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Sense 8 as a game setting

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  • Sense 8 as a game setting

    Anyone else think that Sense 8 would make for a cool game setting?

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    From what I remember it's one of the things specifically listed as an inspiration for the upcoming Deviant: the Renegades gameline, so I assume the answer around here is "yes".


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      It's not much of a setting, really. More like a minor template with Merits (à la Hurt Locker) that can be used in CofD. BPO could easily be just another Hunter network as far as we know right now. Or maybe there's a grand reveal in the last half hour of the Christmas movie. I haven't seen it through completely yet.

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        Watched it last night but since you havn't see it I won't comment on it.


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          Orrrr, as almost always we can with lower Templates - we can make Proximi Dynasty about Sense8s. But I think that seperetad Template based on few Merits would be much faithful to spirit of beings in show.

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            Modified mechanics for the hive-soul sleepwalker servants from Seers of the Throne?