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The OSI as a mad scientist/supervillain-hunting conspiracy or compact

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  • The OSI as a mad scientist/supervillain-hunting conspiracy or compact

    So, as part of Project Venture Bronicles of Darkness, I had the idea of making an OSI-like conspiracy that deals with any supernatural/general menace that qualifies as a "supervillain" in some way. Their basis is that they've observed certain characteristics in many supernatural beings and supercriminals (maybe they've even tapped into the Wyrd in some way), and have realized that quite a few can be predicted and manipulated by exploiting these patterns, which are collectively known as the Luthor-Domashev Constellation. Basically, they minimize the damage done by supernatural beings by giving them "nemeses" and luring them into acting out standard hero-villain tropes. They could potentially go after any targets, but I think Mages and Fae creatures would be their main opponents. Fae because they already have that narrative connection, and Mages because they're the most likely to end up as what we think of as a "supervillain" situation. However, they can do the whole Hunter thing where it's ambiguous if they're up against actual Awakened or if they don't occupy the same universe and they're fighting some other kind of mage or mad scientist that resembles them. They've gone up against the occasional vampire, but vampires are often too subtle to go straight into ranting and doomsday device building. They've also taken on a notable few Prometheans, as the Created are quite capable of falling into the Constellation: after all, they seek to build identities by embracing Roles from human culture for themselves, and it's happened more than once that one of the Created has become a self-styled supervillain.

    Not sure if they should be a Compact or Conspiracy. I can't think of an Endowment, and I like the idea that instead of having a lot of firepower on their own side they recruit other Hunters or supernatural beings to act as nemeses. I would totally give them a bonus to understanding/predicting the behavior of supervillains.