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  • Conspiracy: Raziel Ltd (WIP)

    The Project Rakia

    [picture- an hexagram styled as a Star of David, surrounded by different Hebrew letters- on the right top corner is Reish, after it there is Zain, in the bottom is Yod, next is Alef, then is Lamed and on the top there is another, smaller Hexagram]

    Somewhere in Israel, there is a secret factory. Each of it's workers are selected after a strict inspection, and each knows that what he or she is doing is made in order to protect their land. Yet, they don't know what is it that they are doing and from what it's going to protect- each does exactly what he is told to do, like a cog in a great machine. They also know that there is a room to which their products go before they are "finished". It is said it is in order to find bugs and flaws- however, no one remember that a flaw was ever found. Still, after the product leave the room, it become what it was meant to be- a beautiful weapon, its serial number and company logo imprinted on the dark, unknown metal from which all the products are made.

    Somewhere in the US, a young woman is chased by a dark creature of the night. The thing, which looks like a combination between a man and a beast, seem to be amused from the fear and the despair his victim express. After few minutes of a chase, both the hunter and the hunted get into a dead end. The woman face toward the creature, which is drooling from its strange, bestial smile. The monster start to get closer to the woman, slowly, enjoying the moment, while the woman screams for help. Suddenly, a bright light pierce through the monster's heart, like a shining spear, and then it fades- leaving a big, bloody hole behind. The creature collapse, and behind it stands a smirking man, many weird gadgets are hanging from his belt while and in his hands he holds a strange, mechanical bow.

    Somewhere, a lone hunter from Network Zero is watching through one of his secret cameras on a meeting of Cheiron Group's Director Board. This time, they seem to discuss a report they got about a rise in the number of dead field agents. The reason seems to be connected to the agents of another company- one which attack the Group both by killing their agents and by using financial tactics- backing trials against the firm, donating money for protest organizations, even trying to buy their stocks and taking over their resources and sponsors. The name of the company is Raziel Ltd. After mentioning the name, the picture in the camera flickers, and, without warning, turns black. Tonight, that hunter will experience weird dreams which will rush him to check this company at any cost.

    Raziel Advanced Defense Systems Ltd, or simply Raziel Ltd or just Raziel, is a weapon company. While they have started to gain global influence lately, their origin, and main base of operation, is found in Israel. Most of the citizens of Israel know the company as weapon factory which work together with the IDF in order to find new systems and military products, helping their country to do the best it can in the great arms race that Middle East is trapped in. What a few people from outside the company know (including in the government), is that the company has another "side project". They believe this is some prototype research project, one which is specialize in finding and using new energy sources- and while they are not entirely wrong, this is not the truth either. Actually, the military products and systems ARE the side project of the company, a source of money so they could invest their resources on the real purpose for which the company was founded- the mysterious Project Rakia.

    Raziel Ltd was officially founded at 1958. At first, they started as military project founded by the prime minister David Ben Gurion, which turned into the Advanced Defense Systems Project. The name Raziel will only come latter. At first, the project was focused on the creation of weapons and military systems, yet the ones at the head of the project seemed to lack the vision in order to get the best out of the project. While they succeed at making new developments at the military research, they still had problems at adjusting the new weapons at shorter time and better performance.

    Until, at 1973, Ronen Sukenik joined the project.

    Many people wonder how Ronen Sukenik had such an insight for the development of the company. A descended of a famous archaeologist, Sukenik didn't seemed to share his father's passion for the past and instead decided to shape the future. He joined the project only few months after the Yom Kippur War, with a strong determination to make sure that Israel will never be caught again off guard. Under his guidance, the project has started to prosper, and it was his decision to turn the project into a private company named as Raziel. When people asked for reason for the act, Sukenik simply responded that it meant "the authority for identify future threats" (or, Ha'Rashut Le'Zihui Aiumim Le'Aatid). Quickly, Raziel Ltd started to become bigger and stronger, finding new discoveries and products for military use. However, Project Rakia was yet to be founded. No, the project will start only at 1995, when Ronen Sukenik retired and his son, Daniel Sukenik became the new head of the company- for a few days before Ronen retired, he told his son his real intentions for the company.

    See, Ronen knew something many other people didn't- that the real threat was not the Arabs or other countries who wished to see Israel destroyed. The real threat was hidden- there really were monsters in the dark, although many people at the government try to ignore or deny that information. It was Daniel's responsibility to reshape Raziel into a new form- an organization which will protect Israel at night while the IDF protect it in the day. However, they must keep making weapons and systems for the military in order to gain the financial support of the government. Understanding the will of his father, Daniel agreed and took his father's place. Under his guidance, new weapons kept being created, while a new project has started to form- Project Rakia, the project which will investigate supernatural powers and phenomena and train agents to fight the monsters. While they didn't succeed at first, the great breakthrough came with the discovery of "empyrean phenomena". No one really knows for sure what are those phenomena (except, maybe, Daniel), but Sukenik, together with the help of some mysterious sponsors and engineers, learned how to manipulate that power and create new weapons- ones that will be used in order to hunt and destroy the enemies of mankind. After the discovery, Raziel grew in power and became an international cooperation, buying other weapon companies in the process. They still worked together with the Israeli government, but the power the government once had over the company has became weaker and weaker.

