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Conspiracy: Hakollel shel Hamerkava, The Secret Names of God

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    Sure. I might not make it "official" but you don't need my permission to make your own spin on my work, nobody does.

    A little hint: Anythink Hakollel do that reduces a Golem / Created's Disquiet Aura or Wasteland* should depend upon the Shemot user being a good mentor/teacher of how to be human to the Created. Where "how to be human properly" is defined by Jewish scripture.

    When I make a Hunter Conspiracy that's directly linked to a splat like Canites-Vampires I like to make them thematic foils. Hakollel aren't really tied to Promethians in the way that Les Mysteries are tied to Werewolves; but they're close enough tie that I went for a thematic foil: Created are blank slates studying humanity. Hakollel are thousands of years of traditions, and as rabbis and sages they are teachers of humanity. Any powers they have that directly affect the Created condition should build upon that theme.

    (The reverse is true btw. Beings of alchemical change could probably do some good for anyone tied to "thousands of years of tradition")

    (If Hakollel characters get too smug about the Divine Fire respecting Judaism, feel free to introduce another conspiracy with very similar mechanics for helping Created but they use Taoist scripture or something )

    * Shemot break this rule; they get away with it by requiring a willpower per scene rather than per day/month and only affecting a few people.
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