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  • The Vigil in the US

    So I've been wondering about how to describe the Vigil in the cities other gamelines use, canon and fan. These are my best takes, but if anyone has any additional information they know would help expand on this or correct anything I got wrong, feel free to tell me so I can edit it in. First, New Orleans.

    New Orleans: Blood by the Bayous

    New Orleans has always been a hunter madhouse, but unlike the near-open warfare in Philadelphia New Orleans is a backstabbing, Machiavellian situation where hunters must wrangle with an entrenched vampire power structure that's probably existed as long as the city has. The leeches run the entire area, their fangs stretching at least as far as East Baton Rouge in terms of control. Hunters have always been inside the city, but aside from the conspiracies local cells and less established compacts have always been quickly destroyed by the vampires before they could really do anything. Since the 80s, however, the hunters are able to more easily organize across long distances and occult information is more easily available. Now the city's hunters are rumored to be planning a major offensive against the leeches, something not seen since Philly's Fairmount Reclamation in the 70s. Unlike Fairmount, any effort to try and clean New Orleans will result in a long, grueling battle that everyone knows can't be won in a single night.

    Ahl al-Jabal: Screened: Though Islam isn't a populous faith in Louisiana, a large cell in the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola has managed to keep tabs on the entire state for the compact relatively effectively. In New Orleans, the compact takes great care to never associate with the local mosques or community hubs, knowing that the vampires could very easily turn Islamophobia to a weapon against the innocents. Instead, the compact has wormed its way into the criminal underworld, using the criminals to cover their actions against mid-level vampires and their slaves.

    Aegis Kai Doru: Seeking: Faced with a well-established presence of local witches, shapeshifters, and vampires, the Aegis operated in New Orleans with a light touch. Individual cells tend to focus their efforts at locating and acquiring any relics as discretely and quickly as possible. While the years that followed Hurricane Katrina allowed them to secure a few notable items of power, the conspiracy remains a small group in the city.

    Ascending Ones: Syncretized: Like the Ahl al-Jabal, the Cult of the Phoenix does not identify too strongly with Islam to avoid painting a target on for the vampires. Their cell in New Orleans was greatly influenced by the local culture, though, to the point that elements of Voodoo were woven into their predominantly Christian practices. Louisiana's Ascending Ones thus tend to use their Elixirs to imbue an assortment of artifacts and charms rather than directly imbibing them.

    Ashwood Abbey: Mardi Gras: As far as the Abbey is concerned, every day in New Orleans in a funeral parade. Often they'll parade through the streets with a staked vampire in a casket, twirling umbrellas as a brass band plays on. The vampires don't seem to mind however, often joining for the macabre revelry so they can join in with the Abbey for the inevitable afterparty.

    Barrett Commission: Entrenched: The Commission has always watched Louisiana, and New Orleans especially, with nervousness since they first made it to the city in 1866 post-war. Able to easily maneuver through the entrenched corruption inherent in the city's power structure, the Commission has steadily been fortifying itself by using other hunters as the cat's paws to test the strength of the vampires through the years. Focusing on making sure the corrupt in the city are their corrupt, the Commission is rumored to have made a long list of names that they plan on using to finally get a leg up when the time is right.

    The Cainite Heresey: Rampant: Cainites are practically everywhere in New Orleans, a constant plague that refuses to die off. Typically the other hunter groups just let the Cainites do as they will so long as they stay away from their turf, but lately the Cainites are getting more riled up than usual, and that's saying something. Due to their secretive nature, no one knows what has the cult so riled, but several cells have mentioned that maybe the time has come to finally muzzle the mad dog.

    Cheiron Group: Stable: Cheiron's subsidiary in New Orleans, Delta Medical Systems Inc, doesn't have as bad of a time in the city as their sister company in Philadelphia with finding new subjects/goods. Local unemployed are more than willing to take on any job they can, and the constant stream of vampires in the city means that they have a solid resource to draw on for a steady income.

    Les Mysteres: Faceted: Les Mysteres have basically been in New Orleans since the 1700s, a part of the city's culture that no vampire could wipe out. Though the group as a whole is more well-known for focusing on werewolves, the mambo and houngan of the group have faced more vampires than they can care to remember. In particular, they have become well known for their opposition against a group of vampires claiming to use their magics to call on the spirits, something their friends tell the cells is a blasphemy.

    The Long Night: Humbled: The intense vampiric presence in the city effectively destroyed the first time the Long Night tried to move in on New Orleans, killing the cell and ghouling the cell's pastor. Since then the Long Night has had to face the fact that faith isn't enough to break the vampire hold in the city. Instead, they've focused on the forgotten and cast out of the city, believing that they can at least deny the vampires an easy source of food. The Hopeless and Merciful of the compact run things, making the Long Night a support rather than a frontline ally.

    Loyalists of Thule: Brokering: The heavy French presence in New Orleans made it hard for the members of the Loyalists setting up after WWII to move inconspicuously. Thankfully they found several groups of occultists in the city willing to speak with them and, if necessary, work with them. Though not ancient, as a port city New Orleans traffics in every conceivable industry and all kinds of goods. The Loyalists have used this to their advantage, acting as information brokers between the various hunter cells in exchange for information on anything they might take an interest in. If not, it's cold hard cash.

    Lucifuge: Subtle: The presence of the vampires controlling so many old-blooded families in New Orleans has forced the Lucifuge to accept that they have to hold back on the hellfire and demonic familiars. Instead, the Lucifiuge cell in the city prefers to focus on the high-class ghouled that the vampires claim to gain access to more money and power. Several families have actually been freed from the vampires, but one family remains fully entrenched and almost willing to accept their state of affairs; the Crassus.

