the Coptic Church of Africa?
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                  “There are no rules. Only Principles and natural laws.” - Promethius
                  My Homebrew no longer fits in a signature, you can find an index of it here.
                  Full length fan-books I contributed too: Princess: the Hopeful, Leviathan: the Tempest, Dream Catchers


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                    37) Your cell took down a Leech. Hell yeah! It feels good to know you killed a monster. The thing is, her weird undead monster daddy isn't very happy about her being dead (all the way dead, not half-dead like vampires normally are). He's orchestrated the severe injury of someone close to one of you (a sibling, parent, or lover) and they're now in the hospital, in critical condition; the only thing keeping them alive is the monster's blood. He invites you to come fight him, but if he dies, so do they.

                    38) A group of Tier 1 hunters don't see a difference between your Endowments and the monsters they hunt, and they're pulling no punches. Will you kill your brothers and sisters in the Vigil when they don't listen to reason?

                    39) (TF:V only). All those tasty toys you get must cost a lot of money, and you're pretty sure the government isn't footing all of the bill. Orders come down from the top to start taking in targets alive, which you then deliver to some shady looking dudes in suits and surgical scrubs. Who the hell are you really working for, and why do you suddenly need a new handler who sure as fuck isn't one of the feds? (I've had Cheiron as a headcanon major source of funds for VALKYRIE for a while now).

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                      40) Somebody has been going around and snatching the supernaturals off the streets. Mages, Vampires, Werewolves, Changelings. At first the PC's think it may be the work of some new Hunter group, but when humans begin manifesting strange powers similar to the vanishing monsters, they realize the truth. A group calling themselves the Next Evolution has discovered a way to artificially transfer these freaks' powers into ordinary humans without having to turn them into monsters! This kind of abominable science must not be allowed to reach the public, and the PC's have been dispatched to find their headquarters and destroy their research... ALL of it... Even the test subjects.

                      But are these just mad scientists we're dealing with? How can somebody bio-engineer supernatural powers?

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                        41: Now you've seen it all. Some pricks are crying out that monsters deserve to be treated just like they're actual human beings. A repentant leech or private dick wizard, fine, maybe it makes sense, but they're convinced that it includes demons and zombies too. These idiots aren't just bleeding hearts, they're bleeding lives as they hold up other hunters from doing what needs to be done. The local monsters keep filling their heads with the idea that it's all morally relative. Maybe you need to bring these idiots to a vampire's club after midnight or the local demonic cult, and let them see the difference between understanding and just being a tool.

                        42: (Talbot Group) Something's wrong with one of the patients in your care. He's recently recovered from paranoid schizophrenia, and that isn't possible. He says he feels fine now, but you know that before he could barely function even with medication, let alone without. His family keeps saying they haven't done anything other than what your center advised, but your gut is saying this is something else. So you take one last Kirlian as he's leaving. Something is attached to him at the brain stem. And it's out in the world right now.

                        43: It's supposed to be a rumor; a massive demolition derby, best drivers only. The prize? A single wish, whatever the winner asks for. The losers die. It's true, you saw the "preliminary" racers tearing through the abandoned industrial park killing each other last night. Stories say the only way to get anything done about it is to enter. Is it true? Or is there another way to stop your town from becoming a smear on the highway?

                        44: The witches and werecats have reportedly made some kind of peace, and that's not what you wanted to hear. Both of their groups kept each other in check, but with a truce they can build their strength and threaten the very delicate balance of power in the area. If things reach a critical mass for either side they could go back into a conflict, and your cell in the middle of it. If you can find some dirt on who brokered the peace, it could pull the whole house of cards down in seconds.


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                          Edited the number on this, since you posted 41 as well.

                          45) A new vampire had come to the city. What's the problem, you might ask? He's a 3,500 year old Methuselah according to the records your organization has on him! This thing needs to be taken down immediately, but you're not even sure you're properly equipped to deal with a threat this large.

                          46) The brother / sister of one of the PC's had their family slaughtered by monsters recently.. The only survivor was the PC's 12 year old nephew, who witnessed the entire whole thing while hiding under his bed. The police drop him off with you until better living arrangements can be made. But things get even worse when the boy says your brother / sister told him about what you do at night, and now he wants into the family business!

                          47) The PC's start getting some very strict orders (the kind which questioning is NOT tolerated). They are given a name, a location, and told to exterminate the target immediately. Do not talk to them, do not spy on them, just a quick in and out job. This goes fine for about a week before the PC's have their door kicked in by armed men demanding to know why they've suddenly targeted fellow Hunters for assassination!


