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What niches haven't been covered by canon organizations?

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    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned yet (haven't had a chance to really dig through the thread yet), but I had bounced around the idea of a Prometheus-hunting sect born out of Rabbinic society. It's comprised of a group of scholars who research the nature and motives of golems and the cadre of enforcers that are whispered about in rumor but can be tracked down when a neighborhood is being terrorized by something that should not be. I figure their focus is promethei, but they probably have their fair share of knowledge on the restless dead (both ghosts and vampires) as well.

    I also like the idea of an organized crime focused compact that someone mentioned on the first page, but I'd probably focus on something local rather than global. Picture Chicago in the 1920s. An upstart Sicilian by the name of Alfredo Giovanni is aggressively encroaching on the territory of the local crime bosses. He has no respect for the traditions and courtesies of the established law, and while his forces are small, they're incredibly aggressive and fanatically loyal. The local families are losing soldiers, goods, and territory at alarming rates, and they eventually arrange a sit-down to address the problem. Their solution is a temporary armistice. They assign some of their best capos to serve as a spear against the Giovanni invasion, and after years of fighting, Giovanni's head finally ends up on a pike. But the men who led the charge are changed. They've seen the horror that lives in the shadows, and they decide to form their own family. For decades now, they've persisted as a substrata of Chicago's underworld. Any crime lord who's anybody pays them their monthly tithes, and while many cry that it's extortion, few will actually miss a payment. Their agenda is purely territorial. They keep the interests of the existing families free of the supernatural, and in return, they get a bite out of everybody's slice of the pie.
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