    Maiden's Blood Sisterhood: Weathered: With cells in Tulane and U of Louisiana, the Sisterhood have been forced to acknowledge that the vampires run everything, and the universities are considered prime feeding grounds. Though normally the cells of the Sisterhood would maybe face an elder vampire if they were truly unlucky, in New Orleans elder vampires seem to be everywhere you can swing a stake. Casualties have been high, and the vampires have used everything from campus administration to controlling frats and student organizations to wipe out their enemies. This has only made the Sisterhood even more resolute in their goals to protect their campuses.

    Malleus Maleficarum: Firm: The strong Catholic city has fed the local Malleus cells for decades, with their strongest presence protecting the students at Loyala University. Though vampires have continually tried to break the Malleus by use of their heretical belief that vampire's are somehow God's chosen demons, the Mother Church continues to press back against this by continually purging local parishes and the dioceses of any malicious influence.

    Network Zero: Broken: In an astounding reality for many to face, Network Zero has been forced to hold back on trying to expose the vampires in the city. Casualties just kept piling up so fast that the cells in the city had to coalesce into one to keep from being wiped out, even running to the Night Watch for protection. Now the cell is forced to remain the hunter information network for what everyone knows, rather than the secret information the Loyalists specialize in.

    Night Watch: On the Front: Outside of Pittsburgh, the Night Watch has their strongest presence in New Orleans. Former ghouls, attack survivors, volunteers who found the truth, the Night Watch in New Orleans is still led by the last surviving original leader of the Watch, Andre Sandoval. Though bound to his wheelchair, Sandoval's presence has continued to inspire the Watch in the city to keep fighting. Both vampires and street gangs have reason to fear the Watch, as their volunteer patrols in the streets combined with their continued presence in the shadows have actually managed to become a thorn in many a vampire's side in the city they control. Many can safely claim that the Night Watch are the driving force behind the rumored campaign against the vampires.

    Null Mysteriis: Studying: Null Mysteriis isn't a large presence in the city, but there are two cells in the city; one at Tulane, one at the new University Medical Center New Orleans. Both primarily made up of medical experts, the cells are unfortunately working at cross purposes. The cell at Tulane are trying to figure out how to block people from being ghouled, the cell at UMCNO trying to find a way to figure out the method by which ghouls don't age. Both have made headway, but the real worry is a disease that broke out just before Katrina hit, treatable but dangerous to anyone who contracts it. Both cells want to research it, but fear that improper containment will lead to an outbreak.

    Task Force: VALKYRIE: Patrolling: With the headquarters of the USMC reserve in New Orleans, coupled with efforts by the world's leading asshole DA Jim Garrison, TFV has been a presence in the city since the 1980s. Though at times willing to get their hands dirty in the streets, many hunters have noted that the MIBs are just as content to go around intimidating other hunters to back off from certain leeches they claim, "Aren't worth the wood for the stake". Of course, this is after a massive sweep through the city during Katrina where dozens of TWILIGHT MRUs essentially cleansed the city of any vampire that wasn't smart enough to go into hiding during the storm.

    The Union: Underground: After the last state governor, the Union had to face harsh anti-labor opposition that the vampires seized on with gusto. Facing reality, the Union in the city backed off to let the night watch handle the bulk of the vampire problem. Now, however, the Union wants to start pressing forward again. Unfortunately, many hunters consider the Union a relic of a bygone era, and recruiting new members has been difficult with the more known actions of the Night Watch.
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    Denver: Wild in the Rockies

    The greater Denver area has been a werewolf hunting ground for years, and for the past two decades hunters have tried to burn out the packs from the surrounding county without success. What is known is that there's some kind of ongoing werewolf war between two factions, and that one faction just hates hunters while the other wants them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Specialists against werewolves have been trying to figure out exactly why the wolves are so intent on flocking to Denver in such numbers, and why they are apparently dead-set on purging the city of both their enemies and hunters alike. Some hunters have begun to think that it might have something to do with the legendary Rocky Mountains themselves, that some great occult power resides inside them as both a symbol and a physical location.

    Aegis Kai Doru: Possessed: The AKD in the US see Denver as a bit of a grail. On the one hand, clearing it out would create untold misery for the conspiracy and their allies. But if they could finally defeat the shapeshifters in what is seen as their stronghold, it would mean that the Shield and Spear can claim a real, true victory against their ancient enemies. This has led the conspiracy to a take-no-prisoners system, one that continually hamstrings hunters who are trying to find out what, exactly, is going on.

    Ascending Ones:

    Barrett Commission: Cat and Mouse: Unlike most cities in the US, Denver's politicians are under the control of the werewolves rather than vampires. This has made Denver a dangerous region for the Commission to operate in, as nearly all the vampires in the city seem to live in fear of the werewolves who treat anyone who knows that they exist as a deathly threat rather than an inconvenience. This has the commission cell in Denver wondering if maybe it can't use the werewolves as a tool once they take back city hall.

    Bear Lodge: Growing: As others plot to retake the Montana Lodge, the Denver Lodge sees new members practically every other week with how often hunters report their stumbling into sacred werewolf sites.Though not driven by anything more than their desire to be the best hunters on Earth, a growing trend in the Denver lodge has been to dress up their actions as trying to cull a rampant species of predator that has been left unchecked for too long.

    Cheiron Group: Opportunistic: Rasend Pharmaceutical LLC doesn't want to risk its own people or security on traipsing through the wilderness seeking werewolves it knows would happily gut an office building full of innocent people just for being the place one single hunter worked during the day. So Rasend Pharma has decided to put out generous bounties for dead werewolves (it's already figured out ways to keep slashers from profiting off their sicknesses), and incredible prizes for live ones.

    Illuminated Brotherhood: Warning: The Brotherhood isn't very active in Denver, what with high casualties and few willing to actually brave such strange company. Their only real cell is in the University of Denver, but with the right pharmacology the group can explore the entire Denver region. What they've told is that there are mighty spirits roaming the outskirts of the city, things that look like warped pictures out of a natural history book, though no other hunters take these stories seriously.

