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    The First Hunters

    [a rose like 12 pointed star inside a circle]

    When it all began?

    When was the first time man dared to look into the shadows and reveal what was hidden among them? When was the first time he took the fire and banished the darkness, sending light to the deepest corners of the world? When was the first time he decided to step up, take a stand and stop acting like the naked monkey he was- no more being a cattle, a prey for the monsters, demons and gods which surrounded him and take his fate in his own hands? When was that first time?

    No body really knows- many compacts, conspiracies and cults have claimed the title of the "most ancient" hunters in the world through the years. Some have died out. Others have history full of lies and half truths. Few, especially among the conspiracies, have changed their face so many times that their past selves won't be able to recognize them. Among that mess of light and shadows, one group keeps on a low profile. They don't just claim their origin as the oldest conspiracy, or even just as the first- they claim to be the first hunters, descendant from the wise ones who came from the wild times, where civilization was wild and untamed. They say to rise together with the very first sparks which lite the first candle, starting the never ending Vigil over mankind.

    Those people- those women- are the Nibiru.

    The Nibiru may have their name taken from the Babylonian Astronomy, but they claim an even older origin. The so called "Star of Marduk" say they didn't took the name for themselves- those they have protected from the darkness have given it to them. They had many names trough the years, yet this one has survived through the hardships and crises the group has suffered through the ages. That name has became a legend among the hunters- a story they tell when they try to remind themselves from where they came from- and as such, it stuck. The group don't mind- call them in any name you would like. The only important thing is to carry their ancient duty.

    The Nibiru claim to be the descendants of the first hunter on the face of earth- and they mean it literally. According to their myth, the first hunter was not a king, a ruler or a wise man. He (who is usually given the name "Marduk") was a common man, who hunted with his people for prey and fought with his tribe. For many years, the tribe was bound to the will of their gods- powerful beings who walked as both flesh and spirit, for in those times the boundary between the two was not set yet. No one has dared to defy the words of those gods, and their leader- a great monster of chaos and death- birthed many horrors to force the people to serve her. Terrorizing them, tormenting them, mutilating both their bodies and souls to their will- those gods were fearful, and no one dared to challenge their rule.

    Until Marduk rose against them.

    He, who had enough of the manipulations of the monsters, has managed to gather his people around him and went to battle against those terrible gods. No one is really sure how the battle went on- some say they simply relayed on their numbers. Other say the Marduk was the first strategist, who managed to fool the dark gods into all sorts of traps. Few even whisper that Marduk was a magician by himself, or that perhaps he learned secret rites from the Bird and the Bull themselves, or maybe even that he has simple channeled the spirit of humanity and their desperate hope for freedom. However he won- eventually, he managed to fight face to face against the terrible sea monster, and by using strange artifacts blessed by the gods and nature he bound the monster and sliced her open, chaining her remains in the bottom of the deepest abyss and on the edge of the highest mountain. Yet, the battle took his tole, and few moments after doing the great deed he fall in his place and died- his name becoming immortalized as a god by his people.

    Yet his legacy lived on.

    Before he died, he gave birth to nine daughters- and each of those nine daughters took an oath to follow their father's footsteps and protect their tribe from future terrors. In order to do so, each have went into the old Pangea and learned the secrets of its denizens- the first learned the art of weapon making. The second learned the ways of spirits. The third ran among the greatest hunters of the wilderness. The fourth recorded the history as it was told be the gods. The fifth wandered to the depths of the underworld and talked with the ancestors of humanity. The sixth learned how to appease the wild ones with song and dance. The seventh followed the movements of stars and earth. The eighth collected occult rites and the way to craft sorcery into form. And the ninth- she learned how to kill.

