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    The Agency

    [a open, pitch black eye with the sentence "Quis Custodiet Ipos Custodes?"]

    "not everyone are worthy"

    There are many secrets hidden in this world.

    This is the basic truth of the world- there are things one does not know about the world she lives in. Many hidden truths hide in the shadows, lurking, waiting. Sometimes, those horrors are mundane- as far as one could call a crime syndicate or a mad cult "mundane"- but on others, the powers behind the scenes are a bit more... monstrous. Manipulative vampires, raging werewolves, deviant witches- those horrors are everywhere. In order to block their influence, the Vigil is upheld by the hunters, those who may have less in raw power compared to their enemies, but they have the advantage of numbers. One candle can barely light a single path. A legion of candles could turn the night to do. The more that people know about the monsters, the greater the advantage one has against them.

    That's not true.

    Numbers alone can give you anything- in fact, they would do more harm than good. It is not just that revealing the Vigil to the whole world would pose a threat to the societies of both monsters and man, it is also the fact that not everyone are made to know everything- and for proof, you have things like corrupted hunters, cancer cells and worse than all- slashers. Most people simply can't handle the truth: it breaks and consume their minds, turning them into the monsters they claim to hunt. Not everyone can carry the Vigil- only the best and finest, the most worthy individuals may hold the candle without getting burned, without letting it fall and bringing darkness. Who would guard the guardians, as the saying goes.

    The Silence would.

    Silentium was founded during [redacted], during the time of [redacted]. Their vision was conceived by a young individual called [redacted], after experiencing on [redacted] flesh what happens the consequences of letting someone know something she shouldn't. It all started when [redacted] first discovered about the supernatural on [redacted] on, when an [redacted] has happened. Searching for help, [redacted] turn for [redacted], and [redacted] agreed. Together, they [redacted], but not without a price. [redacted] was changed by the experience, making [redacted] leave [redacted] precious [redacted] behind, becoming more like the [redacted] and less like [redacted]. Burning with rage and sorrow, [redacted] tracked [redacted] down and made [redacted] pay for [redacted]'s deeds, although doing so has almost broke [redacted]'s soul. During that day, [redacted] took an oath while [redacted], making sure something like that would never, ever happen again.

    Following those events and finding like-minded individuals, Silentium as was established to make sure such things would never return themselves- and that meant supervising those who took the Vigil upon themselves just as they hunted down the monsters who waited for their hunters to join them in their feast. For them, killing monsters was just one side of what a good hunter should do- eliminating those who has fallen from grace was the other part. While slashers, cults and cancer cells were considered as their greatest threat, one bigger problem was not in individuals, but in groups. Conspiracies, huge constructs who hid secrets and manipulated hunters to unknown cause, were corrupted structures in their eyes which led many into life of pain they were not built for, especially those who didn't truly equipped their members, gave them only half truths and forced them into their organization out of selfish needs. Yet, as the small agency they were, they couldn't fight against those constructs, turning into into a nuisance in their enemy's eyes at best and a threat needed to be destroyed at the worst.

    That is, until [redacted] happened.

    While it caught many of the members of the agency of guard, they adapted to the new situation quit quickly. Thanks to the [redacted]'s influence, they were able to unlock the hidden potential in the depths of their mind, gaining the abilities of Unsealing which allowed them to better deal with lone fallen hunters and lost civilians who saw things they better forget. Another consequence of the [redacted] was their new found connections and resources, granting them the abilities needed in order to rescue hunters from aggressive conspiracies or compacts and grant them new life, even if they didn't knew it was for their own good. The use of their powers has also helped them keep their identity as a secret, turning the agency into a rumor in the Vigil- hunters who hunt down those who, in their eyes, shouldn't be hunters, people who have either fallen victim to their inner darkness or were forced into the Vigil against their will. Some have searched their help, hopping for a second chance in which they could finally sleep at night. Others marked them as a threat and sent cells after them. Many have failed from both sides- they were just rumors, vanishing like smoke in the wind. The Silence was nothing more than a story hunters tell each other around the fire..

