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    Mechanism of Hell

    [two serpents coiled around each other inside a bronze circle, with a upper case "T" combined with a lower case "t" written between their heads]

    Humans are weak.

    Just look at them- when compared to the greater World of Darkness, in raw terms they don't have a chance against the vampire's mind control, against the werewolf's claws or against the witch's spells. On their own, they are nothing but prey, tool or both, made for the use of the more powerful beings who roam the shadows. Sometimes, they gather together and start hunting the darkness, upholding the ancient Vigil against the monsters- yet no matter how many candles to light up, the darkness is still out there- whispering, longing, hungering. That darkness, manifesting in endless forms of horror and madness, is truly terrible, frighting, and many people have fallen prey to its empty shadows. However, that darkness is not the only scary thing in this world.

    Human are scary too.

    Humans has tamed fire. They captured lightnings. They harnessed the powers of wind and water. The forged the bones of the world into new forms, enslaved thousands of rival species, touched the skies and crossed the sea, drained the blood of the earth and even reached out toward the distant stars. They did all of that and more- all by themselves, with their own two hands and imaginative brain, without a single drop of magic to their disposal.

    Think what would happen if they'll get their hands on it, too.

    There is a group of people who see that as their very goal- not to fight against the darkness, but to merge with it, conquer it just like they conquered the rest of the world. Sure, the supernatural loves to hide itself in the shadows, yet those with money can buy almost anything. What they want is not power for power's sake- they want to move humanity forward, to use their technologies and science into a new form, a greater form. They don't do it out of altruism- they do it simply because they can, because they want to change the world, to gain more and be more. And there is only one way for them to do so.

    They need the monsters.

    Tartarus Enterprise has started as a small union of a number of great businessmen and visionary inventors. While its concept has existed for a very long time, the organization itself has been founded sort after the end of the Chicago's World Fair. Inspired by the great wonders of humanity, that small club has started to dream big- about creating artificial human who would work instead of machines, about transport gates who could open everywhere on the face of earth, about weapons who could devour hundreds of lives in a second. While their vision was great, technology still was far away from fulfilling their dreams- until one of them said he knew someone who might help. A witch.

    Slowly and surely, the small club has started to get more and more interested in the occult world. The witch had friends. Those friends knew a werewolf. That werewolf fought against a demon once, who was a friend with a vampire, who knew a medium who played with a golem once. Slowly, the club's circle of friends has became bigger and bigger, and they have started to make parties to know each other and to mingle together, sharing new ideas with each other and searching how far could science and magic work together and how they could support each other's ideas and thoughts. While many of those monsters were reluctant at first and afraid to join, the human members of Tartarus has presented an irresistible deal- they would make the parties and pay for everything, while the monsters would work with them in order to expand their knowledge about the shadow world. Slowly, Tartarus has became a power to reckon with among the occult societies, merging two sworn enemies together.

    Until everything went straight to hell.

    One night, during one of their annual parties, a raid has happened- dozens of people, all armed to their teeth, broke in and stormed the guests. Hunters, motivated by ancient fear of what was different from them. The human members of Tartarus has tried to stop them, telling them that no one was harmed and everything was under control- yet they didn't listened, slaughtering both the human and monstrous members of Tartarus. Many have died during that night, as the well planned ambush of the hunters fell upon them. It looked like it was a blow the members of Tartarus could never recover from.

    Yet they did.

    While they have lost many of their members, and many others have cut contact with them either from the fear of hunters or thinking that Tartarus were the ones to make the ambush, the people behind the club didn't gave up. Instead, filled with resentment, they understood a single truth- that there would never be peace among the humans and the monsters as long as stupid hunters would blow everything up. That meant one thing- that before they would build their perfect world, they would need to get rid of those so called "protectors of humanity".

    For a while, they went deep underground, using the secrets they discovered from their mutual research in order to create tools which would help them defend themselves against a future attack. Using those weapons, they slowly purified their district from any hunter group they could find- either directly or by using unwitting pawns and allies among their few contacts with the occult world. They have bought a number of small factories and used them in order to advance the creation process of their weapons. They took over local brothels and illegal casinos in order to fund themselves even better. They went deep into the shadows of the world and made all kinds of pacts with doubtful powers. Slowly, the club was established again- but this time, they made sure to maintain a low profile, making sure that no one- man or monster- would blabber too much about them. Tartarus Enterprise has turned into a dark rumor among the hunters, a powerful organization who worked in the shadows, using terrible methods in order to insure the hold of their organization over its contacts and pawns.