    It was during 2004 that the company discovered that other international organizations who hunt monsters also exist- holy agents of the Catholic Church, a "family" who claim that the blood of the devil itself run in their veins, an ancient conspiracy of relic collectors.. and Cheiron Group. While most of the other organizations are mostly left alone, there are two exceptions- the first is the Lucifgue, which seem to have some kind of Love-hate relationship with Raziel. The other is Cheiron Gorup, for Daniel and the "Finale Engineers" (or the "HaMehandesim HaAaharonim", as Sukenik's helpers and workers who give the "final touch" for the weapons and "check them for bugs" are called) seem to decided that their destruction is one of top priorities of the company. No one really know the reason for that, but it really doesn't matter- for the hate seem to be mutual, and just as Raziel Ltd do their best to destroy the Cheiron Group, the Director Board do what they can to destroy the weapon company, and every person who dare to ask why seem to find himself in the next clash between those two, strong companies.
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    Skeletons in the Closet

    So- Raziel Ltd is a nice weapon company who use its powers to protect humanity, right?

    This is how it is supposed to sound.

    The story above is the story every new agent at Project Rakia hears once he join the company- from the origin of the company up to the what that happens to those who ask about the Cheiron Group. The story has two missions- the first, to reveal the new agent that monsters exist and that his mission is to protect mankind. The second, that there are some weird things in the company, and that he should get used to it. No one is supposed to ask questions- each worker in the factories of Raziel Ltd is supposed to do her job and nothing more, the agents from Project Rakia are supposed to use the weapons against the monsters while Sukenik and the Finale Engineers are supposed to supervise the whole process.

    Agents and workers are not supposed to to try and add the pieces together. They are not supposed to wonder for the reason that the company's logo is imprinted on each and every weapon and product made for the use of Project Rakia, while the ones made for the IDF lack it. They are not supposed to think why each weapon type made for the Project has a serial number, yet the serial numbers don't seem to go by any pattern. They are not supposed to open the products and try to understand how do they work, only to come to the conclusion that there is no logic in the way the is weapon is built. They are not supposed to ask why Raziel Ltd is named after an angel- and above all, the number one question they must not ask is how did Ronen Sukenik, a son of an archaeologist, discovered that there are monsters in the dark.

    While it seems weird, but the source of all of Raziel's mysteries come directly from Ronen Sukenik's father- Eleazar Lipa Sukenik.

    Eleazar Sukenik, an Israeli archaeologist, was the first to understand the importance of the Dead Sea Scrolls- the holy texts of an ancient, long dead Jewish cult, which are considered are as heresy by the main Jewish faith. Once he heard about them, Eleazar went right to the Bedouin shepherd who found them and bought 3 of them- or, at least, this is what he said. Actually, he bought 4 scrolls- yet one he kept for himself. He didn't knew why he did it- after all, the act of keeping for himself such a national treasure was something which went against his very ideology. And yet, he kept it. It wasn't out of greed or pride- it is simply that he felt like something whispered in his heart, telling him that he should keep that scroll. Also, that scroll was different from the others- while the others were wrote in ancient Hebrew, this was written in another language- a strange language, one which he could not understand and seemed to not be connected to any other language that this world have ever known. Sometimes, in the long nights he spent trying to decipher the scroll, he felt like he could almost understand what it said- almost. I was like his subconscious knew what it was saying, but he simply denied the meaning again and again.

    Considering that, you will understand why Eleazar was shocked when his ten year old son came to him with the scrolls, saying that "this was the most interesting this he ever read".

    At first, Eleazar was angry, but after few moments of screaming on his son, he finally asked what was so interesting about the scroll.

    And Ronen answered.

    He told him the scroll was called the Book of Raziel the Angel, and that in there were many nice stories, ones which were both familiar and strange. A story about Lilith, who ate the fruits of both the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge, yet wasn't able to give birth through her womb- only by feeding others with her blood, which carried the essence of both trees. He told him a story about the Nephilim, the descendants of both man and angels, their body changes from a man and monster yet they rebelled and killed their father- an act which broke the world and brought the flood. He told him about a great tower, made by the greatest of mortals to pierce the skies- and so they did, banishing the Holy Host from their throne and becoming gods by themselves, and then they broke the tower and shattered the language so no one will ever follow them. He also told his about even stranger stories- about the watchers, angels who kidnapped mortals and played with them until they break or escaped, about how God made a man out of clay using a divine fire to give it life, about how the dead escaped from the Sheol and joined the living, about the nameless empire of Nimrod who sacrificed millions in order to become the king of the dead, about how some angels rebelled and decided to become like man..

    And the strangest story of all was about a machine. The story told about how mankind was made as servants of the Holy Host, and how they rebelled against them. The story told how the Army of Heavens cursed mankind for their doing, curses which came from the sun, moon, stars and earth itself. The story told about the working of the great, holy machine, which directed the fate of the world so everything will have its place and time, a machine which made mistakes in the past and now had to fix them, a machine which didn't knew about good or evil- only about working, creating and keeping things as they were.

    And, in the end of the scrolls, there were plans for creating weapons against the enemies of that machine.

    Eleazar, of course, didn't believed his son. He thought he was just making things up. It didn't matter that somewhere in his heart he believed the stories his son told. He just told his son to keep his mouth shut and to never touch his things again. Yet, Ronen couldn't stop thinking about what he read. He had dreams- weird dreams about a machine which moved the all of the universe, about Death being trapped in chains of greed and ambition, about a black sun in blue skies, about things which are fallen, yet may rise again.

    Ronen followed his dreams, and they guided him to become the head of the future Raziel. They also guided him to change the name of the company, and how to make new discoveries and weapons.

    Yet, he lacked one thing- the plans to make the weapons of the machine.

    It was only when he was 62 years old that he found were his father hid the scrolls- but it was too late for him to carry the mission given to him by the machine. Lucky for him, his son also was able to read the scroll and understand the plans, and so Daniel followed his father's wishes and made Project Rakia. He gathered other people who understood the plans, and together they made the plans to create the holy weapons- and still, there were some requirements. In order to make the tools of the machine, he had to recreate the machine- and so he did. He gave each worker in the factory only a little piece of the plans, translated to human tongue, and each did only the thing he was taught to do. It was forbidden to join the pieces together, for if a person will learn too much about what the other workers are doing, he will start to think, and the cogs in the machine don't think- they act, and do only what they are supposed to do. Also, each weapon had to be imprinted a certain number and company's logo, for without them the weapon won't work. And finally, each weapon had to go through the secret room and get a last touch from the Finale Engineers before it will gain its power and become into a real weapon of the machine- a Theo-tech, ready for use.