    Keepers of the Source: Present: About all that can be said about the Keepers is that they have a cell or two in the Denver area. Active in regional conservation movements, the Keepers have reportedly made contact with a werewolf pack that might be willing to sit down and talk with the hunters to try and at least tell the hunters who the bad werewolves are. Most other hunters in the area brush such claims off as a trap in the making with bait that doesn't even realize what could happen.

    Les Mysteries: Quiet: Taking their cues from what they claim is Native American spiritualism (In reality just a synchronized belief system of facts about tribal beliefs, Hollywood crap, and how people think is Native American spiritualism), Les Mysteries in Denver know that the werewolves would come down on them hard if they made themselves loud like the Bear Lodge. Instead, the "shamans" of Les Mysteries are doing their best to lay low and observe their foes. They've also seen the strange spirit-things wandering outside Denver, but their "spirit guides" tell them that these are at best just a small problem compared to the wolves.

    Long Night: Welcoming: Certain werewolves have expressed that they can't stand what they've become, and believe that religion can save them. The churches of the Long Night are more than willing to offer salvation to these lost souls, though most hunters don't see that in the Long Night surrounding Denver. They see compounds meant to exclude the outside world, cult-like practices thick with groupthink and love bombings. While many hunters fear the Long Night in Kansas, some fear that Denver and the werewolves will spark the next Waco.

    Loyalists of Thule: Hiking: The Loyalists aren't interested in Denver, nor the fighting between the hunters or werewolves. The Loyalists have been sighted out in the less populated areas of Denver and the countryside to look for ancient sites left behind by the Uta people that once lived in the Denver area. This has caused some trouble however, as descendants of the Ute that still remain in the area claim the Loyalists are robbing their ancestral sites for their own selfish ends. Deafening silence from the Loyalists hasn't helped matters.

    Lucifuge: Lean: There are at best maybe three members of the Lucifuge in all of Colorado, all situated in the state capitol. This has forced them to rely on patsies and "followers", but also to remain relatively insulted from their vicious opponents. Using their support to weaken the werewolves, the trio arrange to confront these weakened beasts to decide whether they're to be allowed to rebuild and remain undisturbed, or to burn the werewolf before it can cause more trouble.

    Malleus Maleficarum: Shepherding: The Malleus in Denver have their churches protected against the werewolves, true. But the Inquisition is more concerned about the spiritual battle raging in the city. Caring less about what's legalized, the Malleus exorcists are busy rushing from brushfire to brushfire trying to save the city from full-scale possessions and outbreaks of demonic activity. Thankfully the influx of immigrants from Central America gives the city a strong base of support to draw on regardless of what the wolves might try.

    Network Zero: Scouting: With nightly werewolf battles, Network Zero trail cameras are out in full force. Several of the videos have already gone viral, but this has drawn attention from both the more tech-savvy wolves and the conspiracies. Staying relatively low since the release of said videos, Network Zero has had to face the fact that the werewolves can use technology just as well as any man and are beginning to track down cell members when the videos are released.

    Null Mysteriis: Exploring: Like Network Zero, Null Mysteriis has become a stable fixture in the area outside of Denver. The difference is the bulk of Mysteriis members are biologists and anthropologists, studying the werewolves for signs of how their culture works and how their bodies function both in the "wild" and in the urban environments. This has actually placed ORAS cells the closest to cracking the differences between the two werewolf factions, but they won't release any findings until they have a more concrete understanding. The cells in the Denver area understand that if they release bad information, people will die.

    Talbot Group: Frayed: Coming to accept that no, werewolves aren't meant to be solely human, the Talbot Group's Denver affiliates are instead focusing on the werewolf victims. They've also noticed a large amount of spiritual. activity and possessions under their aegis as well. Slowly trying to work out with the formerly possessed patients in their care how they think it happened, the victims have only vague recollections that whatever took them over was under the impression that it could do whatever it wanted because no one could stop them.

    Task Force: VALKYRIE: Sequestered: The closest TFV presence to Denver is in Cheyenne Mountain (Jokingly called SGC), so the MIBs don't often run into trouble in the city. The problem is when the werewolves keep trying to get onto the base itself. Several times TFV operatives have been forced to neutralize werewolves trespassing on the mountain, but none have ever been willing to state why. The mountain was checked six ways to Sunday before the complex was built, so as far as TFV is concerned there shouldn't be a reason for the infiltration in the first place.

    The Union: Defensive: Like werewolves, the Union is oriented on the territory it protects. Union neighborhoods in Denver are practically considered no-go zones by all werewolves in Denver and the surrounding area, but by process of looking into the abyss Union neighborhoods are just as dangerous to outsiders as well. Hunters expecting a relatively wary group of hunters based of their experiences in other cities are in for a shock when the Union confronts them violently for stepping on their turf.
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      I'm working on a Princess city book for Detroit with Super_Dave and it includes a lot of hunters (you've got to have allies to interact with socally after all).

      Have a look if you're interested:

      “There are no rules. Only Principles and natural laws.” - Promethius
      My Homebrew no longer fits in a signature, you can find an index of it here.
      Full length fan-books I contributed too: Princess: the Hopeful, Leviathan: the Tempest, Dream Catchers


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        Boston: Mad Magic Mayhem

        Boston has become a city with a reputation for trouble in the hunter community, as hunters and witches battle practically every single night to try and force each other to a stalemate. From the colleges to the dockyards to the suburbs, Boston is a massive chess game of backstabbing, ambushes, and politicking between multiple groups of wizards that claim the city as theirs. Worse, the city is filled with as many if not more occult secrets as Philadelphia, leftovers from the founding of the nation itself that could hold powerful occult objects and secrets for whoever uncovers the truth.