    After nine years, the nine daughters has gathered together once more. Using their collective knowledge, they fought against many terrors, gathering new members around them- and when they died, their own daughters kept the tradition. Even when the Gauntlet fell and the spirit was shattered away from the flesh, they kept their duties- maintaining the seal which bound old evil while sealing new evil using their hidden techniques. More than once they were on the verge of extinction- sorcerer kings took off their heads, blood gods has demanded them as sacrifice, beast men hunted them down as heretics. Even rival hunters who rose attack them to steal their secrets and knowledge. Yet, they survived- they never had big numbers, yet they managed to carry on, daughters taking the place of their mothers (although, from time to time, they did accepted new members- even male ones). Even weirder, it looked like the members of the Nibiru always had enough luck to find their way to the top of the society- once, they were wise women and tribal chiefs. Today, they are CEOs and politicians. Whether that is an expression of them as carriers of the spirit of humanity in their blood, a blessing given by the old gods or a pact made with shady powers is unknown- but what ever the reason, it helps them carry their old obligation: hunting down monsters, protecting humanity and maintain the ancient seals.

    The greatest mystery is, however, how exactly did the members of the group managed to conceal their existence so well that most of the people who even know their name believe them to be long dead. That question actually have an answer- for the conspiracy does not operate as a true organization. Instead, they are being separated to many small families who have almost no knowledge about who they are and from where they came from- the only ones to have a complete list of all existing families, their locations and the locations of the seals are the Nine Daughters who operate the conspiracy- or, more exactly, their heads.

    Still, there is another reason- that for many years, the hunters of the Nibiru didn't had to go out and hunt from their primary prey. Sure, they did killed a vampire or a werewolf from time to time, but with most of the ancient horrors of their past being locked away, all they had to do was to maintain the bindings and make sure that no one would disturb their rest (something which is easier to say than done). Yet, lately, things has changed. Mankind has did the impossible, and reached for the stars- and by doing so, he brought things back. The same type of dark spirits Marduk once fought, which were exiled by the greatest of the spirit lords.

    The idigam are back- and it means the Star of Marduk may need to rise again for all to see.

    0- you have been informed about your lineage and have joined the ancient conspiracy. You may buy dots in the Bans Endowment. Plus, you get a 1 dot of Status which you may use for any organization, as people recognize the mantle of Marduk's blood.
    000- you have fought against the dark evils of the world and lived, and you have focused your skills around one of the First Daughters' crafts. Get a free Specialty of the following- Craft (weapon making), Occult (spirits), Survival (hunting), Academics (history), Occult (ghosts), Performance (dance), Academics (astronomy), Occult (rituals) or Weaponry (ambush). Plus, your free Status dot rise to 2 dots.
    00000- you have rose to greatness and met up with he heads of the Nine Daughters, hearing their ancient prophesies. The heads serve as a 5 dots Mentor, and your free Status rise to 3 dots.

    Endowment- Bans (1-5)
    The Nibiru's greatest duty is maintaining the ancient chains of ancient beasts and bind new ones, and their ancient knowledge allows them to "hack" into the fluid nature of the supernatural and transform it to their will. Every time an hunter meets a new monster, she may try to force a Ban upon it. Doing so requires rolling Endowment+Occult against the supernatural's Supernatural Resistance. In case of Success, the hunter may force a number of Bans which their total Rank is no more than they dots in the Endowment (that is, 5 dots in the Endowments allow either 5 Bans of a Rank 1 entity or 1 Ban of Rank 5 entity), with every ban dots may be replaced from a single Bane. The hunter gets +2 modifier if she uses a special crafted item during the ritual as a the future Ban/Bane, and +1 for each member who cooperate with the ritual (who can not do anything but closing their eyes and whispering the words of the rite). An exceptional Success means she can force Banes as if they were Bans. A Dramatic Failure means that the powers of the enemy reject the hunter's petty attempt to force it to submission, dealing one level of Lethal damage to the performer and one level of Bashing damage to any other hunter who participated in the ritual.
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    Aegis Kai Duro- "I met them once, while I was sent to check the seal which binds Gulmatha. Apparently, after all the years, they mistakenly thought that the seal was some sort of magic item. I tried to explain them the mistake, but they didn't listened. Eventually, I've crafted them a new seal just so they would walk away. I hope it was the right choice"
    The Union- "they are us, just like any other hunter- but they represent the Vigil more deeply than any other group I've ever seen. I wonder what the future holds for them"
    Les Mysteres- "you shouldn't worship what you don't understand. That's the first step toward the shadows"
    Loyalists of Thule- "few years ago, one of them showed up in front of my house. He asked my help about an old ceremony which includes Shutherat the Eye Watcher. I asked him to leave, yet he didn't gave up. I wonder how he found me- maybe I need to move away from here"
    Marduk Society- "they use the same myth as us and claim the same lineage as us. Maybe we are connected, like to branches of the same tree. Maybe it is just a coincidence. I don't care. Last time I've checked, they were in the middle of their own "civil war".. oh, men"

