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    I recently saw an article about 'Zealandia', a submerged continent off the coast of Australia and around/beneath New Zealand. If I understand you correctly that would place it as home to your Drinker.
    ​Also, what are you doing (if anything) with the Awakened of New Zealand? It's separate enough to be separate but close enough to interact with your setting and might make for some interesting contrasts.


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      Love what you got for the Seers of the Throne, and happy to see that one of the player characters is at least on approachable terms with one of them.

      I suggest using this by having this Noah approach Rex on behalf of his Tetrarchy and offer a secret shadow alliance with him and the Diamond in order to destroy the Lord of Dust, who's actions are starting to endanger the operations of his Tetrarchy. That way the players and Consili are offered a unique opportunity to deal a decisive blow to the Seers, but by doing so strengthen another Tetrarchy. Plus the paranoia alone would definitly be a good thing for drama.
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        I love what you've done with the place. Aus-centered games always warm my heart.

        Wyrd - great to hear about your Uluru-centered game as well.

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