        Aegis Kai Doru: Driven: As one of the largest cities with a confirmed large population of witches in the population in North America, the AKD continually devote large resources to the city in the hopes that they can continue to seize the relics and artifacts left in the wake of conflict with them. ALready several major relics have been found and catalogued, as well as several prisoners taken in the hopes that more can be located soon. Why soon? No one needs to know apparently.

        Ascending Ones: Angry: The Cult of the Phoenix in Boston used to have a near-monopoly on the drug trade in the city through various patsies and contacts, but in the past decade someone has decided to take a cut of the action. Someone's selling a new drug on the market, one that not only gives a killer high but has a kind of magical trace to it as well. This competition in terms of business and product is threatening the Ascending Ones, and they don't like to be threatened.

        Ashwood Abbey: Comfortable: Home to many of the nation's most powerful, established, and wealthy families, Boston and the Abbey go back a long, long way. There are some witches who don't mind cavorting with the Abe when a good party is on the horizon, but the Abe cells in Boston prefer to have more fascinating "guests" brought in from elsewhere rather than risk their necks and standing in the wake of possible murder charges.

        Cheiron Group: Scouting: Seeing some of the nation's best medical professionals graduating from the city, Cheiron's regional office is quick to snap anyone with real potential away before Null Mysteriis can continue to use them. No one knows what Cheiron's overall goal in Boston is, but rumors are spreading that the hope is to find a sure-fire piece of a witch that can actually convey full magic power to their hunters.

        Division Six: Purging: Division Six's presence in the city isn't firmly established in terms of how many cells they have present, but they have enough that the witches play hell trying to root them out. Many carbombs and shootings blamed on the city's organized crime presence were more likely the work of 6's witch hunters, though in recent years with the fall from grace of groups like the Winter Hill Gang the group has decided to shift from outright violence to more subtle means of elimination like computer fraud and what has essentially become "identity destruction", though the stories on the street also claim that the group is actively kidnapping reality deviants to secret labs for unknown research.

        The Hunt Club: Contemplative: With a relatively underpopulated clubhouse in the city, the Hunt Club in Boston is still enough of an established set that their preferred rules have become part of the group's overall ethos. Inadvertently aiding the authorities in clearing out many of the gangs after Whitey Bulger's escape, the Boston Rules set of the Hunt Club have begun to wonder if perhaps the worst witches might be their next series of targets after all.

        Knights of Saint George: Warded: Present since the very founding of the city, the Knights have had a Shadow Court in place on what they claim is a place that the witches once managed to summon up one of the faceless angels. Though firmly emplaced, the Knights know that the witches are still in control of the city as a whole, and so have made sure that their safehouses are as protected as possible. When the knights go to do battle, they roll hard.

        The Long Night: Small: As a city essentially built on Catholicism, Boston had only small space to offer when the Long Night came to the city. This isn't to say the group isn't still a known part of the city's hunter community, but their small numbers and relatively low profile keep the Long Night close to their own territories most nights.

        Loyalists of Thule: Scouring: The Loyalists, like the AKD, comb through the city each night to find any more evidence of occult secrets left behind by the Founding Fathers, feeling that there may still be more in the city and in Boston Harbor that they could use for their own goals. The Three Old Men themselves have given their approval for greater backing to be given to the Loyalists, to grab as much as possible from the region, thoguh unlike the AKD no one has heard anything about a time table.

        Lucifuge: Established: Like the Abbey, the Lucifuge has had a place in Boston for many years. Though they consistently deny any association with any part of the Kennedy family, they do have their blood in several Brahmin names, including the Cabots, Dwights, Lodges, and Tudors. This allows the cells in Boston to take their time with any problems. After all, they have more than enough money combined to bounce back from any difficulty.

        Maiden's Blood Sisterhood: Open: The Sisterhood's opinion on witchcraft what it is, the group has opened several lines of communication between the witches and other hunters who might want to work out arrangements and deals. Though vampires are present in Boston, the Sisterhood has such a strong presence in the city's universities that the leeches prefer to steer clear, allowing the Sisterhood to become a valuable part of the hunter community for a change rather than a side note.

        Malleus Maleficarum: Firm: Boston isn't run by the Irish anymore, but it certainly has more than enough families in the working neighborhoods willing to go to bat for the Church. Holding a firm grip on Southie and acting as the home city of Archbishop Gallaher himself, the Malleus have broken several covens over the 20th century and have forced many more witches to give up their arcane powers for good. No one sees this changing anytime soon, especially after the Malleus wiped out some kind of witch cult disguised as an offshoot of the Church.

        Network Zero: Rolling: With conflict practically every night, Network Zero's Boston cells are essentially overwhelmed with footage of witches and hunters using amazing magical abilities to get a leg up against each other. Footage out of Boston always gets high views and sharing numbers, but the age old problem of cries of fake footage always keep the wider world from realizing what they're actually seeing.

        Null Mysteriis: Pushing: Unlike many cities, cells for ORAS in Boston are continually going out each night to find out more about the witches that surround them. Able to recruit from some of the best colleges in the nation, the issue is that many older members are typically strictly Rationalist, while the younger generation is almost always willing to dabble in the Open-Minds area of study. At times this has even spread to the classroom, leaving many feeling that the Boston cells are in danger of an old vs young showdown.

        Promethean Brotherhood: Underground: Even for hunters, the Brotherhood's cells in Boston are currently laying low. Knowing that the witches would purge the city to keep from losing their power, the Brotherhood are scouting out witch gathering points and several smaller covens. The hope is that by keeping the herd from getting spooked, the Brotherhood can build their strength quickly enough to start taking on the more powerful, and therefore more magic-filled witches.

