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    Face in the Crowd

    [a blank, shining mirror]

    "Identity means nothing"

    United we stand.

    That is the motto of almost every hunter on the face of earth- on his own, the individual is weak. However, when he makes contact with others, and they work together toward a greater cause, the world could move forward, things could happen. A single candle which lights up in the dark can barely light up a room- but a legion of candles, well, that could turn the night to day. Humans are social beings, after all- it is written in our very DNA. We need one another, we desire one another, like bees or ants. One single person is powerless when confronted before the collective, the one has to serve the whole. We need everyone to live our day to day life.

    So why won't we just be everyone?

    Some people can do so- well, less people and more... something else. They look normal, sound normal, act normal. No matter how much you check them, they are always perfect- you are just too suspicious, a bit too paranoid. There is nothing weird about them- they are just like you and anyone else: that is, until you need something, and they have just the things you need. You just need to sign- with your own blood- and that's it. It become more like you. You become less like yourself. One day, You look at the mirror and it is not your eyes which are looking back. You have been replaced, consumed from the inside, like a virus which slowly takes over your computer.

    Demons lurk around us, and they wear our own life as a mask.

    The thought the a person you knew all of your life would just become someone else is frightening- it means that you are not truly important, and that everything you are could easily be replaced and recycled by a inhuman monster. Yet, that only proof what it was said all along- that people, as individuals, are vulnerable. That trying to identify who we are is a meaningless task. Things which could be stolen away so easily don't deserve to be traits which represent us- only things which are greater than us deserve to define our souls, things which demons can't take away for they are out of your reach, ideas and thoughts so great, that we can only bow our head before them in awe and accept our place in the world.

    And how such things could be called other than gods?

    The Analytic Axiom Society was established around those beliefs. Formed by a group of mathematicians, analysts, economists and computer programmers, they were the survivors of such demonic attacks- people who has made a pact with a demon and barely managed to save their soul, or that discovered that their loved ones were possessed by such vile beings. They searched for somewhere to share their experiences and have a better understanding of their enemy, and searching for the way to protect themselves from those monsters, a proof that if there are demons in the world, perhaps there is God too. And they were right.

    It wasn't easy, of course- it required years of investigation, data analysis and social networking. More than once they were chased down by enemies both mundane and supernatural, both by Heaven and Hell- but eventually they made it. They discovered a great structure- an Infrastructure- which was represented through some sort of weird mathematical matrices and solutions for complicated Schrodinger Equations no mortal men should be able to solve. Not even their most advanced programs could have managed such an elegant calculations, which seemed to be tied to the very foundations of the city they lived in. Using what information they could have gathered, they have started to study that Infrastructure, and as they did they understood better how it worked, and what its purpose was- a tool to make contact with no else but the Maker.

    The next step was the most dangerous one- they had to break into a well guarded building which belonged to a straw company which guarded the very core of the project. While all of their members had some experience with the supernatural, none of it has prepared them to the horrors which lurked in that building- many life were lost, and many souls were taken, yet their goal was achieved- they managed to escape with the supercomputer which has designed that Infrastructure.

    Once they managed to operate that computer, they discovered that it wasn't what they thought- that is, a tool to commune with God and summon His armies to fight demons. Instead, it was some sort of hacking device into reality itself- somethings which could not only solve Schrodinger's Equations, but also force those solutions upon the world. It didn't gave them an army- it turned them into one.

    While the abilities of the computer were powerful, its potential was limited by what its operators can do with it. For years the Society has worked on it, yet they have only scratched the surface of what could be done with it. On the meanwhile, they have managed to use it to fund their group, hacking into Infrastructures and taking over them for their benefits. They developed new programs, selling them to become a rising start up company simply called as MourningStar Developments. They managed to analyze more information than ever, finding all kinds of anomalies and identity thefts which may indicate about demonic presence. Still, their latest discovery was gained only lately- they ability to protect their souls by shattering their identity, becoming just one more face in the crowd and drawing on resources which does not belong to them. Lately, they have started thinking that perhaps that they were truly mistaken- that there really is not God, only the fantastic machine which could control the whole world.

