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Heirs of the Lie [also known as Project O-X, sum up post]

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  • Heirs of the Lie [also known as Project O-X, sum up post]

    It has all started with Imperial Mysteries.

    Long time ago, when the book just came out, it created a huge buzz in the forums- the concept of template evolution, god like abilities and the Pax Arcana has fascinated a lot of people- me included- and such they have started to tinker about the possible patrons and godlike beings who protected the other splats from being meddled with Archmasters. As a Vigil fan, I did the expected thing and asked that in this big, bad world of darkness, who was the power who patronized hunters- or, more exactly, who in the Heaven and Hell has decided to protected humanity no matter what, uniting hunters and making sure the light would shine a bit longer. There were many answers to that, as expected from any such a thread, from "the Vigil as a Virus", through a group of beings who only partly work together and even up to "no one", with the Vigil being purely something people has made on their own. Still, one answer has captured my interest.

    Th Exrachs.

    The Exrachs are the symbols of Tyranny- they manipulate mankind and force their terror upon them in order to make them to not see the truth and be forever bound by the Lie. However, you can't be a king without servants, or a tyrant without slaves. Humanity is what gives meaning to the Exrachs, not to mention they stand as a shield against the Abyss and other dark things. The Exrachs need humanity, and so they must care about it more than anyone else in the whole multiverse.

    While I've never made this into an "had canon", it did gave me an idea for a future conspiracy- an hunter group sponsored by the Exrachs themselves, with the certain gifts they gain from it. I didn't had a strong concept for them, and as such they were kept together with many other notes and ideas I've had for Hunter, and like the rest of the notes they were eventually forgotten. Lately, however, I've decided to take a look in my old ideas and organize them a bit- and there I've found them, waiting to be written.

    That, of course, gave me some problems on its own- what was their true agenda? What would make them different from a "lesser" version of the Seers? What their Endowments be like? What was their exact agenda and structure? So many questions, so many things to do. The main problem was that the Exrachs are not a single collective- the 11 Iron Seals symbolize 11 different Lies, each with its own agenda which may even turn against one another. While a "Lie Manipulation" sounded nice, it was hard to accomplish in a way that won't just feel like Mage's magic or a powerful psychic ability. Besides, the Exrachs and the Iron Seals are among my favorite aspects of the CofD. I've wanted to give each of them the place they deserved.

    And than it occurred to me- what if the Heirs of the Lie are not a single organization?

    And from that, "Project O-X" (for I number the Iron Seals from 0 to 10) was born. There were 11 different organizations, each followed by a different agenda and hunted a different enemy, something who either defied, symbolized or competed with the Lie they represented. At first, the 11th enemy was hard to think about- but than I've remembered that Deviant was meant to be the 11th gameline, and I've said to myself "oh- what the hell!". When I've made those groups, I took some time to think how each has represented that Exrach's agenda, and how that effected their view of their enemy and their way of hunt. I've also made a decision that any Endowment granted to one of the Heirs would come from their prey's world, and won't be a Supernal in nature (other than the witch finders, of course)- that is not meant to show the Exrach's power over that aspect of reality, but to show how manipulative the Lie could be. Just in the same fashion, the assumption is that the different hunters do not know about the Exrachs, and none of them communicate with the Iron Seals- they are patronized by their Lie, the representation of the Iron Seals in the Fallen, not by the Kings of the Lie themselves. The groups were made to utilize the Lies humanity tell itself in order uphold the Vigil, and show how even those who symbolize the Tyranny forced upon mankind can still take a stand and light a candle, pushing the night a bit further.

    So- what does it mean about the groups themselves? Are they a united front of hunters, working together under the collective guidance of tyrant gods? Or maybe, just like the Seers, they turn upon each other as the Exrachs struggle among themselves? Or maybe they know nothing about each other, each doing its own thing, hunting for a different enemy? That was left open for each Storyteller to decide. The Exrachs has divided the Vigil among themselves, each searching to bring down a single enemy. They don't need any one higher for of communication above that.

    and now, for the Heirs themselves-

    X- the Raptor sees mankind as no more than naked monkeys, animals who are bound to their basic urges and forced to eternally repeat the endless cycle of kill or be killed, of predator and prey. In that eternal struggle, there is no place to prosper- you either Survive or Die. The Bone Collectors understand that cycle, and knowing they can't become the biggest alphas out there they survive from scavenging the corpses of the bigger organizations- they cannibalize failing companies and take over their assets, and even search for the deviants created by other shadow conspiracies in order to steal their technologies and powers for themselves.

    IX- the Psychopomp stands in all paths and blocks all gates, making sure that the end would truly be the end. Only those few who proof themselves worthy may be allowed to pass to what lies beyond, but for the most there is No Way Out. The Pomegranate Deme are an Orphic Cult turned antique collectors, who bind ghosts into small boxes and keep them out of the Underworld, so when they'll descend down they'll be accompanied by the armies of the dead and be showed worthy to be kings. The ideas that there is something beyond the Great Bellow is an heresy for them, and they search after the escaped Geists in order to gain their divine knowledge about the Land of Rivers.

    VIII- the Ruin dance madly and carries the world toward its ultimate doom. You can't defy fate, no matter how much you try- all of your choices would lead toward tragedy, all of your stories were already told. In this pre-written tale, there is No Happy Ending. The Chasseurs de Tetes were formed during the French Revolution led by a dream of pain and blood, at first sending them against their own kinds until under the guidance of their Madam turned to hunt those who try to tell a different story- changelings- collecting their heads and keep the Terror going. Fate would have its due, no matter what the characters in the play has to say about that.