    Another mystery is the things called as "empyrean phenomena". As far as the agents know, those phenomena seem to be connected to the way the Theo Tech (or TT, in short) are working. The weird effects TT are capable of doing are told to be made by channeling their "natural energetic field" into the TT, so the weapons will never run out of energy as long as the user feed it with his own power. Some devices in the company, however, are too big to be powered by the energy the living body is producing. They need some greater power, power which seem to work in a similar way to the natural energetic field yet with a lot more energy- and those are what empyrean phenomena are used for.

    and again, there is more than meets the eye in TT and empyrean phenomena. Actually, the TT don't get their power from the user. In truth, the source of their power come from an higher place- from the machine itself, if not above it. However, in order to get access to the machine, there is a need to tune the TT to it- and this is why it needs human's aura (or natural energetic field). The TT is, in fact, just a conduct between the user and the machine, which allow to draw the machine's energy and shape it to new forms. Empyrean phenomena are also either the creations of the machine or things which are similar enough, and Raziel Ltd is using them in order to "recreate" the machine in the company's factories, allowing them to create the TT from the first place.

    Those are the reasons for why Raziel and the Lucifuge don't really like each other- the agents of Raziel see the Children of the 7th Generation as the descendants of something "lower", something which is out of the machine's system, and yet they use their power against the enemies of the machine. The Lucifuge, however, see Raziel as agents of angels and higher beings, and as every agent of the Lucifuge knows, you DON'T want to mess with angels. The reason for the hate toward Cheiron Group seem to be more obscure, and even the Finale Engineers don't know it. Some of them think the Group try to steal empyrean phenomenon and shape them into mortal flesh, just as they do with other supernatural phenomena. Others think the the Director Board are things which come from outside the machine's reach, and just as your body see viruses as enemies, so does the machine see the Director Board. The only ones who really know the answer are both Daniel and the Director Board, and they are not telling.

    Of course, while those are company secrets, it is possible that someone, either a worker of Project Rakia's agent, will discover some or all of dirty secrets, or even darker, more mysterious things. Those who discover the secrets are called for a short talk with Sukenik, and then are left alone. No one know what Daniel is telling them, but one thing is sure- after the "talk", no one ever come back the same, and when they are asked for what they discovered or what they were told, they simply answer "Trust me. You don't want to know"
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      Raziel or Rafael? Truth verse Darkness
      Those with some knowledge on the subject may notice the similarity between the Raziel, the conspiracy, and Rafael, a real weapon and military technology company which work with the IDF. This is intentional. Raziel is supposed to be Rafael's "dark reflection" in the Chronicles of Darkness, one which turns to be more private, more international and with many skeletons in the closet. Also, there really was an archaeologist named Eleazar Sukenik, and he really was among the first to hear about the Dead Sea Scrolls, and he really bought 3 of them and donated them to the university. He did not, however, had a son named as Ronen, and I truly believe he didn't kept any of the scrolls to himself. This part is also a dark reflection in the game. Please, do not see either of those as an insult- it is just a game, after all.

      Daniel Sukenik
      Daniel Sukenik is a mystery. He shows up from time to time, talking to the workers in the factory, meet some agents of Project Rakia, visit the members of the Finale Engineers. From time to time he gives a special speech about how their work is important and how much he appreciate it. He always say that anyone can call him at any time, and he keep true to his word. He is a young man, not more than 30, but he already has a great insight and understanding. He is always peaceful, smiling softly, speaking quietly, never yelling or getting angry. You may just say he is the perfect boss.

      No one has ever met him before he became the CEO of the company. Ronen never talked about him. He claim to have a wife and three kids, but no one ever saw them or their pictures. No one ever saw a picture of Daniel before he became the boss. When people ask about his father, he simply answer that he is very sick and don't see anyone. Those workers who knew his father claim him to be a perfect copy- the same insight, the same special way of looking at life, the same determination. Even the Finale Engineers feel weird next to him, for while he is young, his eyes are old, very old, like they saw sadness and loss no one else has ever seen in his age. He never talk about it, and no one ever ask. Many believe it is because of his father's state and the mission given to him. In a way, they are right.

      God Machine?
      Weird technology which work in a way no mortal can understand. Stories about a divine machine and curses given from the sky, moon, stars and earth. Empyrean phenomena. Does it sound familiar?

      Yep. Raziel Ltd use the God Machine.

      They don't understand it, they don't know its purpose, and most of them surely don't even know it exist, but they use it to fight monsters and hunt the darkness. Now, notice that I said "use" and not "serve". Most of the members of Project Rakia are Israeli, Jewish or both, and many of them believe, one way or another, that God exist just as said in the bible, not as the divine machine which move the universe. Also, the TT seem to have connection to the bible (see "Number, Numbers, Number.."), not to the God Machine. So- what's going on?

      No one really knows. Even the Finale Engineers, the only members in Project Rakia to know the story about the holy machine, are not sure what are the relationship between God and the God Machine. Some claim they are the one and the same. Others are not so sure. Even the scrolls which gave them the plans for creating Theo-Tech seem to draw some separation between "God" and the "Machine". It could mean that God created the Machine, and that mankind need to use the machine in order to pray to God. Others see the machine as the Demiurge of the gnostic faiths, or maybe as another god, or maybe God after man stole the fruit of knowledge from him, or one possibility of God where many fight each other so that one of them will become "real", or maybe it is a pagan system and both of the gods exist equally, or maybe it is just a metaphor for some higher, mindless power, or..

