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    Brethren of the Hundred Faces/Shackles of Identity
    One of the greatest threats the supernatural possesses is how it can break people's minds. The founders of the group that came to be known as the Shackles of Identity developed an ingenious solution. Wear the identities of other people to safeguard your own. Of course, it doesn't work exactly as they imagined it would, but close enough eh?

    Endowment: The Chosen Masks ● - ●●●●●
    The Chosen Masks is a one to five-dot Merit that provides some measure of protection against your morality going going gone.
    First, select a second identity. This identity will invariably be one of the identities of the "Founders". These "Founders" are the heads of the Shackles of Identity, though the group is too old & they too young for any of them to actually be founding members. You can switch between your identity & the Founder's identity as a single, deliberate action. When wearing the Founder's identity it acts as a sort of buffer between you & anything that may cause your morality to drop, mechanically this is represented by you adding the dots in this Endowment to your willpower & using the resulting number to fight off the drop.
    Next, with every dot you get access to one of the Skills the Founder uses. Put together a list of Skills your Founder uses & select one of them to put a dot in each time you get more dots in the Chosen Masks.
    There is however, a downside to the Chosen Masks. With every dot you take, devise some act your Founder would or would not do, kinda like a ban. Whenever wearing your Mask, you must abide by whatever "bans" you have accumulated by way of the Mask.
    Finally, if your morality ever drops to absolute minimum, the Mask takes over, permanently. This is not like you wearing the Mask but being unable to take it off, the Mask has effectively consumed & replaced your own self in its entirety.