    "by the name of Dulimath who sees nothing and hears nothing, I curse you- burn with the light of the red gem, and run from the sight of the last star!"

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      Hey! very, very cool. Great work, LostLight.

      I'm So Meta Even This Acronym


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        Thanks! I wanted to write those guys (well, girls) for long time, and I'm pretty happy with them :P

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          Nicely done!


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            Hunters of the First Turn: Nibiru Ascends

            Nine daughters learned the ways of spirits to become a weapon against them.
            Nine daughters cursed the gods which demanded the worship of men.
            Nine daughters stood vigilant in the darkness, carrying the first candle to light the way toward a better future.

            Generations may pass and ages may change, but that tradition endured. The nine daughters continue carrying their role as those who name the gods of Humanity, and those who curse the demons who prey upon it.

            The Nibiru are ancient, even by Kemet's standards. No one seem to remember the first time the daughters first stepped in the Black Land's boundaries, yet the local priesthoods - both the living and the dead - seem to respect them. The eldest of the Mekhet claim an ancient debt owed to those women, whispering stories about an ancient darkness and a day in which Ma’at almost failed. They are always nine, and they serve in their role as long as they can walk and make their travel from their homeland.

            Yet even in the Land Between Two Rivers from where they come, they are considered foreigners, a tight family which carries the tradition from mother to daughter. And while the Hungry Dead of Kemet held the greatest respect for the Daughters, it was the Daeva who are the most knowledgeable about them.

            They say that in Akkad the Nibiru gather, dozens of families of all generations. Each is given a specific route they must travel, containing a number of locations that are both sacred and cursed. In each of these locations, the Daughters perform strange ceremonies and invoke stranger gods, binding horrors into an endless sleep so the world would remain whole.

            They say they travel places even the wisest in both Kemet and Mesopotamia know nothing about, places which would make even Punt feel familiar and comfortable. Each family treats the others with the respect due of kin, and they are willing to endanger their lives in order to protect their people. The eldest among them rule the clan, keeping tabs on each of the sites they must protect and the weird relics they find in their way. Some even whisper that these leaders are nothing more than heads, belonging to the first nine daughters to start the lineage who never stopped caring the Vigil. However, most agree those stories are exaggerated.

            According to the tradition of the group, each sisterhood - as each cell of nine is called- is bound to a single route, and must deal with their problems on their own. Those places are under their protection, and while they may call the locals for help, the Nibiru as a whole may not lend its help unless the sleeping gods would open their eyes and break the world with terror.

            That law was usually meant for the lesser terrors which roam the night, for very rarely did the hardships come in the way of the daughters while fulfilling their ancient obligation. They are respected. both by men and monsters, just as the tradition dictates.

            Traditions are meant to be broken, however.

            When Unas rose to the throne, the Nibiru never asked him for permission to enter in the gates of Kemet- they crossed directly to the cursed place in the desert to sing their song to a monster bound by their foremothers ages ago. Yet, when the Pharaoh discovered it, he was furious. Who were they to ignore his authority? How those foreign priests dared to pass without the permission of he who was the gods' incarnation? Filled with anger, he was about to banish the Nine from his land. But the priests and his adviser convinced him to perhaps meet them personally and hear them before making such harsh judgement. The king agreed.

            Sadly, instead of solving the conflict, the meeting just worsened it. The Daughters did agree to meet with the king, but they neither bowed before him, nor showed any respect. These lowly women looked Heru's ba in the eyes without blinking, and even the king recognized the majesty in which they walked.