      In short, no one knows. Your game, your rules.

      Black Box
      So, this is how Theo Tech is made- the TT is created in a factory, each is doing his part, then it get into the "secret room", "checked for bugs", getting imprinted with a serial number and a logo and- walla! A new TT is made!

      So, what exactly happens in the "secret room"? After all, everyone know that no one ever found a bug in a TT, and everyone also know that before the TT enter the room, it can't be used. So, what is the secret? What do the Finale Engineers do before they release the TT? What exactly happens in there?..

      Now, we could keep it as a secret, and let you imagine the horrible process the TT must endure in order to become complete, together with whispering some dark rumors about human sacrifice and angelic manipulations, but you were good kids, and you have enough mysteries, so I'll answer this one question.


      In the secret room, nothing happens.

      The TT get in, and get out.

      Nothing. Nothing at all

      Numbers, Numbers, Numbers..
      So, if there is no pattern in the way serial number is given to a TT, then how does the serial number is chosen for each Theo Tech?

      The answer- it's the bible.

      The bible is, after all, made from number of books, right? and each book has a number of chapters and in each chapter there is number of verses. Each verse has a number, each chapter has a number and each book has a number. Some verses seem to carry "power" in them, powerful verses which captured researchers and believers for years upon years. Those verses are translated to numbers by the number of the book, chapter and verse, and then they are imprinted on the appropriate TT next to the logo.

      And why it should interest you, you ask?

      Simply. Because it mean that the TT channel your aura through the verse in order to work.

      And why that should interest you?

      Because it brings up the following question- if the principle behind how TTs are working is that they channel your energy through a biblical verse, then why the hell do you need the TT and not just you the verse itself?

      You don't.

      What the TT is doing is simply to make the channeling of the user's aura easier. Without it, you'll need to remember each verse you would like to channel, and then you'll have to say it out loud. Also, in order to channel the verse in this way, you'll have to invest more of your energy, which mean you need to invest more Willpower dots in order to make the effect, and re-tune every time you use it

      Now, the next question is that if the only thing you need in order to activate is, in fact, willpower and the verse, then does it mean that other people outside of Raziel, or even supernaturals, could use "TT"?

      No. Only the agents of Raziel Ltd seem to be able to channel that power.

      How and why? This I ain't going to tell you
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        The Enemy
        As a group, it's hard to say Raziel Ltd have a specific enemy. Unlike some compacts or conspiracies, the company doesn't focus of any type of supernatural threat. While they do know (or believe they know) how the monsters came to be thanks to their access to the holy Book of the Angel Raziel (the original)*, they aren't really interested in the society of the monsters. Vampires are parasites, shape-shifters are abominations, witches know secrets no one should ever know..

        However, it doesn't mean they are stupid.

        After all, vampires still have connections. Shape-shifters heal fast and are as strong as 10 men. Witches KNOW secrets no one else knows. In short. fighting monsters may be their mission, but they know it won't be the easiest, or even the smartest, thing to do. Because of that, Raziel Ltd have a policy about attacking monsters- they attack only those who "break to rules". Which rules, you ask? The company rules, of course! According to the company rules, a monster will be hunted only under the following circumstance-

        a) the monster has attacked a human being
        b) the monster is planning a crime against humanity or against the company, and the agent has solid proofs
        c) the monster's presence may be dangerous to the environment or surrounding
        d) the company, for their own reasons, has given you a specific order to hunt down that monster.

        Of course, most monsters don't know that they must follow those rules, and for some of them (like the reanimated) their very existence is considered as a breaking the rules, but in the end, the important thing is that Project Rakia's agents would be the ones to know and follow those rules.

        Because of that, Raziel don't really care if an agent works together with certain monsters, as long as those monsters follow the rules. Of course, the agent must declare any relationship he or she may have with a monster, and the agent must make sure the monster doesn't break the company's rules. Plus, the agent must share any information he gain from the relationship with Raziel Ltd in order to allow the company to learn new things about the enemy.

        Well, this is enough talking about rival monsters.

        Now, let's talk about rival hunters.

        Most of the hunters are regular human beings without access to supernatural powers. Because of that, most of the hunters are never bothered by the hunters of Raziel Ltd. Even Task Force: Valkyre, the Aegis Kai Duro and the Ascending Ones are normal people with some magical (or scientific) tricks, and as such are usually ignored by the company. Other conspiracies, however, seem to have some weird powers, like those of the monsters. From holy priests of the Catholic Church, through mediums and spirit ridden and up to a group of terrorists and zealot vampire hunters, those hunters seem more like witches than regular mortals. For that reason, those hunters are also expected to follow the company rules, and those who break them should suffer the same fate as monsters- with two exceptions.

        The first, while Raziel don't care if those hunters kill monsters, they care if they kill THEIR monsters, so if an "Anglican knight" kill a witch, Raziel won't send their agents after them, for they don't want a war. However, if he kill a witch which is declared as an ally by a Project Rakia agent, then the "hunter" will be hunted as a monster. The second exception is hunters, and mortals, who turned upon their friends and family and became slashers. Any slasher will be executed according to the company rules, with no exceptions. Those are monsters- real monsters. And, of course, two conspiracies do get a special treatment in here- the first is the Lucifuge. Like it has been said, the Lucifuge are monsters. They have an unnatural blood in their veins, they are able to preform inhuman feats and they seem to have connection to demons and other lowly things. However, they seem to use their powers against those monsters- and sometimes, even against other Children of 7th Generation (those who refuse to join the conspiracy, according to Raziel's info). The problem is that the Lucifuge seem to register as "empyrean phenomenon" according to Theo Tech, which mean that clashes between the two conspiracies do happen. In the same time, they are sometimes willing to cooperate, especially when hunting a renegade L'enfant Diabolique.