        Task Force: VALKYRIE: Distant: Though possessing several of the nation's most vital colleges, TFV has moved away from the city since the infiltration of the FBI field office by the Winter Hill Gang was handled. Yet rumors persist that there's at least two cells in the city that "everyone" knows about. One keeps people away from the historic buildings that served as hotspots of revolutionary activity, the other actively going between these buildings as if they're looking for something.

        Union: Firm: The Union has several strong cells in the Boston area, made up of the same blue-collar workers that the Union was started by. Controlling the docks with an iron grip, the Union is reasonably willing to parlay with the witches so long as the fighting is kept away from kids and residential neighborhoods. Unfortunately, several witch covens have reportedly been making strikes to test the docks, and the Union is getting antsy about their "friendly" witches getting their people under control.

        VASCU: Underwhelming: Assigning several agents to the Boston field office, VASCU in Boston is typically just seconded to the office for typical agent duties. Yet the VASCU agents are consistently considered a danger by local witches, who claim that their "magic" is somehow wrong or false. The VASCU agents have no idea what any of it means, but to their ears it sounds like they might be edging in on a racket the witches don't want to lose.
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          A coven of witches are trying to take over the Boston drugs market and are selling drugs with magical effects, that's two direct conflicts of interest with the Ascending Ones.

          Panopticon has a seperate programme to D6 in Boston who focus on reserching reality deviants and how to counteract them. Sometimes D6 cells are requested to deliver live witches to it.

          The Knights of St. George have been here almost as long as the city has. They had their Shadow Court at Salem, which is coincidently on the spot that some witches summoned what sounds like a Faceless Angel.


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            A couple of things to note for Denver is that there's a vampire-hunting pack active in the area, that it's one of the most united places in the country for Forsaken, and that wolves are very high up in the city's power chain. There are also monstrous dinosaur- and prehistoric animal-spirit hybrids roaming the local Shadow, trying to find Essence they can still consume and failing miserably. Think Jurassic Park meets Frankenstein.


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              For New Orleans I'd be really tempted to alter the setting. I mean, the book was released just prior to Katrina for one.

              However, if you ever read the original demo for Requiem, there's an interesting chapter where a Morbus effectively commits an act of bio-terrorism in the French Quarter. A treatable but still highly fatal disease breaks out and there are wide spread reports of mysterious smears of blood being found which then disappear with the sun rise... It wasn't exactly subtle.

              Katrina is an opportunity unlike pretty much anything else for Valkyrie. There are usually limits to what they can reasonably deploy on the streets of the US; but when there are tens of thousands of mobilised troops who's going to notice a couple of hundred TWILIGHT kill teams?


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                Detroit: Unliving it Up

                The Motor City has been plagued in recent years by more than just closing factories and urban decay. Undead beasts made of reused human bodies have begun to consider the city some kind of gathering point, and their strange magics have not helped the regional situation. Now as the urban jungle continues to become overgrown and neighborhoods are literally barricaded from the rest of the city, the hunters in the region have to make a hard choice between the Vigil and simply surviving.

                Aegis Kai Doru:

                Ascending Ones: Supportive: For many neighborhoods, the Ascending Ones are actually the closest thing to an infrastructure they have. Able to provide food to those truly in need, organizing community clothing and medical drives, and even taking steps to try and break down the barricades that close off these neighborhoods from the city, the Cult of the Phoenix also ensures that these neighborhoods are hooked on the drugs they supply. Overall however, the goal is to capture the strange walking dead men and take the alchemical magic they somehow possess.

                The Cheiron Group: Pursuing: Lakeshore Biotechnic sees the undead things as vital to securing several new forms of thaumatech as well as established ones. Scouring the city nightly, Lakeshore cells grab where they can, popping massive amounts of medication to fight off the effects of the uncanny valley effect the thing have on mankind. It doesn't always work though, and more than once a cell has been reprimanded because the body was dead by the time it came back.

                The Long Night: Surging: With churches and missions across the city able to give hope to those greatest in need, Long Night-affiliated congregations are the most numerous cells in the city. Unfortunately, the magics surrounding the undead humans walking through the city turn the sometimes peaceful Long Night into a raging inferno of righteous hatred.

                Loyalists of Thule: Laying Low: Despite the typically high Germanic population in the Midwest, the Loyalists have little to find in Detroit that would be useful to them. The city itself isn't so ancient as to hide any occult secrets, and the dead men walking about don't usually know anything useful to their goals. There are, however, rumors that the Loyalists are actually keeping a very close eye on several art museums that now have in their possession several statues that reportedly are cursed, and even allegedly move when no one is looking.

                Lucifuge: Scrambling: With such desperation, demons find fertile grounds to make deals in Detroit. From executives trying to save their own skins to mothers and fathers trying to feed their families for another day. As with Denver, they only have a single cell in the region to work with, but instead of followers the cell instead prefers to use several independent cells in return for the Lucifuge eliminating several gangs in the city wreaking havoc. The irony wasn't lost.

                Malleus Maleficarum: Supporting: Instead of trying to find monsters or purge the wicked, the Sisterhood of St. Wisdom runs the Detroit operations of the Inquisition. Knowing that a hungry mouth invites temptation, the Malleus are focused on several community outreach efforts aimed at keeping the city from becoming too desperate to control. So far it's helped, and as long as the leading Mother Superior can stand to ignore the Lucifuge's actions, they can focus on those most in need.

                Network Zero: Hardened: In a city like Detroit, the Netzos have to adapt or die. Often as skilled with a gun as their cameras, Detroit is considered the place for the hardest Network Zero cells to go to prove themselves. The group has actually proven itself relatively useful for a change, filming several crimes in progress that have helped the city's prosecutor nail multiple dangerous criminals. More important to their own ends, the group has sat down with several of the dead men, interviewing them about what they are, what they're trying to do, and why Detroit is so important. Spreading this information about, the Network has managed to at least help multiple cells in the region understand just what they're getting into.

