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  • Followers of Set [full writeup]

    (this is meant to be a full writeup to the Cult of Set's version in the Age of Azar, based around Arcanist's Mystery Cult's version and with the initial concept being developed with them, including a modern option. The model, however, is the same old Hunter model. Anyway, hope you'll like it!)

    Followers of Set

    Cradle of Chaos

    [the head of a Sha upon a Was Scepter]

    We live in a dangerous world.

    All around us, there are possible threats- both seen and unseen. From reckless drivers and desperate addicts, through sudden mugs and organized crime and up to terror attacks and serial killers, everyone can become a potential hazard, something which would end up with sudden harm, death and even worse. However- we are not afraid. No matter how dangerous the world is, people still go in their daily life, work in their jobs and visit their families. They are not driven mad by fear, they still have trust in their fellow human beings. Why? Because we are all people. Sure, people can be scary- but we have other threats which tie us together: yearning for warmth, for strength in numbers, for steady access for food and drink. People has faith in other people, simply because they have no other way. Alone, they are weak. With others, they are strong. It is in humanity's DNA- people need other people.

    Which is good, since some vary bad things can happen to a lone person.

    Humanity is not alone in the world- there are other beings hiding in the shadows. Monsters which lurk in the night and prey on mankind, use them as food, toys or resources. They manipulate them, torment them, consume them. For them, people are no more than cattle, or even less than that. Their horror has consumed thousands of generations, they hunger shakes regular people to their very bones. This is why the Vigil still stands- because someone has to take the candle and banish the shadows, to show that mankind is not powerless, that when people work together, they can defeat the endless night and make a difference.

    The question is, what exactly are "people".

    For many hunters, it is an easy question- a person is anyone who is human. Vampires, werewolves and witches are all monsters in human skin, horrors which just wait to happen. some, however, are not that sure. Yes, vampire drink blood- but they don't have to kill they victims. Werewolves are horrifying beings, but at least some of them seem to uphold an ancient duty not so different from the Vigil. Witch have tremendous powers which just wait to be abused- but not everyone do so. Besides, even the lowest among those monsters still remembers what it is to be human- they came from humanity, they understand it, think like it. They are differences, sure, but there are also so many common things.

    Which can not be said for other monsters.

    Spirits roam the invisible world, playing with regular men and women as if they were puppets. Clockwork horrors whisper lies and murder thousands in the name of a God no one believes in. Shadows fly in the night and steal bodies of others as meat suits. Even ghosts, the shades of dead souls, are trapped in their obsession until it twists their minds and visage into terrible forms of horror. Those things are not "people"- they are threats, both for humans and the monsters who live beside them.

    In that case, why shouldn't they just work together?

    That idea was the foundation of the ancient Cult of Set. Rising in the lands of Upper Egypt, they looked at the world around them and understood how powerless they were- they tried to protect their people, yet they didn't had the means needed to do so. Others, however, had them- the vampires of the land, with their dark magics and occult understanding of the world. However, those vampires had problems of their own- they had to find places to hide from the sun, search for constant supply of blood and a visage in order to interact with the human world. While the initial instinct of both sides was to turn upon each other, eventually came the realization that perhaps by working together they may achieve more than fighting alone against undead shadows and manipulative echos. Thanks to that cooperation, the new Cult of Set achieved many great things and protected countless lives- both human and vampiric.

    Too bad not everyone agreed with that ideology.

    Their relationships with the so called "Cult of the Phoenix" were always a bit strained- ever since the time they divided the day and night among each other, the hunters of the sun attacked the vampire patrons of the sister cult, while the followers of the desert payed them back with chaos and destruction of holy relics. Still, for many years, that delicate balance was kept- until the rise of the Witch King. Those who followed the day bowed their head before him and saw him as some sort of messiah, one who would cleanse the world from darkness once and for all. Those who walked the night saw his manipulations of the spirits world as a danger for both the living and the dead. A war was struck. The day and the night fought each other. The Witch King died and fell from his throne. The Cult of the Phoenix vanished without trace. The Cult of Set devoured their own soul to become vampires. The time of delicate balance between order and chaos was over.

    Or has it?

    Through the ages, most of the ancient vampires of that time were lost and destroyed- yet few has survived. Those vampires, the ones who were blessed by their god with the gift of shadows and darkness and stayed true to their old traditions, still remembered the glorious days of their cult, a time where both mortal men and undead monsters could walk side by side, protect what they both held dear from beings without a form or name. Slowly, they has started to gather new mortal members to their cult, the Followers of Typhoon Set, and from those they selected the best and finest, the ones who showed themselves worthy to the gifts of Set: the god slaying art, Netjer Sma.

