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Will 2e have new groups?

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  • Will 2e have new groups?

    So given that Hunter has relatively less mechanical work to do in a second edition update (and won't presumably be a massively shorter book than the other new cores), we'll have space for a whole lot of Compacts and Conspiracies. While 1e isn't lacking in material to draw from, the fluff involved is unlikely to change and the mechanics should be relatively consistent. Do you think we'll be getting a massive collection of existing groups updated, or will 2e introduce a bunch of new organizations? I know there's a focus on being more international, so hopefully we'll have groups based in many nations that weren't touched in the 1e line. There's also no dedicated groups for the fae, the Created, ghosts, and Sin-Eaters, plus anything unique without a home gameline.

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    I think we're more likely to get advice on making new groups, and some supplemental groups moved into the core, rather than (many) new ones. I could see some of the existing groups rejigged to be more specialised (for example, to the extent that Ashwood Abbey specialises, it would make sense to do so in changelings - it's a British group, bound together in shared transgression, and the shit it gets up to makes it a good human paralllel of the Gentry - changelings also implies the Hedge, which implies goblin fruits, which implies decadent drug parties) (for another example, to the extent that the Loyalists might specialise, it could be in ghosts - ghosts are all about tragedies and sins that won't fade, and atoning for such things is what the Loyalists are all about).