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    The history of one of my Begotten-Spawn (shikome) ties neatly-ish into the history of the Hero-Blooded.
    For the shikome & other Begotten-Spawn, look for the thread "The Begotten-Spawned"


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      Reposting some material that I came up with from the Princess: The Hopeful Night Horrors thread onto this thread, because they make more sense here.

      The Darkness Demon-Blooded
      The result of unusual & unknown circumstances. What is known about the origin of this Strain, is that it was so circumstantial the odds of it being replicated are beyond microscopic.
      Despite the "name" (seriously, I do not consider "the Darkness Demon-Blooded" to be a proper name) the Darkness was not alone in the birthing this Strain. There were some people who got, let's say infected by the Darkness & by the Light, almost simultaneously.
      The Darkness provided power & the Light prevented the Darkness from making them just another group of darkspawn.
      Their Endowment is that they can use various Umbrae. One Umbrae per Endowment dot. However, their is a downside to this Endowment. The Darkness is still there, ever present, & every time a Hunter of this demon-blooded strain uses an Endowment power, they must mentally fight against the Darkness with their Willpower. Failure does not mean that the power has failed, failure means that the Hunter's morality has taken a hit. Drop to one or possibly zero dots in morality, & the Hunter is lost to become just another darkspawn, albeit one a bit more dangerous than the standard everyday darkspawn.
      Darkness Tainted places make fighting against this corruption harder, & the morality will drop more than one dot.
      Because of this eternal, internal fight that they face, the Darkness Demon-Blooded have a reputation for being very understanding, forgiving, & accepting, sometimes out doing even the Lucifuge.

      The Light Demon-Blooded
      In all times there are people who experiment, pushing the boundaries of what is & isn't possible.
      In the Kingdom, one such person tried infusing the Light in its most raw form into ordinary people. What the motivation was has been lost to time, what matters is that they succeeded, at the worst possible time, the fall of the Kingdom.
      In the Kingdom's absence, the various people who carried the Light in their bodies, they scattered to the winds.
      Over time they bred, had descendants, & the Light was diluted, eventually only appearing in exceptional souls.
      At the same time the world grew harsher, less a place where the Light felt at home, so those inheritors learned how to fight, & the Light was changed by this.
      These days when the Light appears, it is not the warm, comforting glow that the Queens remember or Nobles carry, it is the harsh, blinding spear of an angel.
      Look away for you will find no comfort here, for these are warriors with blood on their hands.
      There's a reason the combat-focused Calling of the Nobles is called "Champion" not "Slayer." Well, these guys are the "slayers."
      As a result of the Light in them, they have a measure of resistance against the corrupting influence of the Darkness.

      Faction A: focuses on using archaic weapons.
      Faction B: focuses on using modern weapons.
      Faction C: focuses on strategy & tactics.

      Hypothesized Possibilities for Endowment Powers
      Burn away illusions.
      Convince vampires they are standing in sunlight.
      See in the dark.
      Flashes of bright light.
      Very resistant to the Darkness, beyond the strain's norm (as long as your alive).
      A beam of light that can heal & replenish a Noble, or damage a darkspawn.
      Combat-based Charms.


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        On the subject of names for the demon-blooded strains that I've come up with so far, here they are.

        Darkness Demon-Blooded: the Eternal Shadows. This name came before I started to explain the logic behind the names, or actually come up with any logic behind the names, but looking at it I think the name works. Well, the "Shadows" part does. See, shadows are what occur when light & darkness mix, & that's what the Eternal Shadows are. They are born from a mixing of Light & Darkness in humanity.

        Hero Demon-Blooded: I searched for a Japanese word meaning "heroism" & came upon what Google Translate tells me is a Japanese word for "hero". I don't trust my ability to come up with an appropriate name for them. Given the country of origin, the name showed be Japanese, or at least come with a Japanese translation.

        Light Demon-Blooded: Sword of Light. This name works in referencing the Light inside them & the fact that they are not a particularly peaceful group.

        Wolf-Blooded Demon-Blooded: the Distorted Children of Rage & Spirit. A bit long I know, but I feel like it works. I recently had the idea that they could have been initially kicked off by an encounter with a Geryo, "the Distorted" references this. Their powers lean towards the wolf & towards the spirit, "of Rage & Spirit" is mentioning this point. The "Children" part really just links the other parts together.


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          I learned of kresniks a while ago, don't know when & no idea of the circumstances. I learned how they were vampire hunters in myths from parts of Europe. I also learned of an anime where kresniks appeared as vampires that preyed exclusively on vampires.
          With these facts I got a name for my Evolved Draugr Demon-Blooded.

          Kresniks are human survivors of attacks from evolved draugr, or Belial's Brood, which feature in Night Horrors: Spilled Blood. These survivors are damaged by these encounters, & this causes them to start to turn into kresniks.
          The nature of a kresnik can be inherited from a parent, with every genetic spawn a kresnik has, there is a 10% chance that what will result will be another kresnik.
          Kresniks need to drink the blood of the supernatural, anything that registers as kin to a Begotten qualifies, not including kin that were made such using the homebrew Adoption Obcasus Rite. This blood-drinking is not as urgent a need as it is for any kindred, but a kresnik will need to drink 1 cup full at least once a week to remain healthy.

          Endowment: Visceral Legacy ● - ●●●●●
          The Endowment of kresniks can vary, because it isn't actually one Endowment, it's at least five, possibly more.
          When figuring out what Endowment any given has, ask yourself this "which Clan gave birth to this line of kresniks?" Once you know that you can figure out what their Endowment can do.
          Whatever Endowment a kresnik wields it always follows one essential rule: it keeps within the essence & the theme of the parent Clan.