                Night Watch: At War: Seeing the Ascending Ones and gangs dragging their city further and further down, the Watch has decided that they must fight all-out against them. The Watch in Detroit are heavily armed at all times and never unprepared for a fight. While Philadelphia is nearly-constantly under threat of a hunter civil war breaking out between all groups in the city, the Watch in Detroit is solely focused on the gangs and their suppliers in the Ascending Ones. Of course, trying to take on a conspiracy is a difficult prospect in the best of times, and the neighborhoods the Watch has are quickly becoming overwhelmed by drugs and a lack of attention from the city worse than before.

                Null Mysteriis: Tearing Hair Out: The undead things would advance several dozen disciplines overnight, but the problem is that they almost seem to have some kind of personal entropy field surrounding them that wreaks havoc with lab equipment and even just trying to stay focused on the task at hand. Multiple other Null Mysteriis experts in the region are showing worrying obsession with recreating these creatures, and their cellmates have only just barely managed to hold them back from going full-bore Frankenstein.

                Task Force: VALKYRIE: Researching: The Task Force doesn't have an active, get-out-and-kill group of cells in Detroit. The focus is instead on R&D, using the city's existing "abandoned" infrastructure to develop several technologies that might aid in reclaiming the city from the undead freaks. Though secret, TFV researchers are finding that the monsters do have something inside them, and that something could be very useful.

                The Union: Struggling: The once-mighty UAW has come to face the fact that Detroit is flagging harder than ever. Still, the Union cells in the city and suburbs aren't giving up yet. They know the undead creatures are part of the problem, and so they have made it a mission to find them and kill them. With a high proportion of General Strike-affiliated cells in the area and firm control of the three remaining auto plants, the Union in Detroit is extremely proactive against any threats. However, they also have had several confrontations between themselves and the militant Night Watch.

                Utopia Now: Plotting: Seeing Detroit as the perfect place to unveil their plans, Utopia Now has a cell in the region ready to recreate the heydays of Detroit steel and the Motor City. Readying the opening of an independent automotive plant in the city capable of becoming competition with newer companies like Tesla, Utopia Now is having a hell of a time trying to make sure the undead things don't ruin their plans.

                (Don't worry Kings, I'll write up a Princess Detroit too)


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                  Miami: A Beautiful Madness

                  A city in danger of sinking, Miami is still home of one of the largest accepted populations of fairies in the US today. This has turned the city into a dangerous place, as the legendary mask hiding the fairies makes it nigh-impossible for your average hunter to actually know who they're hunting at all. Fortunately, the city's fairies are often so overt in how they act that a little observation goes a long way.

                  Ashwood Abbey: Don't Ask: Really, don't. No one in the Miami vigil wants to even imagine what debauched heights the Abe is capable of getting itself up to in the city.

                  Aegis Kai Doru, Ascending Ones: Buying: With so many fairy relics and goblin fruits in the city's markets, both of these ancient cults go out of their way to stock up when they can. Unfortunately, many believe this is actually putting their cells in the city more and more under the control of the fairies rather than preventing further trouble.

                  Cheiron Group: Frustrated: As in their other operations, Cheiron's regional subsidiary Iberria Health Solutions is terrible at bringing in fairies. Fortunately for the rest of the world, they have a plan to work against the fairies by exploiting what seems to be a fairy weakness for rescuing kidnap victims. Orchestrating several kidnappings, Iberria has found at least one genuine fairy that was made out of metal and calling out how it wouldn't be a steel beam again. It was right, because it became a series of possible implants instead.

                  Illuminated Brotherhood: Exploring: With the sheer amount of drugs the Brotherhood takes just to experience the spirit world, it doesn't surprise many when they found fairies in Miami. But it has also twisted the local spiritual landscape, with spirits unlike any they've seen before reflecting old and modern fairy tails. Thinking there's got to be a connection, the Brotherhood wants to learn as much as it can about these "fairies".

                  The Long Night: Comforting: Most of the fairies report terrible, literally inhuman abuses from their time in a place called "Arcadia". Taking these shattered souls into their care, the Long Night has tried continually to heal the wounds they can. This has made the Long Night strange bedfellows with the regional fairy power structure, meaning the Long Night actually has extra protection from several groups of fairies.

                  Loyalists of Thule: Testing: The old fairy tales are wrong in so many ways that the Loyalists are using Miami as a test bed to find out for sure what does and doesn't work. To that goal they've devoted considerable resources in terms of manpower and capital. Iron does have an effect, fairies are utterly bound by agreements, but that's about it. Some are harmed by church bells and religious icons, others gleefully dance about in churches, during the mass even! All the Loyalists really have to work with at this point are the unpublished drafts of the Brothers Grimm.

                  Lucifuge: Lost: As much as they know they're royalty to the demons of Hell, the fairies of Miami don't see the Lucifuge as kindred spirits. Rather, several groups of fairies have actually tried to kill Lucifuge members claiming something about privateers. The term implies some some of organized group of mercenaries, and the Lucifuge has taken this as a sign that the fairies might actually be fighting one another in the city at the present.

                  Malleus Maleficarum: Worn: If it isn't fairies not running from churchbells, it's the people gone mad from them in their wake. The Church has resources, but Miami's churches are busy with the day to day lives of human beings, meaning that changelings coming for help will typically only be there to feed on emotion or make things worse to accomplish the former. With such foes, the Malleus in the city are being worn down more and more by the fae.

                  Network Zero: Frazzled: The cells of Network Zero are absolutely done trying to find fairies in Miami. With the Mask able to shield fairies from AV equipment as well as human sight, the Secret Frequency has decided to instead strike out looking for the Goblin Markets, looking for a camera that could actually breach the Mask. The idea being if they can find such an object anywhere, it would have to be at these secret swap meets.