        The Cheiron Group is another story.

        They are enemies. They are monsters. The only thing which stop them from getting into Israel is the influence Raziel Ltd (and some other organizations) have. You must not use their medicines, you must stay away from their treatments, and each and every one of their field agents will be hunted down. Why? Because they are putting monster parts into people. Most hunters would be happy with that explanation- but some wonder why does Cheiron get such a special attention, as in the end Raziel is willing to protect monsters which do a lot worse than that. Again, this is one of the question an agent shouldn't ask- but like the monsters they hunt, not all hunters follow the company rules either.

        Finally, one last mention about empyrean phenomenon.

        No one is really sure how to define those things- some look like a great pieces of a broken machine. Others look like angelic or demonic beings. Some are just balls of shining energy. Some of the agents are especially sensitive for it, while others need to use TT in order to find and capture it. Sometimes, the empyrean phenomena is a person- a regular person, without any supernatural abilities. The company require to capture those people. What they are going to do with them? Well, this is simply another one of their skeletons in their closet..

        *The Book of Raziel the Angels is a mystical book which while exist even today, the original is said to be lost and the version which we have is pretty inaccurate. The original book is said to be given to Adam from Raziel, the angel of secrets. see Wiki for more information.

        You just finished your military service in Israel, and you still aren't sure what you want to do with your life. There are so many possibilities, so many options. Maybe it is the time to go to the trip to India, or maybe South America. You should get a job- after all, you need money if you want to go to a long trip. Maybe a waiter? Or you should just go and work on a gas station.. before you can decide, the sun already sets, and you are alone in the street. Something jump on you from an alley- something you can't even define. The thing tries to kill. You fight and kick and scream, but it is stronger than you. And then, just as you think you are going to die, the thing turns to dust. Behind him is a woman holding a weird, metallic staff. She helps you get up on your feet. You ask what was that. She ask if you really want to know, and of course you say yes. The good news- you got a job! The bad news- it seem the trip to India will have to wait.

        You have just got fired from your work, and you really need the money. In the local newspaper, you see an advertisement for a work in Raziel Ltd- one that you don't need any qualifications or previous experience for. While you are not sure you want to work in a weapon factory, you really need the money to pay the rent, and so so you go the address. In the company's office, you meet a nice man, his age no more than 30, yet his eyes seem to be far older. He tells you to sit, and so you do. Then, he present himself as Daniel Sukenik, the CEO. Of course, you are shocked from that fact, but this is not the end. He give you a note, and ask if you can understand the words. Well, of course you can- and you tell him it seems like a description of some kind of machine. He smile, and tell you something weird- he tell you that both the advertisement and the note are not written in Hebrew, but in some language no normal man should understand. You don't believe him, and so he decide to prove it to you. He tell you to join a group of agents from Project Rakia in one of their hunts. You agree. Few weeks later, you wonder if the money was really worth it.

        You are a factory worker in Raziel Ltd, as you have been for years. Day after day, you do the same thing, make the same product, work on the same part. While the job itself is not hard, you still want to do something more, to feel like you don't just waste your life as a cog in a stupid machine. You know that the only way to gain experience is to ask questions, but no one answer to you. You check a finished TT when no one is looking, but you don't seem to understand how it was built. In the end, you had enough, and you decide to do the one thing no one should do- you enter the Secret Room while no one is watching. To your surprise, you meet Daniel there, sitting on a chair, with another one in front of him. He tell you to close the door and to sit down, and you follow his orders. He ask you if you have question, and you answer "yes". He ask if you want to know the answer, and you answer "yes". And so, he tell you. Now, you are agent in Rakia, and you understand that some questions should be unanswered.

        As a parent, you know that sometimes, your children turn out differently than you wished them to be. However, you will still love them, no matter what. Some things are harder to adjust than others. You could understand your son if he came to you and said he was gay. However, what he told you was that he is a warlock, and that he can do real magic. Of course, you didn't believe him. You thought he was mad, and so you searched the internet for an expert in the subject. The expert lives in the US, and he seem to belong to a big company, with a record of successful treatments with those kind of "personality disorders". You and your son fly to the expert, but when you ask people in the street about how to get to the company's offices, they seem to feel unease- even scared. In the end, you get there, sign the papers and leave you son in their "caring hands". After you go out you read the papers again, and only then you understand what they meant- they mean they will be able to keep your son at their care, forever. You try to get into the company, but the guards don't let you in. You try to call, but they won't answer. You are hopeless, and you have failed your son. However, there is always hope. Suddenly, someone knock on your hotel room's door. You open, and see a tall, dark eyed man. He speak Hebrew, and say that he is from Israel, like you, and he ask if he could enter. You let him in, and he tell you that he heard about your problem and that he could help you get your son back before it will be too late- however, he will need your help. You agree. You failed your son once. You won't fail him again.

        Since you were young, you had those dreams. Weird, scary dreams about angels who fall from the heavens, about cities filled with blood, about a clockwork universe, broken black sun and a black hole in the dark side of the moon. You never talked about those dreams, but you still had them. Also, you never thought it was important- until you came to that gas station. You just wanted to buy some coffee, but before you knew what happen, the cashier jumped on you, claiming he should take you to the "Driver". You manage to escape, but when you got out you see that your car has vanished, and that before you could react you got surrounded by dozen or so empty eyed freaks, all of them talk about that driver.. You thought you were toast, but out of nowhere a group of 4 people who looked like military agents came and rescued you from the angry mob. They told you that it was a miracle that they found him before the Driver got his hands on you, and that they should get away before he will send backup. They also told you that you are special, and that they should take you to Israel to meet their boss. Now, while you are grateful that they rescued you from a group of lunatics, traveling to Israel is a bit too much, right? But when you tell it to them, they replay that if you don't like it, they can simply return you the the Driver's pawns. This, of course, help you to cooperate. Damn with those dreams...


