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The Inspired [Hunter "Lesser Template"]

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  • The Inspired [Hunter "Lesser Template"]

    EDIT- just realized the thread's title may be confusing and I can't edit it. It doesn't mean a "Lesser Template for Hunter" but an "a Lesser (micro? least? you know, Hurt Locker style) template which is connected to Hunter".

    so while I really want to write the Innocents for my Spanish Inquisition Dark Era, the problem is that I have a test in thermodynamics in a few days and I can't get invested in the Era until then :P So in the meanwhile, I've decided to write something I planned to use for another Dark Era- Book of Judges. Because it didn't made sense to turn the Judges into a Conspiracy, I've thought about using a Merit to do so- something which represent people touched by something higher- a God, a Principle, something which shows them that there is a plan for this world, even if they can't understand either the grand design or the power beyond it. Those who are Inspired by that wild divinity are able to channel it through their body and soul and achieve great feats no human should be able to do, yet they must follow the vision which was granted to them- or else..

    New Merit- Inspired (0-00000)
    ​Prerequisites: Mortal
    This merit may be taken only once. When getting that Merit, you must decide on an "aspect" you tie it to- Social, Mental or Physical. That choice may not be changed later in the game. Every time you need to make a role based around a Skill, Attribute or the use of another Merit based on the Inspired's aspect, you may add your dots in the Inspired Merit to the dicepool.

    In an addition, for each dot in the Inspired Merit you may choose one of the following effects:

    The Sight- you are protected from the terror of the unholy and the illusions it use to bind your mind. You no longer treat Witnessing the Supernatural as a Breaking Point, and are not effected by powers which are meant to make you forget or rationalize such encounters (Disbelief, Lunacy, Changeling's Mask, etc)

    Strength of Soul- you may add half of your dots in the Inspired (rounded up) to your effective Integrity score

    Blessed Will- you gain a second Virtue which you may fulfill to gain Willpower

    I'm Hearing Voices- your connection with the divine helps you avoid and devastate your enemy. Add half of your dots in the Inspired (rounded up) to your defense or attack roles.

    Hand of Heaven- you may gain a single Angelic Numina. This power may be gained a number of times.

    ​Tongue of All Life- you may understand, read and speak any human language

    Healing Aura- once per chapter you can heal a number of Lethal Damage levels equal to half of your Inspired dots (rounded up) or a single level of Aggravated Damage

    Revelation- you may gain a free Clue in exchange for a single WP point once per chapter.

    Reach Beyond the Boundary- you may attack beings in the Twilight normally

    Purity of Body- you may not be addicted and are immune to being Ridden or Claimed by Ephemeral beings and their like.

    Drawback: Heaven may be merciful and just, but it doesn't give free gifts. At each given moment, you are under a special compulsion- a Mission which you must try to fulfill. Openly acting against that Mission is considered to be an Integrity 1 Breaking Point which may not be removed. You are under the same Mission until you fulfill it or fail it (failure does not cause a Breaking Point- although knowingly failing your Mission does)
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    Interesting idea. Maybe make the lesser powers Merits keying off the "core merit", similar to the Hurt Locker "Microtemplates"? Also, the core power seems a bit overpowered. Might I suggest making it require a willpower to activate it for a scene, or something of that sort?

    EDIT: Alternatively, maybe you could only apply the benefit to (Merit Dots) rolls per scene?


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      I actually had an idea for a similar Minor Template some time ago, but the original post is mechanically wonky. The other users greatly improved the idea.

      I'm leaving the link there so you can compare notes, but I'll try to offer more feedback later. As it is, I think it would help if going against your mission was handled through curse-like Conditions rather than Breaking Points. For example: if you fail to complete a mission given by a God of Justice, an innocent has been punished, so you will later be framed for something bad you didn't do (speaking rationally, this doesn't help the first person, but it's the sort of poetic justice that gods are known for). Perhaps they could have a Persistent Condition akin to the Synergy of Sin-Eaters that measures how well they work with their Higher Power. You could also check out the Irin fansplat and send a message to Arcanist if you need clarifications. By the way, there's no hierarchy of Morality to be followed anymore, so "an Integrity 1 Breaking Point" doesn't make sense.

      If by any chance you think it might be cool to combine or mix-and-match our Minor Templates, I'd be glad to discuss that over private message, especially since my grasp of the 2ED crunch has improved significantly since the day I joined the forums.
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