            "Who are you to not bow before me?" the king asked, and one of the daughters - the eldest - came forth and spoke fluidly in his own language.

            "We are the daughters of the first, the ones to protect the Black Land on which you rule. We are the ones to stop the darkness which sleeps beneath the sands, the ones to bind the terrors of the night so humanity would be free, the ones to watch the stars and read the signs to make sure what's asleep would stay asleep. We are the ones to whom you, your father and your father before him owe their life, the ones to which every person who lives in the Black Lands owes his life to. For if not our mothers' mothers you all would not be here. We have protected Kemet since it was no more than mud huts near the river you all worship. We have seen Kemet's star when it first rose, and we would see it as it sets. We are called the Nibiru by those we protect, and the star you call Sothis is here".
            She looked him directly in the eyes and asked without blinking, "and who are you?"

            Staring at the mad woman, Unas replied "I am Unas! the Pharaoh of Kemet! The King of the Two Lands and the Ba of Heru the Blessed!"

            "And yet, no other king has ever summoned us to his court. We are not your subjects, and owe you nothing. We are here to bind the darkness. We travel your land, nothing more and nothing less"

            "And to whom this land belongs if not to me?!" the king raged "The soil upon you walk, the air you breath, the water you drink from our blessed river- they all belong to me! If it is my will, you will never set a foot in my kingdom! You claim you owe nothing to me- and yet my will would decide if you'll live or die! Now, would you show your respect to me?"

            A moment of silence passed as the daughters watched the wrath of the king, until their eldest replied with cautious voice "We care not for our lives, for we gave them to the purpose we serve. And if by sacrificing them others would be saved, we would do so willingl. And as we'll fall, others would take our place. However, this is not the case," she bowed before the Unas, and her sisters followed. "We have never bowed before a king, yet if by doing so we may accomplish our goal, we will comply" and by doing so, the king allowed them to enter his kingdom - even if not willingly, for even as they bowed he knew they had no respect for him.

            For years, that agreement of apparent recognition of the king's authority was kept. But the Star of Marduk rose, and the Daughters knew it was a sign of change. The next time they came to visit Unas and bowed before him, the king denied them passage. And when they tried to explain how many lives were at stake, he sent his guards to throw them out of the palace, as guided by his "new adviser". While Unas was never a easy man, this time it was different. Someone, or something, tried to stop them for fulfilling their duty.

            The next night, the Daughters tried to pass secretly into the desert, yet they were watched and betrayed. Captured by the king and sent to his deepest dungeons and unable to take their own life, they screamed in despair as they aren't able to perform the ceremony. The Nibiru soon know of this, and it was not long before a great debate started among them. But as long as the sisters were alive, they could not lift a finger.

            Some argue that the law didn't anticipate these events, and the sisters’ inability to fulfill their duty is the same as them being dead. Yet the elders know how important such taboos are, and who knows what kind of horrors they bind? Worse, the king kept sending them proof that the Daughters were still alive, to make sure they would not be able to send others in their place.

            And if it was not enough, rumors have started to flood their homes, stories about reborn gods that brought madness and destruction. To them, it was another sign. If they did not act, many lives would be lost. But they cannot. They dare not.

            The prophecies are right. The Nibiru rise, and a cataclysm strikes. The name granted to them had become their curse, a binding to them like those they had used on the horrors they keep asleep, and they can do nothing in order to stop it..

            Or can they?

            bound idigam of the First Turn: Apep

            (for more information about vampires, hunters and more in the First Turn, see the Age of Azar)
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              Their ability to force Bans reminds me of the "Anathema" power that Heroes have, and I really like that. Beast implies that there's more to Heroes than what they currently are: that they once might have been genuinely valiant defenders of humanity, and I think this Conspiracy could be seen as representing that. If you go with this idea, you could say that they're sort of like stable semi-Heroes or proto-Heroes, who have a legacy that traces back to before Heroes became what they are today, and that allows them to use something similar to a Hero's powers without the descent into madness that accompanies them.


