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  • Bone Collectors [Renegadechasers, Project O-X, X]

    (wait- are you making a hunter group or a gameline which is not even out yet? ARE YOU CRAZY?... Perhaps, perhaps)

    The Scavengers

    [a jackal sitting upon a mountain of bones]

    "Survive or die"

    We can't all be heroes.

    Sure, everyone want to be- everyone would want to save the day, fighting crime and evil conspiracies and bring justice to the world. Some would do it for personal gain and hear their name called by the masses. Others would just try to do the right thing. Still, the desire for heroism is imprinted into our very culture- very DNA perhaps- and it motivates us to seek after those heroes in others and in our self. And it is not just about doing the right thing- it is about the powers which come with that- being able to fly, or use telepathy, or break mountains with a fist. Heroism comes with benefits, and great responsibility. Still, we can't all be heroes- only those who are chosen by fate, luck or some power in heaven or hell may achieve the necessary qualifications.

    But humanity knows how to fake it really good.

    The way is not really important- it could be magic, or science, or faith or any some other weird combination of those, but the outcome is the same: people are changed, transformed forever by their experience. They escape their makers, seeking to turn the powers granted to them against the evil agencies responsible to those very abilities. They band together against their former slavers. Said overlords hunt them down as part of their experiments going wrong. They are unstable, afraid, paranoid. They play a different story than the one humanity hoped for- one of secrets and betrayal instead of glory and inspiration.

    So much potential going to waste.

    Being an hero is not about doing the right thing- it is about power, and people would do some terrible things for power. Without power, you are meaningless, meant to be devoured by the many bug bad evils which lurk the darkness. Those mutated individuals may have the potential for power- but real power, at least in the true sense of it. The hidden conspiracies who made them, however, have power- which they are willing to share with the few who join their dark agenda until they eventually run away. In that mad world, achieving power- real power- should be the desire for every wannabe hero- yet those monolithic structures keep their secrets to themselves, not willing to share their experiments and their outcomes. Those who stand on top would not give their place to future competitors, leaving no more than scarps and bones as leftovers to those on the bottom to fight over it.

    And there are those who grow fat scavenging those bones.

    Once, the Bone Collectors were no more than a small cult, made from the lowest of the social class who had to fight since their birth to survive- they didn't worshiped an entity of some kind, or some primordial force of destruction and creation. Instead, they searched for power, seeking the supernatural in order to charge themselves with mystical power. However, no matter how much they tried, they didn't managed to achieve their goal- becoming heroes, real heroes, those who stand at the top watching the others squirm like worms. They tried to get to key places, yet they were kicked out without a second thought. They tried to make contact with occult powers, but apparently they weren't even worth being manipulated. No matter where they turned, they reached a dead end. Their efforts into achieving their dreams meant nothing.

    While that was the end for many other cults, the Bone Collectors didn't died out- instead, they came to a conclusion: there must be a conspiracy stopping them from getting power. Someone was recognizing them as a threat, and blocked their paths to greatness. That shaded conspiracy is their enemy, and they should do all they can to bring it down.

    They spent years collecting information, crossing subjects and finding all kinds of strange anomalies. They met weekly, connecting the dots and debating who was connected to whom, and why they did what they did. That explosion in the factory. That mysterious murder of an important company CEO. That rumor about a cult which traps primordial beings in human hosts. Each of those strange occurrences was detailed and added to the great puzzle until somehow, out of that chaos, they did the impossible- they uncovered a conspiracy.

    And it didn't even knew they existed.

    Of course, once the agency discovered it was compromised, it sent its agents after the cult members in order to take away their information and get rid of the nuisance- but it was too late. The cult went deep underground, pulling the strings they connected while working on their grand project. After few weeks has passed and nothing happened, the said conspiracy withdrawn its efforts and stopped the search. Apparently, they didn't managed to survive, being devoured by the same shadows they were scared of so much.

    However, it was just another survival technique.

    After all, their goal was never to bring down a conspiracy- that would be impossible. Such great instituted were too well integrated and impossible to be harmed by such a little group as theirs. Instead, they discovered that not all of their experiments were a success- some has failed, some ran away, some vowed to wage a war against their makers. Their goal was to find such a runaway test subject, capture him and study him to understand how his powers worked. However, they didn't managed to do that. They got something even better.

    They found a runaway scientist of the conspiracy.