    Until one day, a cell discover that one of their members has vanished, only to show up few days later with no memory of her life as an hunter.

    Not everyone can be a hunter. Some secrets are better stay buried.

    Some things are better stay Silent.

    0- you are a new member in the Agency, putting yourself as the one to decide who it worthy to hold the candle and having [redacted] opening your true potential. You may buy dots in the Un/sealing merit.
    000- you have stopped potential slashers and saved partly corrupted hunters from destiny worse then death in the price of their memories. The Agency congrats you with new trainings, made to make sure you would keep your mouth shut at all time. You may add your Status [Conspiracy] dots in order to resist any Condition or effect made to brainwash you or read your minds/emotions. That power is a passive ability and uncontrolled by the hunter.
    00000- you are a true paragon of the Silence, walking unseen in the shadows and slipping through the cracks of the greater conspiracies in order to save their members, whether they are willing or not. You may add your Status [Conspiracy] dots to any Larceny rolls.

    Endowment: Un/sealing (0-00000)
    granted by the powers of [redacted], the hunters of the Agency has the power to lock away memories and hide away secrets- even from themselves. Unsealing is a 1-5 merit with two different uses- the first is called Memory Locking. By rolling [Manipulation]+[Intelligence] against the target's [Resolve]+[Composure] and spending a Willpower point, the hunter may force her to forget any certain detail or event from the last [Unsealing] days. She suffers a -1 modifier for every day which has passed since the event, and gets +1 if the event already has some sort of supernatural effect which is meant to erase it from the individual's mind. That effect may also be extended into erasing all parts of a person's personality, like Skills, Merits or even Dread Powers, but the hunter suffer for -1 modifier for each dot rating of the power she tries to "seal". On a regular Success, the Sealing effects for a number of weeks equal to her dots in the Endowment. On an Exceptional Success, the power is lost forever. On a Dramatic Failure, the target is immune to any further Unsealing for [Willpower] days, and any current Unsealing (including permanent ones) is cancelled. That is a supernatural, mind effecting ability, and could be protected/cancelled accordingly. The hunter may also try to seal a traumatic event, allowing the target to re-roll an Integrity Breaking point which was done in the past and rise it back by 1 dot, although that power can only be used once per such event and can not effect Integrity which was lost willingly (see below). Failing that Integrity roll is the same as suffering from the Breaking Point once more

    The other use of Un/sealing is not against a target, but against one's self- the hunter hides some part of her personality from her, unlocking them just in the right moment to gain those abilities. For every dot the hunter has in Unsealing, she gains 5 Bonus Dots (as in Character Creation) which could be spent on Merits, Skills, Attributes and Dread Powers. Traits bought that way can be risen above 5. For most of the time, the hunter has no access for those abilities, until she preforms the Unsealing- which requires her spending a single, Integrity dot. For a number of hours equal to her dots in the Endowment, she may use those powers freely and do any action without suffering from a Breaking Point, no matter how terrible or mind breaking the deed is. As one may guess, that power is usually saved for emergencies, and many times the hunter would prefer to seal those memories away in order to protect herself.

    Ashwood Abbey- "the proof not everyone are ready for the truth. Their minds should be obliterated for their own good"
    Network 0: "yeah, go on and put that video of a raging werewolf on the internet. It's not like anything bad is going to happen. Guys like those make sure we'll never ran out of work"
    VASCU: "they believe themselves to do a good work, and in many ways they are. Yet they only treat the symptoms- we deal with the disease"
    Cainte Heresy: "from time to time, we stumble upon a wide eyed hunter, mumbling about Cain and how he needs to take his vengeance against the undead. When you see how peaceful they look after we take their pain away, you know that our work is, undoubtedly, just"
    A.S.T.R.A.L: "they share our vision that knowledge is dangerous- but I think they take things a bit too far. Hiding the truth is needed for the greater good- destroying it, not so much"

    "The truth? oh no- you are not ready for the truth.. now, could you look at this pen for a second?"
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