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    Dance of the Gods

    A river is not timeless.

    Its waters change as they flow down the land, taking and shedding aspects before joining with the sea. All the while, it nourishes many peoples along its banks, each with its own culture and identity. This was the way of things with the Nile, and the Temple of Silence has followed its example as they spread across the globe.

    Over the generations, the White Rebellion has adapted its practices to local beliefs wherever they plant roots. In Brazil, they've syncretized their old traditions with those of the Afro-Brazilian faiths, and identify Nebthet with the goddess Iemanja, in addition to worshipping other orixas like Omolu and Ossain. Similarly, the Coffin Ceremonies are invoked as sacred dances. Performers believe that they channel the gods' divine essence through themselves in order to weaken the deathless ones and other malevolent entities.

    Such adaptation and integration has left the Temple deeply entrenched in the country, and they are a valued part of the local Vigil. There is no shortage of people in need of their blessings, and the ghosts who linger are equally numerous. The Cult of the Flower finds its biggest challenge in Rio, however. Several of the Undying base themselves here, clustered around fonts of occult power. Some have adopted trappings of the local religions to ensnare their faithful into service, while others seed agents within the halls of power to accmumulate more temporal resources. Both groups are equally dangerous, and they could tear down the entire city if the tenuous accord between them unravels.

    At this, the Temple can do little but bide its time They gather what knowledge they can on the cults and their masters, forge their own alliances throughout the city, and choose their battles. For while their Vigil may be a long and dark undertaking, they are as dauntless as they have been for generations.

    After all, the river changes.

    And it always finds a way to flow.


    Azure Waves: While they oppose all Scorpion Cults in Rio, the Temple's initiates are especially at odds with one whose Undying works under the guise of Iemanja. Her cult has holdings all over the country, and they have clashed with the conspiracy time and again whenever their paths crossed. The worst of this conflict is centered around the tombs guarded by the Iemanja cult, as well as the offerings at Copacabana Beach. The Temple knows that the Undying does not confine herself to Rio, and they are keen on locating all of her boltholes and taking away her chief source of occult power in order to leave her vulnerable.

    Quench the Fires: Compared to the Undying, the Temple is not ignorant of the Iron Bull's growing power in Rio. The Named Flower has often sent visions to her followers which hint at the corruption the relic brings, though they have yet to see the full extent of its sentience. Regardless, they know enough to ward against and purge its influence whenever they encounter it.

    With the Coffin Ceremonies, a Temple initiate can roll Intelligence + Occult in an Extended action, contested by the Iron Bull's dice pool of 8. Each side makes a roll per minute, and must reach a target number equal to [11 - target's Integrity]. If the hunter reaches it first, she weakens the relic's compulsion, and removes a Condition associated with it. If the Bull succeeds first, however, it can attempt to subvert the initiate as per Modify Mortal. Mummies affected by the Iron Bull can also be released from compulsion, but it's harder to achieve due to Sybaris and the powers they possess. Substitute the mummy's Memory score for Integrity. Furthermore, the Bull adds the Undying's Sekhem as a bonus to the contested roll, and inflicts the Cursed Condition should it reach the target number first.
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