    VII- the Nemesis shepherds humanity with a delicate balance. Whispers in their neck, sounds of invisible beings and things which watch from the shadows are all that needed in order to keep them from feeling safe, to make them know It Is a Dangerous World Out There. The Church of the Blood Moon understand that threat, for any person could one day wake up, look at the night's sky and become a monster. They are xenophobes, never trusting strangers for who knows what darkness they bring. They hunt for the shapshifters who walk unseen among humanity and force them from their hideouts with old songs, shepherding them toward their own death.

    VI- the Prophet watch as kings rise and fall and tell prophesies meant to guide the course of history. Kings are being chosen to guide the nations, and as they fall others take their place. Only those movers and shakers are important to the world, and before them Everything is Dust in the Wind. The Eye of Heaven serve the true Law of the world and choose kings which are worthy to serve under the gods. Originally two oracular cults from ancient Egypt, they infiltrate cults and play the dangerous game of manipulating the undying ones using their divine Mandate of the Law. They protect ancient dungeons, maintain the rest of their kings and summon them to serve history when the time comes- and kings who don't obey should be dethroned.

    V- the Chancellor knows the price of anything, and that anything has a price. The only question is if you are willing to put enough money to get what you want, and if you are willing to pay with the right coin. In this world, Everything Could Be Bought With Blood. The Scharlach Spinnwebe are a former Hanseatic guild, who have traded with slaves and sacrifices with supernatural monsters until it almost brought it to ruin. Now, they use their blood dolls and bound servants as a tool to enslave vampires, forcing upon them feelings which are not their own in a way those monsters do to others, and by using those infecting emotions they turn them more easy to be manipulated in their blood web.

    IV- the Eye is always watching, always judging. Nothing is secret anymore, and even your deepest fears could be easily discovered, leading to an endless paranoia. People are so exposed now, you could be easily blackmailed and judged before you even know, making you Fear Your Own Secrets. The Nightmare Network was once a shamanic tradition who exorcised fear from human soul and turned it into a path to the darkness. Now they are hackers and virtual reality masters, who use the internet in order to gain knowledge about their enemies, open paths to the Primordial Dream and fight beasts by turning their own secrets against them. Nothing could be hidden from them, and no one can scare the secret masters.

    III- the Father is the lord of known religion and open dogma. People should obey to those above them, and accept the tradition and answers which were given to them. Searching for answers by your own brings chaos and rebellion, and so a good person Don't Ask Questions. A.S.T.R.A.L is a former exorcist order who turned into a Data company, having a long history of book burning and knowledge destruction. They give away answers so no one would ask for them, censuring information according to their agenda. They use their data in order to track down anomalies in the world and destroy those mysteries before a witch has a chance to awake, devouring arcane knowledge and forbidden magics using their own divine flesh.

    II- the General fights an endless war in the sky, destroying one enemy after the other. There are only two sides in that war- the righteous and the sinners, with the righteous being "you" and sinners "anyone else". In a war of you against the world, only those like you are your allies, and Only Heaven Can be Trusted. The Sabaoth were originally an order of knights during the time of the crusade, until they discovered a being which was, undoubtedly, an enemy. Guided and transformed by a burning angel, those alchemicaly created angels serve as mercenaries as they search for beings created by stolen divinity which was defiled by the hands of heretics and make sure Heaven would triumph over evil.

    I- the Unity connects all minds and breaks all barriers. Together, mankind is string- but people can't stop separating themselves from one another. True powers come from community, not individuality, and you should accept the Identity Means Nothing when compared to the greater whole. MourningStar Developments are a small startup company who has stolen a powerful computer used to reshape their souls and change the world. Doing so protects them from the manipulative powers of demons, for their souls are not their anymore and as such can't be stolen. Their computer would turn the world into one, and the demons would be devoured by it.

    O- the Gate stands between the Lie and the Truth, closing eyes and deafening hears. Most people can't handle the truth- they'll abuse it, manipulate it, use it to break the world. Only those few who manage to pass through the barriers are good enough for that knowledge, and unfortunately, Not Everyone Are Worthy. Silentium is a small, private agency which most of its information was hidden for your own protection. The only thing you need to know is that they supervise hunters, remove corruption and seal away memories so that roaming civilians who are not ready for the Vigil won't be forced to follow it. While they do stop slashers, cults and other forms of fallen hunters, many times they decide on their own which memories should be kept and which should be erased- even from themselves. Everything else if [redacted]

    The candles now burn, their armies are ready. The darkness must be conquered in the name of the world's Tyrants to keep humanity safe. Those who fight in the sides of the gods would prosper, while their enemies would eventually be subjected to their eternal rule.

    Inherit your place among humanity's worst and finest.

    Inherit the Lie!
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    I love all of this; very cool stuff.

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      Damn... I did not consider that your recent Hunter groups were tied somehow to the Exarchs until NOW.

      Bravo, LostLight. Bravo for putting all this together.

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        This is really one of those brilliant in hindsight sort of things. Great job!


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          thanks everyone! I'm really glad you liked it- I really wanted it to come out as a surprise, so I'm happy I've managed to hide it until the project was finished

          Check my STV content, Or My Homebrew

          "And all our knowledge is, Ourselves to know"- An Essay on Man

          I now blog in here


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            The variety of inspirations and themes is just fantastic, well done, these are very cool.

            On a side note, this really makes me curious about the ideas on your blog, but I wish there was a way to parse through it more easily. Such as a manner to look up a compilation of them by topic or game line (with crossover/contagion counting as a "12th") from the menu.
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