    Burning with hate against his former employees, the scientist was more than willing to lend his help, revealing crucial information about the process his agency used and the experiments they conducted- yet it wasn't enough. They needed more information, more resources- things which they didn't had. However, ti was enough to start their own research- the only thing they needed was a test subject of their own, one experimented by another conspiracy so they may salvage the precious information from them.

    It was only a matter of time before they managed to trap one.

    It was easy, but it was done- and using the information they gathered they have started to reverse-engineer the course of action which led to the creation of that subject. While a single test subject wasn't enough for a real break true, it was a start- and thanks to their connections with the scientist, they made contacts with other former employs which led them to more test subjects, and more new research. Eventually, their obsession with the "leftovers" of the bigger players at the field has gave them their nickname- they were scavengers, never actually making something new on their on, but always searching for the failed products left by others.

    People do what they can in order to survive.

    Now, the Bone Collectors are a well known members of the occult world- they are not rich, or powerful, or vast- but they are. They keep investigating the byproducts and creations of other groups, and they keep unlocking their secrets and find new ways to use them. They buy failing companies (especially those who deal with the occult) and cannibalize them.Their highest achievement was when one of those agencies collapsed fighting another- they raided their offices and laboratories hours before their enemies could have got the loot. They have not given up on their original dreams- but they have simply took the long way.

    Power decides who would survive and who would die.

    All they have to do is survive long enough to feed upon the dead.

    0- you have followed your desire for power and made joined the Jackals so you'll become an hero. You may buy dots in the Aberration Endowment
    000- you have survived long enough, and that alone shows your dedication to the Collector's ideals. You get the Danger Sense merit for free.
    00000- you have lead a number of raids against abandoned conspiracy offices and gained valuable information and resources required to allow your own conspiracy to survive a bit longer. You have learned to survive on the bare minimum, giving you the Iron Stamina merit.

    Endowment: Aberration (0-00000)
    The Jackals never do experiments by themselves- while they may have the minimal amount of knowledge and resources needed to produce a Deviant or two of their own, all of their research have been based around harvesting existing Deviants that any such attempt would probably fail horribly (well, more than the usual). Instead, they require the "help" of existing test subjects, taking from them everything they may give in order to become the heroes they always wished to be- ones which would survive in this big, bad world.

    Aberration is a single merit, dot 1-5. In order to use it, the hunter must trap a Deviant and put her in a Channeling Cell- a piece of equipment made by the renegade scientists of the conspiracy. One putting a subject in that pod, she falls into coma, and the hunter may gain access to a total rating of Dread Powers used by the said Deviant chosen once the channeling begins equal to her dots in the Endowment. As long as the Deviant is alive and connected to the machine, the hunter may keep access to those powers. If the hunter wish to change the current powers used from the same Deviant, she may do so- but it would cause automatic one level of Lethal Damage to the Deviant. All powers gained in such way must be payed with at least 1 WP point, although the hunter may instead force the Deviant to suffer from one level of Lethal Damage per WP point. The hunter may not be connected to more than one Deviant in the same time. Disconnecting a Deviant from the machine would make her suffer one automatic of lethal damage.

    Cherion Group: "Oh, they have tried to destroy us, a couple of times- but we have always managed to survive. One day, they'll be weak enough- and we'll devour them whole"
    Ascending Ones: "talking about a rotting corpse- they should be nothing but bare bones by now. I wonder how did they managed to survive through all of those years.."
    Yuri's Group: "I'm sorry, but could you repeat that again? I was too busy at being a true hero while you mumbled about our "inhuman experiments" or some crap like that. Go hang yourself, would you?"
    Long Night: "yes, we put people into coma and take over their powers. It's not like you religious fanatics hasn't done worse"
    Nightmare Network: "Be careful near to those guys. Every hero has his secrets, after all"

    "An hero, to the rescue!"
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    Hey,how come no one commented on this? This is awesome!


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      Makes me think of a few different groups:

      ​Millennium (Hellsing)
      Crown (Guyferd)
      Shocker (Kamen Rider)
      Hannibal Chou (Pacific Rim


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        Originally posted by Nicolas Milioni View Post
        Hey,how come no one commented on this? This is awesome!
        I know, right?! :P

        Check my STV content, Or My Homebrew

        "And all our knowledge is, Ourselves to know"- An Essay on Man

        I now blog in here


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          Originally posted by LostLight View Post
          I know, right?! :P
          As soon as Deviant is out,I'll create a high powered deviant and pit them against a Jackal.