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                Sundered World- the Last One in the Wilderness
                The Nibiru are an elusive group, an urban legend among the rest of the hunters- yet it doesn't mean there are no records of their existence. The Aegis Kai Doru, for example, are known for their interest in the old family who carried the candle for generations. The Malleus Maleficarum also mentions their name in certain records, and those who open the Cheiron Group's Field Project Guide discover their entry in it, even if it simply says "Do Not Engage". While the many records vary on the specific function and goals of the group, most of them agree on one thing- they are witch hunters, who fight those enemies with great zeal.

                Those who discover the Nibiru's true goals may wonder why there are so many records of them going after witches. After all, their main duty is binding the old gods from before existence and maintain their chains. Some may suggest that the reason for them to come after witches is simply because magic makers are knowing for sticking their nose to where it does not belong, and poking at things better stay asleep. Those who know about the Lost Epic, especially the members of the Guardians of the Labyrinth, say that the enmity comes from that fateful fight against the witch king, who was in turn corrupted by something much older and terrible. While there is a certain amount of truth in both of those claims, the true reason the Nibiru are known for their witch-hunts is much older and deeper- it is about hatred, one which was birthed in the days mankind itself was young, one which most of the Nibiru themselves are not aware of. That story was old, as old as the conspiracy, as old as humanity. Much about it is not known, but one thing is certain-

                This story is true.

                In the early days of the Border Marches, many great and terrible gods walked the earth. Some of those gods had a certain interest in the People of the time- Bull taught them agriculture, Bird gifted them with knowledge, Snake with health, Wolf with hunt. Other gods were not so kind- they saw humanity as a threat, as a prey, as a tool, as a vermin who should be crushed. Many of them challenged the status que and were crushed by the jaws of the Great Predator. Few escaped, hiding in the deepest holes and furthest reaches.

                And some were just too terrifying to fight against.

                Sea was a great Pangean, a being of hunger and death greater than any other in the primal world. When it raged, hundreds died. When it hungered, whole communities where devoured. It was always lurking, always yearning, always there. Even the Wolf knew to be careful near that ancient monster, knowing that such being could not be defeated easily. No one knows how that god eventually found its end- perhaps it was eventually defeated by Wolf after pushing the borders one time too many. Maybe it died somewhere after the Sundering took place, crushed by the falling Gauntlet. Maybe it is still around, lurking in the depths of the Shadow and waiting for an opportunity to flood the world. While that story is not known, what is known is that one time, in one of its many rampaging against the earth it was denied to swallow, it rebelled against the laws of Warden Moon and the Great Predator and spawned an army of monsters to flood the world, and in the head of its armies was no other but one of the idigam, who was lured by Sea's promises for power in the submerged world.

                One community after the other was destroyed by the hands of the marching army, and as they moved forward the sea level grew a bit higher, flooding more of the earth, eating more of the world. Watching in terror at the advances of the army of horrors, the gods of humanity argued about the best course of action- even they feared Sea's endless hunger, yet humanity was under their protection. Bird wished for negotiation, giving up some of the world to Sea in order to protect the rest. Bull wished to attack Sea head on, recruiting the help of the Sun and the Moon for their aid. Rat wished to dig deep into the earth and hide until the rage would go. Snake wanted to lay low and survive.

                Wolf claimed they should fight.

                Sea may have been powerful, he explained, but it is still afraid. If it wasn't, it would attack head on, no hide behind its army. While fighting against Sea may be an act which would cost the lives of many among the great gods, and perhaps Wolf itself, the army could be dealt with. If they were to defeat to army, Sea would retreat and Moon would bind it with chains of sliver light once more. He said that if it would be necessary, he would be fighting alone against the whole army even if it would end up with his own death- but if they'll fight together, there was no doubt they would defeat Sea's raging troops. And so, motivated by those words, the Pangeans stormed together toward the army- Wolf run through the wilderness, Bull rushed through the plains, Bird flew, Snake slithered, Rat, Spider, Fox and Cat- even Mountain rose to the battle. The fate of humanity, if not the whole world, was up to them.

                Or so they thought.

