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How much does Benediction cost in 2e?

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  • How much does Benediction cost in 2e?

    I just noticed that the Mortal Remains update doesn't really mention how much Benedictions would cost in the new xp system. It was 5 xp in the old system, without a scaling cost (since there were no dot ratings to benedictions) and this doesn't have a clear conversion path to 2e. Specialties are the only other thing that had a flat cost (3 xp). Specialties only cost 1 xp now, if I doubled that, it would be 2 xp. That's my best conversion effort.

    But other people's views would be helpful.

    Also, one of the things I've loved about 2e is that it no longer incentivizes the min/maxing of 1e. (Where it was just always smarter to start with your attributes, merits, skills or power stat high because of the scaling xp costs).

    The fact that you get free benedictions at character creation based on your dots in the benediction merit seems like another example of this that has unfortunately been carried over because the stopgap conversion of mortal remains. Anyone have any ways around it that don't feel like totally robbing players of free xp? Otherwise it's just silly to not start character creation at 5 in Benediction.

    This probably also applies to Castigations and whatever other endowments behave this way that I'm unaware of.

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