                  Null Mysteriis: Done: Even the Open-Minds of Null Mysteriis have had enough of Miami's fairy power structure. From raids made on labs to toying with their goals, the Misties are ready to pack up and leave the city for good after everything that's happened to them. Unfortunately one group of changelings, believing they see like-minded "occultists" in the organization, are trying to entice them to stay with offers to drop the mask and help them see the truth. The Misties are ready to turn their contact information over to the more militant hunters out of sheer frustration.

                  Talbot Group: Expanding: The Talbot Group only recently opened up a center in Miami, and for them changelings are entirely different psychoses all together. Suffering from what they've started calling Compound-PTSD, the Talbot center is trying to gently offer new help to the changeling society. A small group of half a dozen changelings have decided to accept the offer of help, but threats what must be the wider changeling community keep coming. This has forced the group to offer free counseling services to hunters in return for protection. With few therapists actually capable of understanding their struggle, it's one of the best protected buildings in the city from anything. It also raises question as to why the Long Night is somehow okay, but the Group isn't.

                  Task Force: VALKYRIE: Trapping: Fairies and other dimensions are apparently high on TFV's watchlist, and reports continue to circulate through the hunter community that the MIBs are kidnapping fairies where they can find them, dosing them with knockout drugs and putting them under intense guards. Of course, no one actually knows why.

                  VASCU: Searching: Kidnappings fall under FBI jurisdiction, and in Miami there's plenty to go around. Adding in VASCU cells due to the need for manpower, the agents are troubled by the sheer collective mental instability that permeates the city. This hasn't taken away from their duty however, but the "fairy" kidnappers and the few returned victims seem to have disturbingly similar mental patterns.

                  Union: Rising: With a strong blue collar workforce in the city's neighborhoods, the Union has already scouted several individuals that could be valuable new members. One group of workers in the city's water and power department in particular are making waves as becoming suspicious about what lurks in the shadows. The Union is preparing to make moves against the fairies, and they aren't going to make any bad deals this time. In this strike, the powers that be will not sway the workers as far as the Union sees it.
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                    really good stuff you have here. I like it all. Are you going to later add the US 2E settings as well?

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                      If I knew which cities they were.

                      New York City: Grim Grinning Ghosts

                      The Big Apple has some of the most diverse hunters present anywhere in the world. Practically ever major US compact and several conspiracies have cells in the city alongside with lone cells from the various neighborhoods. Rumors still persist that there is some kind of "ultra-conspiracy" in the UN itself, controlling the conspiracies and compacts of several international governments, but those are at best conspiracy theories. The more pertinent problem are ghosts of a city that never sleeps. New York is crawling with ghosts, meaning that instead of trying to kill something nearly all cells have to make something either accept that it's dead or force it to move on.

                      Ahl al-Jabal: Swift: Focused on keeping the vampiric population under control, the compact is able to use the sheer size of New York's population to flit from neighborhood to neighborhood as they carry out their mission. Most other hunters are fine with this, as it keeps them focused on their goal of handling the ghosts.

                      Aegis Kai Doru: Careful: The Shield and the Spear moves with caution in New York. The city is home to one of their largest relic vaults in the continent, and much of their efforts are focused on warding it against intrusion by the local witches. This, in addition to the abundance of ghosts Ghostwalkers, forces the conspiracy's hunters to take up a defensive Vigil built on observation and subterfuge.

                      Ascending Ones:

                      Ashwood Abbey: Nervous:
                      The New York Abe are getting worried about how many ghosts are in the city lately. The 1970s were a wild time, and a lot of blood was spilled because of the Abbey's actions. Blood from hunters, monsters, and civilians. Worried that some hunters are going to find out exactly what happened, the Abbey has started calling in dozens of exorcists and spiritualists from outside to try and clean house.

                      Barrett Commission: Balancing: Since New York's civil government literally rivals several small nations, the Commission found little trouble worming into relatively small but invaluable positions high in the chain. Being so highly placed and in the know, the Commission has become a kind of moderating force on the rest of the city's hunters, handling disputes involving territory, calling in markers, and generally trying to make sure the Vigil runs smoothly without the big guns getting involved.

                      Cainite Heresy: Stunted: Without the number of vampires found in other cities coupled with the willingness of hunters in New York to at the very least tolerate each other, the Cainites have been left in a city where they can barely move. Habibti Ma is especially on guard against them, seeing them as a dangerous cult. The Cainites are therefore convinced that H.B. is a front for vampires trying to stop them, and are readying to take them out.

                      Cheiron Group: Earning: Ghosts can be profitable, but now overtly so like vampires or other strange creatures. So for now, Cheiron in New York is actually doing something no one can believe; acting as a legitimate pharmaceutical corporation with proper human testing laws being followed and all reports going to the FDA. Which is why everyone is so freaking suspicious of them.

                      Division Six: Useless: So focused on witches, Division Six cells that form in New York are left flat-footed when the "witches" don't die while they're being shot. Losing multiple cells over the years, Division Six has become a laughing stock among New York's hunter community. Even the latest cell has come to accept this, working instead of try and make a database of the various witches in the city rather than get themselves kill. Unfortunately, Mr. Jones is growing impatient.

                      Faithful of Shulpae: Cannibalistic: The cult's followers in New York have long hunted Ghostwalkers for their Feasts, taking their power over the dead for themselves. But now, they turn on each other even as the ghosts of their previous meals come to haunt them. One of them, in particular, had been a necromancer in life, and he has used his magic to direct his fellow shades against their killers. Some of the Faithful killed by them returned to life through the Bargain, but their second chance is more often than not plagued with danger from their former compatriots more than any other threat.