                As they reached the army, they discovered a strange sight- instead of of an army of monsters slaughtering innocent people, the people were fighting the monsters, using fire and stone spears against their terrors. Apparently, while the gods argued about how to protect their people, the People- against the warnings of the Wise- took their own fate in their hand and fought back, led by one of them who- while they dealt with the lesser servants of Sea- fought head on against the idigam, holding a sacred weapon shaped from a shard of the Omphalus stones, the hearts of the gods. Channeling the powers of the gods, he stroke the monster down, forcing upon it a name and a face which was not its own and chained it to the earth and sky using the words of the first language to be spoken. Seeing their general loosing at the hands of mere human, the monsters fled the battle field, and Sea escaped in horror- leaving behind more earth than it swallowed. And then, the man died.

                The gods watched in awe at the deeds of the nameless person, as nine figures came from the shadows and mourned him- nine women, nine sisters, nine daughters of the first to light a candle in the wilderness. They buried the man, following the proper rituals to make sure he would not return from his grave, and turned to look on their gods. Their eyes were fierce, their lips were tight. They didn't said a word, but the gods understood their silent resolve- we do not need you. We would fight on our own.

                Insulted by the behavior of the nine, the gods departed one after the other- until only one remained. Wolf. He kept looking at those women, the children of the one to ward off a beast he should not- could not- have been able to defeat. He, who usually kept his distance from mankind, felt close to it for the first time. He couldn't but appreciate those women, leading him to do the last thing he wished to- he smiled.

                He howled to the full Moon he loved so much, and to his call nine has run through the wilderness- nine of his children, the greatest among his seed who hunted alongside with him since the beginning of time. The nine gathered around the sisters- yet they didn't flinched. They remained calm, waiting to see what the Great Predator had in mind. However, Wolf said nothing- he rose on his feet and run to the horizon, chasing his fickle mistress, and afterward his children has scattered through the wilderness, but the Nine has understood his wishes. They, who claimed to be hunters, had to learn how to hunt- and as such, they had to learn it from the greatest among hunters.

                For nine years the sisters has split, and each has learned a secret from one of the Firstborn who answered their father's call- Red Wolf taught the art of weapon making, Winter Wolf initiated to the ways of spirits, Black Wolf educated about the ways to catch a prey in the wilderness, Silver Wolf explained the history of the world, Death Wolf mapped the ways to the Sea Beyond Life, Rabid Wolf granted the knowledge of art to appease the gods, Destroyer Wolf showed the omens of coming destruction, Soulless Wolf gave written secrets of power and forbidden magic and Dire Wolf- well, he just killed.

                Nine years later, the Nine were united. Nine years later, they combined that knowledge and created the foundations of their future conspiracy- the Cult of the Wolf Hunt. They had children, and their children carried their legacy. They kept their old duty, hunting both animals and monsters and binding terrible gods to endless sleep. They grew into an hunter-cult, a secret society who operated outside the laws of the Wise, the only ones who could calm Wolf and his Firstborn in their rage. However, lately, things change- the People start leaving the hunt behind, turning into a more and more civilized form. Each new day, the Wise bring to their community another "Gift" from their gods- another piece of the heart. The hunters of the Nine, however, are not sure if that is the case- for as they walked in the Border Marches, they find great, rotting bodies of lesser gods lying still, sign of struggle around them. They try to warn the People against the Wise, but little can be do- for the Wise bring a new era to the world, and the power the Cult start to lose its influence. Worse, Wolf seems to be weakened- and their allies among the spirits whisper that his bastard children may preform an unthinkable act. Seeing the Wise as the ones in fault, the Cult start preparing for a counter strike. They stalk the Wise and bind their magics, they lure them into traps and force them into ambushes. The Wise believe that to be simply a political struggle, and they in turn use their powers to defend themselves and their influence to harm the Cult. Their era is going to end, they say, and their ways would soon no longer be required.

                But when the Gauntlet would fall and the Sundering happen, it would be those lonely candles who would lead mankind to the new world.

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                "And all our knowledge is, Ourselves to know"- An Essay on Man

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