        Ashwood Abbey: Yeah, I heard about those psychos. I must say that while I've never met one, I did heard many dark rumors about them. However, as long as they keep their perversions to monsters and they won't attack our allies, they don't break the rules, and so I won't act against them. Besides, I'm pretty sure that their own stupidity keeps their numbers low.

        Task Force: Valkyre: According to our information, the American government has a special secret service which is specialize at treating supernatural threats. We prefer to avoid their attention- after all, and if the government knew about Project Rakia I believe they will sell our TT to them, and those ignorant would even think that there is no difference between our weaponry and theirs. Besides, according to mister Sukenik's orders, we must stay away from the American government's radar. Something about Death being bound and the landing on the moon- I don't know, and don't want to know.

        Hakollel shel Hamerkava: Once, my search after empyrean phenomena led me to a rabbi. Yeah, ironic as it may seem, but from what my TT has showed, the rabbi has used a real empyrean phenomenon, just like our TT. But instead of channeling it through a weapon, he simply called some of the names of God in order to bind the source of another empyrean phenomenon- a reanimated (or a "golem", as he named it). I sent a message to the company in order to know what to do- I mean, I know that we should obtain empyrean phenomena, but.. this is a rabbi! Do you really except me to fight, or even kidnap, a rabbi? Thankfully, the response was to leave him alone, and let him do as he wish with the reanimated. It gives me some comfort, you know? After all, it mean that we are not alone in the battle against the darkness.

        Cheiron Group: I only have two words to say on those freaks- search and destroy. If you meet one of their field agents, kill him. If you ever find one of their victims, help him to get revenge. If you ever find out the weakness of their mysterious Director Board, attack them. As far as I'm concerned, they are the real monsters.

        According to the Company's Rules 3a-VI, I hereby confiscate you and your earthly possessions as Company's property. Your cooperation would be rewarded.
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          When Daniel Sukenik founded Project Rakia, he decided, logically, that a big project like this must cover many ways of action and operations. After all, Rakia is supposed to be independent from the government, and they can't relay on connections to politicians and their like. The Project must stand on it's own. For that reason, once a new agent join Raziel, he need to pass some tests which will decide his qualities, and according to those tests he will join into one of the three divisions in the project, which (in order to keep the company's theme) are named after three of the great archangels in the Jewish culture.

          those who join the Eastern Watchtower- Raphael are the supporters and financial specialists. The goal of those agents is to find new resources, both financial and otherwise, in order to allow Raziel LtD keep its independence. They are negotiators, who speak by Raziel's name in both mundane and supernatural organizations. While they also trained in battle, they are usually out of the "dirty struggle", and use their financial influence in order to force the monsters (vampires, especially) to follow the company rules. They are also seen as the strongest weapon against the Cherion Group- after all, in order to kill a company, it's not enough to kill their agents. You need to attack the company itself. (Specialty- Politics, Economy)

          On the other side, there is the Western Watchtower- Gabriel. Those agents are the main fighting force of the Project. They are the agents most suited to front battle and the use of weapon based TT. They are the field agents, which deal with rule-breaking monsters and are sent to capture Empyrean Phenomena once they are detected. While they are the ones who do the "dirty jobs", they know that their work is the most important one- you can't win a war without soldiers, after all, and the soldiers of Raziel are dangerous with or without TT. (Specialty- Brawl, Krav Maga)

          The last division is the Northern Watchtower- Uriel. Their job considered to be the most dangerous one, and only the most trusted and mentally stable ones are allowed to join Uriel- for they are Raziel's intelligence unit. Their job is to gather information about supernatural threats, Empyrean Phenomena and other, more mundane secrets. They are spies who infiltrate other organizations (sometimes even other hunter conspiracies) in order to discover what they know. They also track the company allies and recruit supernatural denizens as informers in order to better understand the darkness of the world and discover what is real and what is myth. The reason their job is considered as the "most dangerous" is because learning secrets and discovering things which should remain hidden sometime drive the weak willed mad- and it already happened in the past that an agent started to try and investigate secrets which the company itself hide, and as everybody in Raziel know, this is never a good thing.. (Specialty- Investigation, Paranormal)

          Like anything in Raziel LtD, many agents claim that there is some kind of secret about the division into Watchtowers. The reason? the lack of a fourth division which should be named after Michael. Every person with some understanding in "basic Jewish angeology" knows that Michael is the most important angel in Judaism- he is the herald of God, His voice in both sky and earth, the patron angel- lord and protector- of Israel. Uriel, on the other hand, is the "least important" of the four archangels. Why the third watchtower is named after him and not after Michael?.. While most of the non-believers don't really care about the name of each division, many of the traditionalists find it.. bothersome. While Sukenik never replied to those questions with nothing more than a shrug and saying "I've never really thought about it", the main theory is that because Michael is the highest of angels, naming a division after him will be more of an insult than honor. This, however, doesn't stop whispers that the Southern Watchtower DOES exist- and it's job is so important that no one but Sukenik himself (and maybe the Finale Engineers) know what is its purpose and who are its agents. The only one to know the truth is, of course, mister Sukenik, and he isn't telling.
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            While not all of Project Rakia's agents are believers, they do treat their work as a sacred duty. They appreciate acts, not words, and while intellect and potential are important, what matter is what you do with them. In short, the quickest way to rise in Raziel's ranks is to do your job the best you can- but not to push yourself beyond your limit. This is simply stupidity- or, like they like to say, "Tafasta Merube, Lo Tafasta" ("If you have seized a lot, you have not seized")

            O- You have been accepted to Project Rakia and passed the test to define your abilities, placing you in one of the Watchtowers. You met Sukenik once, in the final interview, and he gave you his blessing, together with access to the weird technology which Raziel use to fight the night. You now can spend merit points on Theo Tech.

