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Art of Witch Hunting [HtV perspective]

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    Here are the new mechanics I work for my real Witch Hunters – those that fight the Awakened characters. I hope you like them and that I look forward for all your comments.

    New Conditions

    Key to fighting with witches is to not let her use magic. Character with Unfocused has problem with concentrate enough to cast spells in her mind – and by this, form any Imago. She could be drugged, mentally shattered by the events on her personal life or any other reason she cannot focus enough. Effect is the same – witch is powerless without her magic.

    Prequistion: Mage
    Your character cannot think clearly and by this cast spells as long as the source of this Condition is not resolved. Until then any action of spellcasting is treated as Failure. If character still insist on this, she can spend Willpower point and roll the Chance Roll – however, all spells cast in this state are treated as vulgar magic and trigger Paradox Rolls.

    Possible Sources: Intoxination. Life shattering events, like close ones in real danger or seeing them dead.

    Resolution: The source of the Condition leaves your body or mind and she can focus on her spells once more.

    Beat: Your character takes an action that highlight her focus problems with magic.

    Witch Hunters Endowments

    Those new mechanics are templates for the new Endowments. Almost all Conspiracies have variants of this powers as the tech ( like Advanced Armory of TFV ), relics ( like Aegis Kai Doru ) or innate powers ( like Malleus Maleficarum or Lucifuge ), as they are central to hunting witches. If you got cool names for them in Conspiracies, do not hesitate to write them below.

    Notice: When text mentions Endowment Merit it means this particular characters support from the Conspiracy- like Benediction, Advanced Armory, Relics and a like ratings.

    Sympathy Dummy

    To make successful hunt and using other Endowments, hunter need to be able to resist witches spell. At least once, so he could take his strike on her. This Endowment is making some item on the hunter taking spells on to itself, instead of the hunter by the Law of Sympathy – or other magical nonsense like this. Most of the time, magic will do nothing to the Dummy, as it was not the part of Imago for spell.

    Cost: 1 Willpower - Automatic

    Action: None

    Mechanics: Sympathy Dummy automatically takes each casted spell on the user, up to number of Endowment Merit’s points in the scene. Each next magic goes straight on the hunter.

    Variants Example: Voodoo Doll ( Relics ), Consecrated Cross ( Benedictions )

    Mage Shield Breaker

    One of largest problems when facing witches – beside their using of spells – is that they are covered in mystical armors, like “thick air” or the luck is always guiding bullets away from it. This Endowment take out this advantage. Using this Endowment needs the direct contact the source of it with the witch ( item in case of tech or relics, hunter himself in case of innate powers ).

    Cost: 1 Willpower

    Action: Instant, Touch

    Dice Pool: Resolve + Endowment Merit contested with targets Stamina + Gnosis (if have )

    Roll Results

    Dramatic Failure: Instead of taking of witches mystical armor, the hunter is exposed. He lose the number of Armor points equal to this Endowment Merit for the next scene.

    Failure: Nothing happens

    Success: Witch lose the advantages from her Mage Armor and cannot invoke any other till the end of scene.

    Exceptional Success: As with success, but witch gets also Unfocused Condition.

    Suggested Modifiers
    +2 Hunter using the Endowment in the ways that simulates breaking the shield with weapon – like pricing “thick air” around the witch.

    Variants Example: Magic Stealing Rod ( Relics ), Arm of Banisher ( Taumatechnology )
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      I made new Endowment to talk about and making restraining witches possible.

      Magic Warding

      When Hunters get the witch in the confinement of the Safehouse, they need to make sure he will not leave it. Or that magic from the outside will interfere with they safety. This Endowment make sure that spells will be outside of area or locked inside. When used on item touching the witch, it can even locked here magic inside. Using this Endowment needs marking the warded territory or item with symbols of some kind – destroying the markings, ends the effect immediately.

      Cost: 1 Willpower.

      Action: Extended; each roll represents one minute of marking area or item with symbols. The Endowment may be “rushed,” reducing the time per roll to one turn at the cost of incurring a -1 penalty on the roll. If used on the area, hunter must roll a number of successes equal to the number of square yards the blessing’s protection encompasses. If using it on the item he must accumulate items Size in successes,

      Dice Pool: Resolve + Endowment Merit

      Dramatic Failure: Warded area or item empower magic, not diminish it. Every power used on the target of Endowment gets Endowments Merit bonus to the spellcasting rolls.

      Failure: No progress is made toward warding the area.

      Success: The character makes progress toward warding the area or item from magic.

      Exceptional Success: Penalty to active magic in area or by the character touching item is thre times Endowment Merit.

      At successful usage of Endowment, warded area or item touching witch gives her penalty equal twice the Endowment Merit to all spellcasting and magic activation rolls.

      Suggested Modifiers
      +2 Item or area are connected to the idea of restrain – like shackles, prison cell or chain.

      Variants Example: Consecrate shackles marked with cross on inside ( Benedictions )

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        Watched today great film on topic - Last Witch Hunter with Vin Diesel - and it's greatly show complex relations between Hunter Conspiracies and Mage Consilium. It's really interesting how Malleus Maleficarum ( as Axe and Cross in movie ) can police, but also be clearly antagonistic to witches - I'm stealing whole idea to my games. Seeing how plot unfold in my play, I can clearly see the MM coming to some Consilia that do not grip their problems together and say "If you do not solve it yourself, we will come and resole this - with you on stakes".

        As to technical matter how Witch Hunters hunt the witches? They use magic.

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          On last Supernatural episode was great idea of 'witch killing bullets' - it just remind me about my Mage Shield Breaker Endowment. Consecrate with this your bullets, bypass Awakened Mage Armor all together, and you have nice dead witches!

          My stuff for Scion 2E, CoD Contagion, Dark Eras, VtR 2E, WtF 2E, MtAw 2E & BtP
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            If you were using Aegis Kai Doru I could show off my "Thieve's Shroud" Homebrew relic to protect against scrying and Fate/Time magic. Get a bunch of Guardians with Eyes of Hubris, make the penalty stack and them being around Mages makes magic harder to cast. Status 5 in Aegis Kai Doru gives you unseen senses for either Mages or Werewolves which makes you a sleepwalker by default so you don't have to worry about the Sleeping Curse. Aegis Talismans provide some protection from magic, you could houserule that the Doru Talisman can penetrate shielding magic but that might be a bit too much. I would also say for the MM that the "True Sight Of St. Abel" benediction should protect them from the sleeping curse of you don't rule them as sleepwalkers already. "Casting Out Of The Snakes"(I think it's called) would be helpful too.


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              Thinking more on the topic of 'witch killing bullets' - There is no reason why Mage Armour bypassing Endowment cannot bypass also risen Defense. If Werewolves can have ability to use Defense in firearms, Conspiracies can have Endowment that bypass Defense in the first place, in the firearms combat also.

              And I run with idea that any Conspiracy member with 'inner' Endowment on him, is treated as Sleepwalker in the first place - that means that fully initiated Knights of Saint George, Malleus Maleficarum and Lucifuge are all treated Sleepwalkers for Supernal Magic. Still, Conspiracy use not fully initiated members ( those without special Endowments ) as 'Sleepers Cannon Folder' - best cell tactics is to have mixed party with high ranking 'Endowment casting' leader and few 'ground level' Sleeper hunters. Automatic and rising Paradox in combat quickly make Awakened sweat.
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                Give those sleepers the Liar and that group sleeper merit from Mage 2e and they'll exaggerate paradox even more.

                Edit: and True sight can be cast on them if need be.
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