    And in that case, why shouldn't they use it to become one?

    0- you are a new member in the conspiracy, giving up on yourself in order to serve the greater cause. You may buy dots in the Fractalic Soul Endowment. You are also now can not take a part with demonic Pacts, and are treated as Soulless for effects which target your souls and get full Willpower from Vice and only one from Virtue. You do not suffer from any other effects of the Condition.
    000- you have worked hard in order to investigate the computer and defeated the demons it manage to detect, and that dedication shapes your abilities. You may take one free specialty either in Academics (mathematics) or Computers (computational linguistics). In case you already have those, take any other specialty in those skills.
    00000- you have understood the true potential of the computer, and have gained the permission to use it to change the world. Once per Chronicle, you may design an Infrastructure and put it into work as if she was the God Machine. Doing so requires rolling Status [Conspiracy] + Computer/Academics, and access to the computer. a Success would mean the project would just start on its own, Exceptional Success would also summon a number of angels with a total Rank equal to your Manipulation to help you finish the project while Dramatic Failure would create a project which would lead exactly to the opposite result.

    Endowment: Fractalic Soul (0-00000)
    We are nothing more than the basic set of our traits- anything else is just an illusion built upon those foundations could be easily replaced and changed. Unknown to most of the new members, each hunter which joins the conspiracy shatters her own soul by connecting to the computer. While that effect has some nasty sub effects (the hunter suffers -[Endowment] modifier to all Integrity rolls) it does has its benefits.

    Fractalic Soul is a single, 1-5 merit which has two benefits- passive and active. The passive effect makes it so the character is simply more easily forgotten- anyone who does not know the character well enough (let the ST decide how "well" someone knows your character), the stranger must roll [Intelligence] + [Wits] - [Fractalic Soul] to remember her. As it was detailed above, it also switch your Virtue and Vice and rends you immune to demonic Pacts, as your existence in the world is not that long lasting- even if a demon would try to make a pact, once trying to claim his price it would feel as if the soul simply flows through his fingers, like trying to grasp water.

    The other effect is more impressive one- by spreading his soul through the collective, the hunter may enjoy benefits which are not meant for her. By rolling [Endowment] + [Power Attribute] vs [Merit's Rating] and spending a Willpower point, the hunter may gain temporary access to a certain Merit of a category belongs to that Attribute. In case of Success, the hunter enjoys those benefits for a number of days equal to 10 - [Integrity] (the Endowment grows stronger as the hunter's sense of self and mental clarity grows weaker, allowing her bland better with the "whole"). Exceptional Success would mean the time is doubled, while Dramatic Failure would be represented with losing an additional Willpower point. In an addition, the hunter may force a false identity upon herself, or taking another's Identity. Doing so would require [Endowment]+[Manipulation], and is competed against the target's [Integrity] in case it attempts to steal someone else's identity. That effect lasts for a number of hours equal to 10-[Integrity], with Dramatic Failure ends with the character suffering from a Breaking Point and Exceptional Success doubling the time limit.

    Utopia Now- "they dream of a better future, and I we can help them achieve it. All they have to do is pay the price"
    Aegis Kai Doru- "hate is such a useless emotion. Ancient history is meaningless- and their relics are nothing but the junk mankind threw away through all of those years"
    Merrick Institute: "we have stumbled upon those kids as they sniffed around our laboratories. We shoed them away- but I didn't liked the look in their eyes. I think we should fortify our defenses tonight"
    Union: "they have so much potential, and they already know half of the truth- there is power in numbers. Now, they need to accept the other half, and we could become one"
    Sabaoth: "such a middle age world view. There is no "us" and "them"- there is only one whole, and we should all accept it"

    "You wore that mask for so long that you have even managed to fool yourself- but I know the truth. Return to your place, demon"
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    is it one marit at a time


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      Originally posted by Ameraaaaaa View Post
      is it one marit at a time
      yes (more characters so I could post)

      Check my STV content, Or My Homebrew

      "And all our knowledge is, Ourselves to know"- An Essay on Man

      I now blog in here


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        As horrifying as this form of near-borg collectivism is, I find the whole "scamming Demons and their pacts" very amusing.