            OOO- You survived your share of battles and worked for the glory of Raziel LtD. Sukenik appreciate your work and ask for your well being every once in a while. The other agents respect you, and so does the company- and it help you with your everyday life so you could focus on your mission. You gain the equivalent for 2 dot Resources.

            OOOOO- You are almost like a living legend in the company. Everybody know you and listen to your words. Sukenik gave you his phone number so you could call him for everything you need, and he also invite for for a dinner for once in a while. You also join the rank of the Finale Engineers, which teach you some of the company secrets- including access for the holy Book of Raziel Ha'Malach. You gain the Metatoronic Frequency merit for 4 dots. If you already had it, you get a 4 dot Retainer to help you with your needs.

            Metatoronic Frequency- (00-0000), character creation only.
            Named after the highest angel in the Jewish heavenly hierarchy, this language is the language of the Machine itself. Unlike most languages, this language can't usually be read, for it requires a 4th dimensional understanding- one must understand all the parts of the language separately, and then understand the combined meaning, which is different from its sum of parts, and then add to it the very process of understanding the text as another part of the meaning. Because of that, the written form of that language doesn't look like a language at all, but as a combination of symbols and paintings. The human mind, which works on two dimensions at best, simply can't grasp that language. Usually. Some people are born with the ability to read- and even speak- that language, which sounds like an enchanting music a human throat shouldn't pronounce.

            That merit has number of benefits. First, it allows the character to read the ancient language, allowing her to understand the writings of Book of Raziel Ha'Malach and how to make a Theo- Tech. second, it allows the character a certain command over angels and other similar beings. While it doesn't give the character a direct control over them, as long as he talks with the Metatoronic Frequency to the angel he could add his dots in the merit to any dice pull which represent a social interaction between a character and the angel. An angel which change its mission because it listened to the character doesn't automatically Falls or become Exiled- which rise some scary questions for the demons who knows about that ability..

            Unseen Senses (Empyrean Phenomena)- (00), mortal, character creation only.
            This is a specialize and expanded form of the regular merit, and it allow the owner of this merit to sense Empyrean Phenomena. While it may sound simple, it is truly one of the versions which cover the broadest field of creatures. The reason is that "Empyrean Phenomena" is a very broad term, which include anything with connection to the "Powers that Be". While that means that the storyteller is the one to decide what is an Empyrean Phenomenon, here are some guidelines and examples for possible such phenomena-

            * Anything which is connected to the God Machine. That includes its physical manifestation, infrastructure, angels, stigamtics and demons when they "Go Loud" or without cover.

            * Anything which is connected to the Divine Fire. That includes Firestorms, Qashmalim, Prometheans and Pandorans.

            * Anything which is connected to the inferno (although not to the rest of the Lower Depths). That include infernal demons, possessed, Gates of Hell, Malus Loci and Children of the Seventh Generation.

            * Some of the things which are connected to the Wyrd. While most of the things (changelings, Hedge, etc) are NOT Empyrean Phenomena, some of them are- like the Moria (for being "angels of the Wyrd") and the Aspects of the Gentry's Titles (Actors, Wisps, etc)

            * Any physical manifestation of Archmasters and spirits with rank 6+. That includes Ochema and Royal Avatars.

            * Anyone who use "holy magic"- and only while doing so. Examples are Benedictions and Theban Sorcery (Curac and similar "bestial" blood magics are NOT Empyrean Phenomena)

            * Anything else the ST believe to be appropriate. For example, if the ST decide that the strixs are the blood of fallen gods, then they are considered as an Empyrean Phenomenon, or if the ST believe there should be connection between the Cainte Heresy, the MM and the Lucifuge, then their blood magics are also in this category. The same is for a fan made content- if you use the compact Hakollel shel Hamerkava, then their Shemot are also Empyrean Phenomenon. If you use Leviathan and think that the Primordial Water should be and Empyrean Phenomenon, do it. Feel free to go Wyld!

            *Finally, it should be noted that the very Theo Tech which is used by the agents of Raziel is also an Empyrean Phenomena. That means that while tuning to TT that merit is "blinded" by the TT, and as such is useless. Also, it means that it will discover any active TT and could confuse the agents. For that reason, the agents of Rakia don't relay on those who have that merit and use TT in order to discover "free" Empyrean Phenomena.
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              New Endowment: Theo- Tech [0-00000]

              Theo- Tech, TT or Teth'Taf (for the Hebrew abbreviation) is the semi-mystical weapons and tools which are used by Project Rakia. All of the TTs are made out of special, unknown material which looks like dark-blue colored metal. They are always cool and never generate hot, even when they spit fire and shoot bright light. Like it was said earlier, each TT has a serial number and the company's logo engraved on it- which are the true source of its power. Trying to investigate how the TT works would always fail, for it seems like the device itself shouldn't even work according to the way humanity understands the physical world.

              In order to use a TT, the agent must tune to it- and this is represented by temporary losing a Willpower dots. The tuning process takes around 1 minute of meditation, by which the user connect his aura to the device. As long as the TT is tuned, the agent can freely use it until he decided to stop investing his aura- which can be done immediately. Each TT is rated between 1-5, and the agent invest the number of Willpower dots equal to the rating of the TT. That means that the maximal number of TT an agent can tune to in the same time depends on both the agent's Willpower and the sum of the TTs rating. For example, an agent with permanent Willpower of 7 can at the most tune between 6 TTs (with the rating of 1 each) to 2 TTs (one with the rating of 5 and another with the rating of 1). As you notice, the limit to the number of Willpower dots which could be invested into TTs is usually equal to the permanent Willpower minus 1. The reason for the "usually"is because in theory one could invest all of his Willpower into TTs- but it make the agent unconscious for 24 hours and stop the tuning automatically. During that time, the agent will suffer from weird dreams about a great machine, angels, light and similar symbolism. Some of the agents of Uriel knowingly force themselves into that state in order to try and discover new secrets about their mysterious equipment (gaining a Clue for a possible Investigation).

