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[Witchfinders] Goetic Gospels in 2E

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    Originally posted by LostLight View Post
    Considering you want to treat them as Abyssal Goetia in your game (which is appropriate), you could treat them as some primitive Acamoth formed from the dreams of the Faceless Angels by the Gospels. Just follow the guidelines and you should be fine.
    But can Mind magic 'dispell' ( or maybe 'expell' ) Mind Abysall Goetia?

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      according to the sidebar, the demons can be controlled/damaged/destroyed by any power which should effect spirits. If they are forced to leave they target, they are destroyed. They could be Exorcised, Abjured, etc- but that would, again, destroy them. The sidebar details how you should treat their traits.

      As for whether a Mind magic could effect Goetic Demons if you treat them as Abyssal Goetia- that's something you should ask at the Mage's forum, isn't it?

      Again- all of that is only if you want to allow your players to interact with the said demons. You have any right to decide such interaction is impossible, and that while the characters may see the demons, they are no more than visual effects for the powers of the Knights.

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        By the bleak powers within my darkest side, I channel your dreams, oh light mine. Bear sightless witness to my Pride, as I sacrifice death unto you and undo the design of fate...

        I'm actually trying to design a more gonzo Knight of St. George to keep up with a friendly motley of changelings (the idea is that he's a prodigy in the Gospels and isn't afraid to experiment with them to accomplish a wider array of tricks), and I was wondering if we could use a system similar to the Scales of the Ordo Dracul to represent demons it requires advanced knowledge to conjure for more unique traits. One of the things I've come up with is Mara's Journey (drawing on the Sloth of Crocodile Armor to dreamwalk, though the dreams he walks through are never pleasant).

        Also, if we should use the Pact system here for when the dragonslayers need to draw deep of the power of their darker selves, making a deal with their own ids for an extreme boost in power (naturally, they phrase it as the costs being ways to mortify the soul and so unlock its true potential-which is really freaking dangerous, but sometimes the only way to kill a dragon is to breathe fire yourself).