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  • Research and Development: Post Your Own!

    Got a new Thaumatechnology implant, ancient Relic, Benediction ritual, or what have you? Throw it here!

    I'll start with a Relic, one inspired by reading about the Aves Minerva, the Roman conspiracy that opposed vampires (and later passed on their Endowment to the Cainite Heresy). The Aegis Kai Doru were in the world at the same time, and I imagine the groups collaborated. Without further ado...

    Minoan Falcata

    Legend says that an Aegis Kai Doru hunter came to Rome during the height of the Empire and fought alongside a cabal of hunters there against the vampires that plagued that great city, and he carried one of these blades with him. That group has long since fallen, its name lost to the ages, but these blades remain, eager to rest in the hands of any vampire-hunter that will take it.

    This ancient Greek sword is a falcata, with a leaf-shaped blade and curved grip. It bears a small engraving with a bull's head on the pommel, with tiny rubies for eyes. Legend traces it back to the Minoans, a lost Greek civilization hypothesized by some to be the origin of the Atlantis myth. Wherever the blade was forged, its intent is clear; this weapon abhors vampires.

    Buy Down (+3)
    Aggravated Damage (+5)
    Duration (+3)
    Addictive (-2)
    Price In Pain (-4)
    Specific Target (-1)
    Final cost: Four Dots in the Relics endowment.

    The Minoan Falcata is a mundane sword until activated. By spilling his own blood over the blade (dealing 2 points of Lethal damage in the process) and expending a point of Willpower, the hunter brings forth the destructive might within the sword. The eyes of the bull glint in the light, and the wielder is filled with righteous hate; for the rest of the scene, attacks made with the weapon against vampires deal Aggravated damage. The fury within the weapon is infectious; the wielder finds himself driven to destroy the blood-sucking monsters wherever he encounters them. Whenever he encounters a vampire and has the Minoan Falcata on hand, he must roll a reflexive Wits + Resolve roll to avoid drawing the sword and attacking. On a failure, the wielder also suffers a -1 penalty to the next Sits + Resolve roll made to resist the sword's bloodlust; this penalty is cumulative, up to a total of -5.

    Rumors persist of Minoan Falcatas that carry grudges against other supernatural creatures; shapeshifters, witches, and stranger things besides. Mechanically, these weapons are identical, though dealing Aggravated damage to that creature instead. These blades carry gemstones other than rubies.

    EDIT: My God, posting from a tablet destroys your formatting. That needs to be fixed.

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    After Action Report:
    Requirements: All; Intelligence 2, Investigation 1; Partial 1(Primary Actor) Empathy 2, Investigation 3 or 2 with a specialty in deduction.

    There are things in the World Of Darkness that can affect a hunter's memories. Be it a vampire's strange blood fueled ritual, the terrifying majesty of a man eating beast or the insidious paradoxical nature of those that wield strange magics. Often a hunter will remember things not as they were but as they want to and sometimes this is enforced, perhaps even to the point of outright blocking a memory. This tactic allows the primary actor to collect the different stories from the rest of the cell and via process of elimination, and perhaps an abated sense of logic, allows them to piece together the events from the scattered memories of the cell.

    Dramatic Failure: Completely false information is concocted that the cell believes is true.

    Failure: no helpful information can be gleaned

    Success: the cell manages to piece together a general overview of what went down. Perhaps they know that bear was in fact a large wolf or that strange man was redirecting lighting and turning invisible and that it wasn't in fact an electrical fire and he disappeared in the commotion.

    Exceptional Success: In addition to the general information, the cell is able to piece more specific memories together. They can ask the story teller a number of questions per cell mate relating to the event. You may also re-roll a failed breaking point roll.


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      The Peacemaker 5
      God created men but Sam Colt made him equal. By appearance, The Peacemaker is a Colt Single Action Army Revolver chambered for Colt .44, it's noticeably aged but well maintained and would be worth much to a collector. This Model was nicknamed "The Peacemaker" and was credited with "Winning The West." This specific revolver was used by a gunslinger out on the frontier and cared for very well, it took part in many a duel, shootout, and possibly even a robbery or a bounty hunt. This gun saved the life of it's owner countless times and now it extends that to it's current weirder. This gun helps protect you during a shootout, seems to suddenly appear in your hands when you need it and strikes with uncanny accuracy. Additionally, it has been discovered that this firearm seems to possess a special potency against supernatural beings, even those who are otherwise resistant to bullets.

      Benefit: The Peacemaker is a heavy revolver with reduced Strength requirements( 2 Str) and the 9-again property, and grants a +1 to initiative. When the wielder is surprised in combat you can take an action even if he failed his wits+composure roll but this action must be an attack with The Peacemaker. The wielder may move up to his speed before making the attack. If the gun was holstered then it inextricably appears in the wielder's hand, seemingly of it's own accord. If for some reason the wielder does not want to make an attack with The Peacemaker then he must make a Wits+Composure roll or spend a willpower point, if you restrain your urge to shoot them you do not gain the benefit for being surprised. At the Storyteller's discretion, if the target of an attack with The Peacemaker is a supernatural creature such as a vampire, werewolf or witch, The Peacemaker will deal lethal damage even if they normally do not take lethal damage from firearms and the attack gains the 8-again property.