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                            48) a member of your cell appears on jeopardy to win funds for your cell (it's not like this is your funding strat it just happened that way) and when you attend the filming it becomes clear pretty soon off the bat that the game is rigged by supernatural bs. one hunter has to answer hard questions while the others are in a race against time to unfuck this gameshow and bring the monster doing it to task


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                              (A bunch of "Your friend has become a Freak" Story hooks)

                              During a Hunt against a particularily nasty monstrocity, one of your cell-mates suffer a grevious injury. Miraculously, your long-time friend and companion pulls through. He has be nursed back to health, but he recovers. Unsettelingly though, after he recovers, he starts telling you of the thing which saved him. He explains it like an eldritch deathly whisper in the back of his mind, and a black vapor in the periferi of his vision. Acording to him, the thing calls itself The Hanged Man, and all it wants is to experience life vicariously through your friend.
                              Has your friend gone mad? Has he been posessed? And if so, is the thing which posessed him telling the truth? Or does it have some sinister plan for you and your friend which it is yet to reveal?

                              One night not too many weeks ago, you and your cell were out hunting this freak Witch who had been kidnapping children from cross the county. You took a dangerous gambit, by staking out a kids house one night, but to your luck, the Witch strock and you tracked him to his lair. To your horror, you found the children buthered by the mad Heretic, each of their innocent little budies mangled so gruesomly that no mortal tools or hands could've ever been used. Worse still, they were arranged in mystic and blasphemous symbols all around the foul hovel, the merest sight of which buggeled the minds of you and your cell. The entire ordeal must've done a number on your cells leader though, because a few days ago, he showed up at your door rambeling about "The Heavenly spheres" and the "High Speech of God" which had been unveiled to him through what he described as a spiritual Awakening.
                              You're not entirely certain what bothers you more. The splitting-headache that his rambeling words caused you, or the fact that children have started disappearing again...

                              When your wife died you took to drinking. It was the only thing that seemed to keep your mind off of her. If you were too busy puking in the gutters and getting kicked to the curb by bounchers, you could focus on your personal pain and humilliation, instead of the memory of all the things you two used to share together.
                              It gradually got worse. You started seeing her on street corners, and occationally in the bars you took to, to slowly kill yourself.
                              This did nothing to slow your self destructive habits, and you eventually fell in with a group of people whom you half hoped would kill, and if not, could atleast provide the means with which you could kill yourself. Before you had the chance however, the group invited you to a party. The special kind. That special kind of party where you're lead into an abandoned bomb-shelter, through narrow tunnels and claustrophobic passages, untill you finally enter into a grand hall, lit by candle light and filled to the bursting point with a pandemoneous crowd, all cheering in a cacophonous orchestry of noise.
                              That special annoying kind where, chained and crying like a baby in the center of this hellish riot of drugs, sex and revelry, you see your deceased wife. You'd be overjoyed to see her, if not for the fact that your host just handed you a rock-hammer, told you to enjoy your 'gift' while gesturing to your wife, and welcomed you to the Ashwood Abby.

                              Waking up at 4am, is never funny. Waking up at 4am, because you hear crashing noises downstairs is downright unsetteling. You grab your gun and you downstairs. No petty thief will commit burlery in your home, thats for damn sure! As you reach your living room, you're met a sight that chilled you to the bone. In your living room is standing creature with the hooves and horns of a deer and claws which are digging into the throat of your daughter. Acting more out of instinct than anything else, you heft your gun and fire at the foul creature, half closing your eyes in fear and suprise. When you reopen your eyes, you're met with a horrific scene. The strange creature lies unconcious or dead on the floor, next to a bundle of twigs, leaves and dirt where your daughter used to be!
                              You're just about to splatter that abominations brains on your carpet in sheer furious rage, when you get a better look at it.
                              You're not entirely sure, but the creature has this quaint familliarity to it. As your gaze drifts over the pile of leaves and dirt which used to be your daughter, it strikes you. The thing looks a bit like her.


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                                53: (Division Six) Orders from on high; witches have been spotted near the local schools, and the corruption of America's youth can't be allowed. Orders are to strike only at the leader of the witch cult, the followers are just mortal dupes and idiots. It was supposed to be a simple assassination, but something went wrong. The witch cult do know magic, and even if it's limited they're drawing blood in your cell. Time's short, and you can't risk the witches finding out about the rest of Division Six. Local help will have to do, but there's just one problem; your cell killed several hunters over the past five years, and the local wounds haven't quite healed yet.