              Like it was said above, it is possible, in theory, to "use Theo- Tech" without, actually, having the specific Theo- Tech. This, however, has a number of problems. First, before using the TT the agent must tune to it like normal- only that without TT the time to tune into a endowment is 5 minutes instead of 1. Also, without a TT the agent must tune into the endowment each time before he wish to use it for he can't maintain a permanent tuning to the endowment. It also means that the agent can't tune to more than a single "Theo- Tech" in the same time. In an addition, the number of Willpower dots which are required for the tuning is doubled- so a 1 dot TT would require 2 Willpower dots, 2 dot TT would require 4 Willpower, etc. That means that most agents won't be able to use their more powerful endowments, and even if someone would have a 10 Willpower dots to invest he will collapse immediately after trying to tune to a 5 dots TT. Lastly, in order to use an endowment without a TT, the agent must call the specific verse from the bible out loud and in Hebrew. That would force the user to constantly go with a bible and search after the right verse or trying to remember all of the useful verses by heart.

              That also has a mechanical effects. In order to use a specific TT, an agent usually just needs to go to one of the company's offices and ask. An agent could ask for any TT which its rating is within the range of the agent's dots in Theo Tech (which represent the agent's access to the company's resources). While in theory an agent could have all of the existing TTs, Raziel LtD has a policy of not giving more than 10 TTs to the same agent in the same time. In order to maintain that wide access to "TTs" without TTs the agent would have to carry a bible and research it- represent by rolling Research. Dramatic Failure would result with activating another "TT" (decided by the Storyteller) and Exceptional Success would result at tuning to the endowment with the same Willpower invested as with a TT. Another option would be mesmerizing the T by heart, which would be represented by investing experience in it as a separate merit, but the user could use it all the time, without the need for a bible or a TT. The hunter gains 3 verses for each merit point she buys in that way. Again, an Exceptional Success would always be tuning to the endowment with the same Willpower dots invested equal to using a TT.
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                Whaaah I want to read this but could you separate the paragraphs please, the wall of Text is causing Integrity Breaking Points :P.

                It is a time for great deeds!


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                  yeah.. I've just did a copy-paste from the old forums... anyway, fixed! hope you'll enjoy :P

                  P.S- it may need some update after the GMC chronicles and D:tD, both the few mechanics in here and maybe the fluff. I'll review it once I'll regain access to my books

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                    updated the "Unseen Sense- Empyrean Phenomenon" section.

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                      update: did some clean up and grammar corrections in the write up.

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                        I saw the title and thought .... hmmmm Legacy of Kain

                        in any fight
                        it is the guy who is willing to die
                        who is going to win that inch.


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                          Originally posted by Kael Winters View Post
                          I saw the title and thought .... hmmmm Legacy of Kain
                          lol- sorry that I disappointed you :P

                          Anyway- added general rules for Theo- Tech.

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                            added a basic writeup for the Metatoronic Frequency merit.

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                              So because I'm not that good at making mechanics, I'll post one Endowment per week until I'll feel I've given enough examples for Theo-Tech, or that there will be a demand for more TTs. In order to keep the "research effect", I'll give you the serial code of each TT, but not the verse on which it based. Good luck at some research!

                              Oh, and because I'm not good at mechanics, feel free to tell me if I should change the rating of the TT or change anything!

                              so, here is the first one-

                              Light-bearing Bow (000)

                              Serial Number- 10.14.12

                              This Theo Tech looks like a metallic bow without a string. The reason for that is that unlike a regular bow, the TT doesn't shoot any physical projectile. After tuning to the bow, a "string" made out of blue light will show up, and in order to use it the agent only need to wish for it while pulling the "string", which will react to the agent's hand and move like a real string. Once the TT "sense" that the agent want to use it, a shining projectile made out of pure energy will show up in the bow, ready to be used by the agent. The "arrow" will not harm anyone as long as it isn't shot, and the agent may cancel it at any moment before shooting it. Once shot, however, the "arrow" move through anything it touches until hitting its target. While it could be used against any target, the agents of Rakia especially appreciate its ability to hit incorporeal beings just like they were physical. The effects of the "arrow" are even more nasty when it is used against demons, making it a special weapon against them. Once the "arrow" hits a target it would vanish without trace, which allow the agents to not worry about collecting projectiles and hiding evidence.

                              Function: The Light-Bearing Bow works mechanically just like any other bow, using the dice pool of (Dexterity + Firearms). Because of the nature of the "arrow", the projectile will pass through any inanimate material until hitting a "living being" (the undead count as a valid target, and so does living plants) or until 30 seconds pass, and in this case the "arrow" will simply vanish. The "arrow" does not harm inanimate matter or targets at all, unless they are powered by some supernatural energy (for example, by being manipulated by a spirit). The "arrow" can also harm beings which are in a state of Twilight, making ghosts, spirits, angels and similar beings vulnerable to its effects. Once hitting a valid target the "arrow" deal lethal damage, like any regular arrow, unless the target is demonic by nature- and in that case the damage is Aggravated. A "demonic target" is not just a demon (although they could be) but are defined as any Empyrean Phenomena which has an "evil ascetics". That could include any creature from Inferno (including the Children of 7th Generation), a Lilithim and the Demons who rebelled against the God Machine. Ironic as it may sound, even angels which try to accomplish an "evil task" (which means, harming others) could be registered as "demons" by that Theo Tech.
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