    For many years that elite group has operated under the guidance of their patrons in silence, unknown even by many of the vampire members of the Shadow Cult- after all, vampires may not be inertly evil, but they are selfish beings and who knows what would they do with such elite warriors in their hand? However, lately the old vampires has gained enough power to make their presence and the true loyalties of their mortal hunters known. They are a power to reckon with in the cult, and while many among the vampire members of the Shadow Cult do not like that new direction, they can not deny that the protection that sect offer against the strixs and similar horrors is priceless- although it doesn't mean they can't be used for other benefits.

    While the inner struggles in the cult present a problem, it is not the only one- for lately, the hunters of Set has made contact with an interesting group, one which claim a lineage as ancient as theirs, and which may hold certain enmity toward them- the Phoenix has risen again, if he even ever fell from grace. That presents an interesting dilemma for both groups, for each sees the other as pure abomination. Some whisper that maybe they can get to the same ancient accord as they once did in the times of Ancient Egypt. Others say that they should destroy the other and burn their remains. Assassins from both sides are ready for war. Ancient disputes rise once more as order and chaos meet. A war is coming, threatening to consume both sides whole...

    History repeats itself once more, bringing with it endless strife and death- and hope.

    After all, one of the things which were forgotten through the ages was the true reason for the two groups to unite- the catalyst which showed them that they are better working together than killing each other. Something more dangerous from a mortal, or a vampire or even a spirit.

    The gods are coming, and if they'll remember what the twin cults did to them things would become very, very messy.

    0- you are a new member in the Cradle of Chaos, becoming a warrior meant to protect the world from the horrors of the outside. You may but dots in the Netjer Sma Endowment.
    000- you have fought the terror of the other side for countless nights, proving yourself loyal to the cause of the Red God. People recognize your authority as you develop better tactics to fight those horrors. You get the Small Unit Tactics Unit merit for free
    00000- you are a true faithful of Set, and many look at you as the Typhoon incarnated. The vampire patrons of the cult favor your services, and you are even considered as a potential candidate for the Embrace. You get the Deadpan merit for free.

    Endowment: Netjer Sma

    Ascending Ones: "We share a glorious past, yet you have failed in the moment of truth. Out accord has came to its end"
    Les Mysteres: "We fight every night to protected our people from those horrors and keep them out- and they just open the door without thinking twice! Worse, they actually let those things to pull their strings, and think this is how things are meant to be! Idiots- each and every one of them, and of the dangerous kind, no less"
    Habibti Maa: "They seem to do the right thing, but they don't know where to focus their efforts. I do not need to be saved"
    Bear Lodge: "if they could just stop the nonsense of killing other people to show how "alpha" they are and actually use their skills against the true enemy, they could be of great use."

    Many things hide beneath the sands of the desert. I'm one of them
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    Aside from being bothered by the grammatical errors here and there, this is an incredible write-up for a modern incarnation of the Cult of Sutek. Just add in sections on both The Enemy and on the different sects/philosophies among the Cult, and you got a very decent write-up.

    The Status benefits are apt, too, but I definitely would prefer to swap in the progression from the Mystery Cult version since I like how each dot grants a reward for advancing further.

    On the stereotypes, the ones for the Ascending Ones and Les Mysteres are my favorites. The former has me thinking of the recent Arrow episodes involving the civil war between the League of Assassins.

    Speaking of civil war... I may make a post in that civil war thread which could showcase a possible merger between the Followers and the Ascending Ones.

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      like I've said, the first edition model was used for people who want to play 1st edition style. There is the incredible Mystery Cult style progression written by Arcanist, which people can freely see in the Age of Azar's hub thread.

      EDIT- also, feel free to add what you liek to the Civil War thread :P

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        Any connection to the vampire Followers of Seth cult? I saw a brief mention of vampires with shadow disciplines, just making sure I didn't over look it


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          Originally posted by Kevorkiandoctor View Post
          Any connection to the vampire Followers of Seth cult? I saw a brief mention of vampires with shadow disciplines, just making sure I didn't over look it
          Yes, I believe there is a connection, as (initially) a secret branch within the Shadow Cult. Of course, the Followers of Seth from the vampire supplements might need a conversion to 2E mechanics.

