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Gravity is an Exarch!

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  • Gravity is an Exarch!

    All those smart Sleeper scientists say that 'we need to pay energy ( i.e. work ) to Earth's Gravity Well' - but it's a Lie! Gravity is Tyrant, detain us on Fallen World! It's probably General, not letting us to leave his 'Perfect Battlefield' he created from the dawn of time. ( See video before commenting. )

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    Hehe I love Kurzgesagt, I think the 12,000 year Calendar works well for a lot of the Whitewolf games.


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      It is a Lie, and Sleeper scientists know it.


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        sorry if i'm breaking any forum rules, but i am reminded of a homer simpson line. "Come on gravity, you used to be cool."


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          "You wish to have freedom to move without being bound by the fundamental forces of the universe ? You have an energy debt to pay and are going nowhere until the full value is received" - The Auditor of Kinematics, ascended Force archmaster of the Chancellor.

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