    Yet, hunters were not the only ones to whisper about them.

    The monsters has started to be afraid, too.

    Tartarus was no longer a peaceful organization- no longer it sought to cooperate with the monsters, Instead, it started to try and take them over. Sure, the monsters are powerful- but Tartarus could have made their life extremely difficult. They had connection everywhere, after all- not just among the occult world. While they rarely dirtied their own hands, they made sure that if someone where to make too much trouble, a certain group of hunters may hear where they live, or where their family is. While many monsters has tried to make a plan against the organization, they were always "mysteriously killed" not too long before executing their plan. Their methods and doubtful parties has even made a demon name them as the "Mechanism of Hell"- that is, if someone has a good chance to create hell upon earth, it would be them. Tartarus, however, didn't cared anymore- they were not the servants of hell, and where not the carriers of the candle. They were humanity, with all of its terrifying glory, and nothing could stop them from turning into the greatest power upon the face of earth...

    And those who object them- be they hunters or monsters as one- would burn.

    Unlike most of the other groups, monsters may be able to join Tartarus and gain Status in it. However, no inhuman being may gain Status higher than 3, and they do not have access to the Infernal Technologies of the group. Those powers the Maester, who leads the Enterprise, give only to those who are meant to rule the world one day.
    0- you have joined Tartarus, joining them in their quest to take over the world. If you are human, you get access to the Infernal Technologies Endowment. If monster, you get 2 dots of Resources. Plus, human members develop an "inhumane affinity", which allows them to resist the effects of Lunacy, Disquiet and similar passive mind bending abilities by adding their Status (Tartarus Enterprise) to their Dicepool.
    000- you have proved yourself in the organization, either by finding new ways to gain funding, thought about new inventions or destroyed rival hunter groups. You get 3 dots in Contacts for a certain occult society (including monster organizations)
    00000- you have got to the peak of the organization, and you probably found in the head of a factory or a subsection of Tartarus. You get Staff at 5 points.

    Endowment: Infernal Technologies
    actually, the name of Tatarus's Endowment is a bit misleading. The inventions created by the organization, while being advanced tech, are not (necessary) infernal in origin. Actually, those inventions are "just" a mix of science and occult magic, who may take all kinds of forms- from guns who contain the ghost of a murdered person to potions made from vampire bones, those devices are all the product of long research and delicate combination between the best among mankind and the monsters in the dark.

    Each Infernal Technology is, in fact, a single Dread Power, although you may only buy Dread Powers with dot rating of 1. Each such Technology is bought as a separate merit, and it takes the form of a single item. While you can't buy Dread Powers with rating higher than 1, you may use Synthesis in order to get higher dot Technologies. Creating a Synthesis require the sacrifice of the previous Technologies in order to create one with a rating equal to the sum of the sacrificed merits. The new Technology does not have to be connected to the former powers, although the new item should be based around its ingredients. While you may not use Synthesis to get a power with a rating higher than 5, you may combine a number of separate devices into a single item. Preforming Synthesis requires the character access to one of Tartarus's labs and experimenting for one day per dot of required Dread Power. You may buy the same Technology a number of times, and each merit is considered to be a different device. You may gain other powers other than Dread Powers, if the ST allows it, although you may only get specific powers (that is, no Arcana, but you may get individual rotes)
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    Why am I suddenly thinking in "Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs "


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      Null Mysteries- "their hearts are in the right place, but their execution is failed. Instead of forcing the unknown into their paradigm, they should let go of their paradigm and dive into the unknown"
      Lucifuge- "such poor souls- they see themselves as damn and spend their all life in search for redemption. Blood is just blood, good and evil are just concept. If they'll just accept who they are, they could do some incredible things!"
      The Union- "the worst among their kind- the pure example of the threat we stand against. People who can't see further from their nose, and who kill without thought about their consequences. Such ignorance is our enemy- and we will win over it"
      Cheiron Group- "they fright me, more than any other group who walks in the shadows of our world. They are similar to us- for they have influence, and power, and wish to take over the darkness. Yet, they lack our vision, and butcher those who they should protect to become one with them. It is like looking into a black mirror, and it reminds us what we should never, ever become"

      You see a monster, and so does I. The problem is that we are looking on two different things, and one of them is going to die.

      My Homebrew Signature

      "And all our knowledge is, Ourselves to know"- An Essay on Man

      I now blog in here