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            Originally posted by Kevorkiandoctor View Post
            Any connection to the vampire Followers of Seth cult? I saw a brief mention of vampires with shadow disciplines, just making sure I didn't over look it
            I'm sorry- it may have not been clear enough. Yes, there is a connection between the two groups- in the Age of Azar (see link in the beginning of the post), the Cult of Set is the mortal branch of a Mystery Cult made of both vampires and hunters. During the crises of the Witch King, only vampires were left of the Cult, and each group believed the other was destroyed, as detailed in the Mekhet Clan Book and Night Stalkers. The Followers of Set, through the lens of this writeup, are the successors of the ancient Cult following that event, just as the Ascending Ones are based around the old Cult of the Phoenix. Those ancient hunters-turned-vampires who survived the event and joined the Khaibit bloodline who survived to the modern age while maintaining membership in the Shadow Cult are the patrons of the modern Cult of Set hunter conspiracy.

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              Hunters of the First Turn- Song of Storm and Fire

              The unification of the Two Lands was not an easy event. While both cultures came from the same roots, each had its own perspective, and each has grown to a different direction. The Two lands fought for a long time against each other, and even as Narmer united the two the distinction remained - Kemet was not one, and the Pharaoh was two different people in the same time, wearing both the White and Red Crowns to show his authority over all of the region. The unification, however, had some other types of problems. For as the Kingdoms first developed on their own, each dealt with challenges on its own, both mundane and supernatural.

              And as such, each developed its own Vigil.

              When the hunters of each region met for the first time, both were terrified to see their mirror. Both groups encountered the monsters in the darkness, and each developed its own strategy to deal with the problem, a way which the other side saw as nothing less than heresy.

              The hunters of Lower Kemet walked under the banner of the Phoenix, and they saw the monsters as what they were - enemies of mankind, horrors clad in human flesh, parasites who fed upon human society. They named the Hungry Dead among their greatest enemies, seeing them as corruptors of faith and peace. Motivated by zeal and the primal memory of a land lost to death, they developed their skills as secret assassins and saboteurs, hitting from the shadows and burning their enemies in fire.

              On the other hand, the hunters of Upper Kemet had a very different strategy - monsters were powerful and dangerous, yes, but there were different levels of danger. Vampires may be blood sucking parasites, but there are worse things in the darkness. Ancient ghosts who cling for the living and defile the dead, spirits from beyond the veil who threaten the sacred order of the world, shadows taking form who roamed the land on silent wings. Mortal men had no chance against such monstrosities, but the more "human monsters”... well, with them you can talk, you can negotiate. They may offer their help and work together against a common enemy.
              One claimed to bring order, the other carried chaos. One burned with the fire of the heavens, the other walked through the storms of the desert. One took the Phoenix as its banner, the other honored the Nameless Serpent. Both were complete opposites.

              No wonder they turned upon each other.

              For as long as the Two Lands remained separated, the Cults used warfare as a disguise for their hidden conflicts. The assassins of the Phoenix targeted major patrons of the priests of Sutek. In return, the hunters of the Upper Kingdom used their allies to motivate monsters on the other side, causing even more problems. Sometimes, the former murdered the latter in their sleep. Other times, the latter stormed into the former's household and murdered anyone they could find.

              Both groups could have carried it forever, had Narmer not made both lands into one. And in understanding the new situation and growing tired from the years of fighting, the leaders of both Cults thought that, perhaps, they too could leave old grudges behind and start a new way - a way of unifying Kemet's Vigil into one.
              It didn't go very well.

              Like their country, such unification could not have been done easily - their views were too different, too radical. Not only that, both had their own enemies within the Vigil and without. Some hunters sided with the Phoenix, others with Sutek. To make the two as one would make former allies into enemies, endanger old agreements, and even turn hunters in the "unified" cult upon each other".

              Hence, a compromise came. As one couldn't suffer to look upon the other's deeds, they would therefore avoid seeing them. In order to work together, they must be divided. And even if they'll work against each other, they'll do so with harmony.

              For the Phoenix, the day. For Sutek, the night. One would hunt under Re's light, the other as Khonsu shines. Vampires and human monsters would die in fire, spirits and otherworldly terrors would perish in storm. That was the pact, and it was kept firmly by both sides.

              And now, Sothis rises, and a discord is sound in the harmony of the song.

              Mummies are former humans burning with divine power. Mummies are gods trapped in dead flesh. The Arisen's very presence forms corrupted cults and endangers the peace. The Arisen are two powerful to be targeted directly, and should be worked with. The Undying Ones should be stopped. The Undying Ones should be used.

              Years of peace are under threat from a single event, as both of the two cults can't decide on who should deal with the new threat and how they should do it. But while a lot remains unknown, one thing is certain - the Sothic Turn would shape the way the Dual Cults view their Vigil. And by its conclusion, both would be united in their vision.

              That be them gods or men, the Undying Ones are an enemy, and they should be stopped by any means necessary.

              For more information about Hunters, vampires and other in the First Sothic Turn, check Age of Azar
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