                      Knights of St. Adrian:

                      Knights of St. George: Purged: Given their interest in the leylines of the city, New York's witches do not take kindly to the Knights' presence. Whatever foothold the conspiracy had was quickly destroyed through their efforts, and the few who managed to escape alive are left operating alone or in pairs. These survivors work to keep each other updated on the witches' movements, but they have recently begun coordinating their efforts for a strike against one of the less organized covens.

                      Greenwich Village Irregulars: Symbolic: Having grown into a compact since the 1970s, the Irregulars stand as an example of what New York hunters have accomplished compared to their more territorial compatriots in Philadelphia. Keeping the pulse on the city's hunters from the ground, the Irregulars are now taking the unusual step of trying to contact the fog-men to see if there can't be a possible peace between the two groups.

                      Habibti Ma: Guarding: In a city the size of New York, Habibti Ma stands vigil over the outcast and neglected. Perfect targets of cults and dangerous groups, Habibti Ma has made it a focus to interfere as much as possible with cult recruiters as well as pushing journalists and police to keep a closer eye on several "death cults" in the city.

                      Hunt Club: Safe: With the richer neighborhoods practically cities within a city, the Hunt Club is ensconced in it's own personal security bubble surrounded by private guards, the police, and plenty of ground to cover. So safely, they've granted their title of "Long Island Serial Killer" to a younger member, hoping they'll be up to carrying on the cat and mouse game with the NYPD on the Long Island beaches.

                      Illuminated Brotherhood:

                      Les Mysteries: Protected:
                      The fog-men are convinced Les Mysteries are being used by ghosts and spirits, and technically they are right. What they never quite understand is that the ghosts and spirits associated with Les Mysteries are actually willing partners most of the time. This has protected the group's mediums and spiritualists, but for how long is up for debate.

                      Long Night: Evangelizing: Pushing out into the city with pamphlets by day and weapons by night, the dozens of Long Night cells in New York believe that God has granted them a sacred duty to clear out a modern day Gomorrah. Believing that New York will be the start of their glorious rapture, the Long Night are trying desperately to bring in more and more followers to their cause. Unfortunately, several cells have tactics and attitudes on recruits and converts that run right into the sights of Habibti Ma.

                      Loyalists of Thule: Gathering: The Loyalists seek out the ghosts of New York to find information. Information on where the bodies might be buried, on who the killer is, on what it is under the floor I'm standing on that you died for. This has brought the Loyalists into contact most often with the "fog-men", or sin-eaters who consider the city theirs. Fortunately, the fog-men are more concerned with getting ghosts to move on, and the Loyalists taking away any anchors makes the relationship that much more cordial.

                      Maiden's Blood Sisterhood: Closed off: Not willing to let any local vampires get their fangs into their campuses, the Sisterhood doesn't have many experts on ghosts to call on. What they know for sure is that several of their members have come back after death, and not knowing what to do about them has literally put the group into limbo over what to do about them.

                      Network Zero: Downcast: Surprisingly, many NetZo cells in New York City are anxious about their situation. While fully capable of filming brilliant footage of haunted buildings and unquiet ghosts, the sheer amount of noise coming from reality TV shows purporting to explore the exact same phenomena means that even if a great video is put out, it's compared to the reality TV garbage everywhere else. Ghosts used to be one of Network Zero's biggest tools, but now many fear they're a liability.

                      Null Mysteriis: Studying: Rather than worry about doctrinal squabbles like in Boston, ORAS HQ in New York is more focused on more attainable scientific goals. Instead of trying to explain ghosts or find their origins, the Misties are just trying to come up with better ways to find and communicate with them. Once a clear line of communication is established both ways, then the real work can begin.

                      Promethean Brotherhood: Moving: The Brotherhood has killed several fog-men and rituals using the Rite of Hecate, and with it the fog-men they've killed have stayed dead. Of course, given the purpose of the murders, the Brotherhood has preferred to keep this little revelation to themselves.

                      Talbot Group: Listening: With so many hunters in the city, the Talbot Group center is their port of call when they desperately need someone to talk to. The Talbots offer a willing ear to listen to many of these hunters, as well as a support system for victims of everything from possession to ghouling to witch mind control.

                      Union: Strong: The many neighborhoods of New York are filled with working families, and as such as home to dozens of Union cells. Holding firm to the principles that strong neighborhoods make strong protections against monsters, most Union cells in New York are pretty quick to send out a call for assistance if they're facing down a haunting that's tougher to deal with than a quick blessing with sage and kindly asking the spirit to leave.

                      Utopia Now: Scheming: Mostly coming out of Wall Street, the cells of Utopia Now don't have time for all the namby-pamby feel good times that other New York cells experience. Instead, Utopia Now is planning to open up competition to the NY Stock Exchange using their finds. Their hope is that with the bio-tech they have, they can make new trading algorithms and systems that would literally blow the market wide open. Ghosts? Who cares.

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                        Suggestion for Aegis in New York, somewhat inspired by the Doctor Strange movie.


                        Aegis Kai Doru: Careful: The Shield and the Spear moves with caution in New York. The city is home to one of their largest relic vaults in the continent, and much of their efforts are focused on warding it against intrusion by the local witches. This, in addition to the abundance of ghosts Ghostwalkers, forces the conspiracy's hunters to take up a defensive Vigil built on observation and subterfuge.

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                          New York also has a lot of Awakened. It's not a setting but it's referred to as having a population too big for the consilium to properly manage.

                          I'd suspect New York is probably the kind of place where where every supernatural population is well represented.


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                            Originally posted by Michael View Post
                            New York also has a lot of Awakened. It's not a setting but it's referred to as having a population too big for the consilium to properly manage.

                            I'd suspect New York is probably the kind of place where where every supernatural population is well represented.
                            I recall a Nameless Order being written up on one of the 1E blue books.

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                              Originally posted by Deionscribe View Post

                              I recall a Nameless Order being written up on one of the 1E blue books.
                              It is in Left Handed Path, I believe

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