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Learning the Sixth Castigation (mine and an alternative)

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  • Learning the Sixth Castigation (mine and an alternative)

    My mechanic (need a little GMC update. I'll do so when I'll have time):

    A Lucifuge agent can't have more than 5 castigation- that's the rule. You simply can't have more than that. The very knowledge of those rites is so forbidden, that it using it risks at gaining degernaments (see exceptional seccess rules). It's like filling a glass with more water than it can hold- if you want to add more water, you must pour some out and THAN add them, or that it will simply spill and nothing will happen...
    Only, that it's not like that.
    I mean, think about it- castigations are, in essence, infernal powers, and let me ask you that- what demon is going to put a limit on how much one of his "children" can use his powers when the outcome will bring only misery and suffering- the food and water for demons?
    The other thing is that the metaphor presented above is really not how things are like- instead of a glass filled with water, imagine that the human soul is, instead, a piece of robber: usually, no force act on the soul, and so it remains static. However, if someone will gain a lesser template, gain supernatural powers or learn a castigation, it will be like holding that robber from two sides and start to stretch it. The more castigations you learn, the more stretched it will be- until you won't be able to stretch it any further. Now, there are ways to loose it a bit- changing into a greater template, for example, will reset it to an almost original form (although learning a Z splat will stretch it again, and this is why you can't have more than one legacy/ bloodline/ etc). Now, When you learn a new castigation, it has 2 parts- the first will clean the soul (reset it a bit) and the second is the actual castigation. When Lady Lucifuge and her assistance started to develop the first castigations, they created them in a specific way, so that you won't be able to learn a new one beyond the fifth castigation without using the cleaning ritual. 5 castigations limit, that's the rule.
    Rules are meant to be broken.
    You see, there is a book out there. No one actually knows how it is called, but it is exist- and it contains the True Name of one of the dominions of hell. No one actually knows from where that book has came- some claim it to be created by a person possessed by one of the dominion's underlings in order to corrupt his wayward children while other believe it to be the true source of the castigations, modified by Lucifuge herself to a "safer" version. However, the book is real, and it contains every castigation which known upon earth (or under it) and even some other, stranger ones (one which is able to open a literal gate to hell or that could make you into a demon for a limited time, for example). However, that version doesn't have the "cleaning rite"- yes, it allows you to modify your soul even further, twist it and imbue it with the power of a new castigation.
    Sounds good, right?
    It supposed to.
    You see, it IS possible to learn six (and more) castigations. However, no infernal gift is without risks. Most chances that if any member of the Lucifuge will discover about your new state, he will try to kill you, seeing you as an infernalist no better than the La'Infant Diaboliq. Plus, it has darker influence on the soul..
    Let's return to the robber metaphor.
    Robber is an elastic material- you can stretch it, and even when you believe you got to it's limit, yet sometimes you mistake- sometimes, when you try to stretch it too much, it will escape your hands, slapping it and reset into it's normal size, with a little modification. And sometimes- sometimes you tear it into pieces.
    No, the mechanics:
    Cost: One Willpower Dot
    Action: Extended (10 minutes?)
    Dice Pool: Occult + Status (Lucifuge)- [every previous use of the ceremony]
    Roll Results:
    Dramatic Failure: You fail the ritual- horribly fail. This is exactly why Lucifuge has added the cleaning rite. You try to streach your soul too much, and it breaks. You become a Demon in human skin (see sidebar), and from now on, you are a character under the storyteller's control
    Failure: You try the ritual and stretch your soul- but you lose the grip in the middle and it rest itself, more or less. You lose number of castigation equal to [Number of castigations] - Status (Lucifuge) (to minimum one and cant be left with less than one). The remaining castigations are, however, are now a permanent part of your soul- you can't use the cleaning ritual in order to switch them, and the only way to lose them is to use the ritual again. You also need to role for derangement like you have had an exceptinal success at a castigation rite, and suffer one point of bashing damage as the infernal energies escape the ceremony
    Success: You secceed in learning the ritual- but not without a cost. First, you need to role for derangement, like you have just gained an exceptional success at a castigation role. Second, it seems like your very aura has been changed- you friends in the conspiracy feel that something is wrong with you, and they don't know what. You lose a point in Status (Lucifuge) and your status can't be above 5- [the number of castigations above five]. You also can't use the "cleaning rite" upon that castigation, and so you can never change it (unless you fail the ritual). You also feel an unknown will to learn a new castigation and expand your power- A week after using the ritual, role Willpower. If you fail, next time you are presented with learning a new castigation, you must use that ritual to learn it, and not using the "safe" version.
    Exceptional Success: You have managed to trick the devil, so to speak, finding new resources in the depth of your soul which allow you to fight against the corrupted energies of hell. Instead of becoming modified, your soul becomes stronger. You learn the new castigation, but it doesn't change your soul. You don't get a Status penalty, and can change it using the cleaning ritual as regular. You don't feel the need to use the rite again, and you even gain your lost Willpower Dot back! However, you still need to role against a derangement like you have just gained an exceptional success in a castigation.

    Sidebar: Demon in Human Skin
    Now infernal power is without risk- and the risk at trying to stretch you soul too much is great. The Children of Seventh Generation are a being between a demon and an human. The only thing that separates them from being a real demon is their soul- even the accursed La'Infant Diaboliq has one, corrupted has it may be.
    However, when you fail that ritual, you lose that soul.
    It breaks, shatters into many shards, leaving emptiness behind.
    But not for long.
    Now, that the human soul is out of the way, the demonic essence takes control. Demons in Human Skin don't have morality. They become immune for soul stealing or possession, and can learn Demonic Aspects, Vestments AND Castigations without limit, for their demonic essence is very suitable for those infernal powers. They can't be summoned or exorcist, although the ritual does make them damage. In many ways, they become similar to Azazel, as half breeds which are between a demon and human.
    So they become a total monsters, right?
    You wish it was like that...
    You see, those demons may lose their soul, but not their memories. They remember their previous lives, their family, their friends. However, they do lose something- their feelings, emotions, fears and hopes.
    They remember them.
    They just don't care anymore.
    You can talk to them, you can reason with them- you can even date with them, marry them and bring with them children to the world (which will be La'infant Diaboliq), And they will know who you are- they will simply be able kill you and your family without a second thought. This is the Lucifuge's worst nightmare- a dark mirror of who they could be if they had no soul, if they weren't bound by human morality. A broken reflection of who they could be.
    Of who they truly are.
    By Sikker (for those who preffer meritys and less dangerous side effects)

    Castigation merits
    The limit of five rituals that a Lucifuge can know is, sadly, a limit not easily broken, even by
    adept Lucifuge. However, scholars have found a few ways around them, if one is willing to pay
    the price.

    Innate reassignment (***)
    Prerequisites: Castigation.
    When buying this merit, choose two rituals – one you have, and one you don't. By spending
    one hour in meditation and one point of willpower, your character can swap those two rituals
    without much effort. The same can be done in the reverse, but still only between those two
    rituals. If you want to be able to do it with other rituals, this merit can be bought again.

    Strained soul (** or ****)
    Prerequisites: Castigation.
    By straining their soul to the absolute maximum, the Lucifuge can expand the limit of their
    Castigation knowledge not once, but twice. The first level of this merit allows you to buy the
    sixth dot of Castigation, at the cost of a mild derangement. The second level allows you to buy
    the seventh, at the cost of that derangement becoming severe.

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