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  • Something before the actual Secret Order of the Gate, most of which I've posted in other threads, but cross-posting them here as well for sake of compilation. I'll edit this post into the Secret Order's writeup proper once I finish it.

    EDIT: Partial completion of Attainments.

    EDIT: Yay, finished.

    EDIT: Fixed mistakes Michael Brazier pointed out.

    Mystery Cult & Nameless Order: Secret Order of the Gate (• to •••••)

    The Secret Order of the Gate is at once a Legacy serving the Gate, a Nameless Order hidden within the Seers of the Throne, and a mystery cult whose membership extends beyond the Awakened. Newly initiated Seers are first indoctrinated via the Nameless Order, and initiation into the Legacy itself is allowed only for the ready. Meanwhile, Sleepwalker pawns somewhere between ambitious, gullible, deluded, or fanatic sometimes initiate into the cult. While they can indeed bid for higher positions than what the Pyramid usually allows, they are ultimately still servants and pawns of the inner circle that is the Legacy.

    Purpose: The Secret Order, like many sub-cults of the Exarchs inside the Seers, started as a bid for power amidst the Seers' usual job hazards. It has since evolved into a full-fledged cult, far beyond a fringe pylon and its influences, but yet falling short of a true Ministry.

    Relic: Rumors whisper that the Order's founders used an Artifact called the Celestial Flange to contact the Gate from the Place Between. Just what exactly is the Flange, or whether it even exists, is information closely guarded by the elders of the Legacy.

    Doctrine: The Secret Order's philosophies hew dangerously close to that of Scelesti, so members are constantly vigilant for signs of Abyssal corruption among their own. Openers and Warders keeping each other in check is one of such mechanisms.

    Initiation Benefits
    Initiates are taught the mythology of the Serpent and the Tree, gaining an Occult Specialty in the Abyss.
    A shadow of the Abyssal spark of Sleep worms its way back into the initiate. Sleepwalker members gain the Liar Merit (), despite not being a Sleeper. Awakened members gain instead an instance of the Language Merit () representing their fluency with the Parametric Language.
    The Secret Order is named so for a reason, as members must put up facades after facades. Sleepwalker members gain the Slippery Merit (). Awakened members gain two dots of the Occultation Merit, added to their existing rating. This can go over the usual three-dot limit. They may also choose to replace their Order Rote Skills with the following list; Subterfuge, Occult, Survival.
    At this depth of initiation, the member has seen much more than what outsiders can only imagine. Initiates gain the Deadpan Merit (•), even if they are not Sleepwalkes.
    The initiate has gazed into the Abyss, and the Abyss now gazes back. Sleepwalker members gain the Loved Merit (•), representing a sliver of attention from the Gate. Awakened members gain the Destiny Merit at three dots, with a Doom that will involve Paradox or the Abyss itself. They are also considered ready for initiation into the inner circle of the cult, the Legacy of the Lonely Exarch.

    Language (The Parametric Language) (•)

    Effect: The mage knows of the Parametric Language, the secret tongue of the Gate, which His followers claim She used to open and then banish the Abyss. When casting spells targeting Abyssal entities and phenomena, the mage may use the Parametric Language instead of High Speech as mantras and runes for purpose of Yantras. Doing so grants a +3 bonus instead of the usual +2, but adds a +1 to the spell's Paradox dice pool.
    The Parametric Language can be used in conversation, albeit clumsily and slowly. When spoken to Abyssal entities, however, it improves the mage's impression by one step in Social Maneuvering. Often, this is the minimum required to have a meaningful social interaction with an Abyssal entity at all.


    How could a meek goth girl like that ever survive all this time in the Iron Pyramid? That's where you made the mistake. If only you had seen past the obfuscation, and seen that the contempt in her eyes was not borne of adolescent rebellion. Perhaps then you'd be safe back with your cutthroat, backstabbing pylon peers. Now, your are not.

    The Serpent and the Tree

    The Secret Order of the Gate proper is a Legacy dedicated to the worship and emulation of the Gate, the Lonely Exarch of the Abyss whom even the Seers dare not invoke. Despite the Pyramid forbidding the worship of the Gate, there are always Seers who seek power beyond taboos. Many fail in frustration, are punished by their superiors, or become Scelesti. Only a few initiate properly into the cult and survive long enough to join its upper echelons in true service to the Gate.

    The current Order, about a century old, is only the latest incarnation of the Legacy. The metaphor of the Fallen World as a Tree threatening to choke the Supernal skies, and the Abyss as the Serpent who works to prune the Tree's roots, appears frequently in what records the Pyramid has amassed about the Abyss, enough to unnerve those who know about the Secret Order. Even the Gatekeepers themselves intuit and worry that they're not the Gate's only servants, for when putting down raving Scelesti who delude themselves the Gate's servants they occasionally find symbols pertaining to their mythos and the Place Between.


    Parentage: Seers of the Throne
    Background: The Seers of the Throne implicitly recognize treachery and disobedience as a means of climbing the Pyramid, so even when confronted with a true taboo they are far more likely to try exploiting rather than kneel. Not all of them succeed, however, and only the most duplicitous and dedicated of Seers find the Legacy without succumbing to the many dangers on the path.
    Appearances: After seeing the Gate's full glory, many Gatekeepers stop caring for the mundane world utterly. Only the need for secrecy to deflect the suspicions of other Seers keep them maintaining social facades. Gatekeepers dress and act blandly as not to draw attention in the presence of other Seers, but quickly falls back to an abandon of normalcy in their unshakeable zeal.


    Prerequisites: Space 2, Mystery Cult Initiation (Secret Order of the Gate) 5
    Initiation: The Secret Order maintains much layers of secrecy, more than usual Legacies. Only those who climb to the top of the Nameless Order hidden in the Pyramid's ranks can apply for initiation to the Legacy proper. While Awakened cultists are given preferential treatment, until then they must abide by the cult's laws and even the existence of Sleepwalker superiors.
    Organization: Aside from the natural strata of the mystery cult that is the Order, Gatekeepers loosely divide themselves to followers of the Way of Opening and the Way of Warding. Openers, at least when their actions are revealed, are indistinguishable from Scelesti to outsiders as they encourage Abyssal manifestations to teach the Fallen World its rightful place. Meanwhile Warders are often mistaken for dedicated enemies of the Abyss as they fend off Abyssal manifestations with uncanny expertise. An ideal branch contains both Openers and Warders, but the two Ways often schism with each other.
    Theory: Unbeing seeks Being and devours it. Being fills Unbeing and suffocates it. The World Tree grows from filth to grasp and choke the Celestial, and so it must be gardened with the Serpent's venom. When the Serpent gnaws at the Tree's heartwood, it must be rebuked and sent back to the Void it came from.


    Ruling Arcanum: Space
    Yantras: Site of a recognizable Abyssal anomaly (+1); mantras spoken in the Parametric Language (+2); runes written in the Parametric Language (+2); debris brought back from the Place Between (+1, +2 if its corresponding counterpart in the Fallen World is destroyed)
    Oblations: Exalting the Gate in the Parametric Language; meditating within the Place Between; drawing the Gate's Iron Seal upon the mage's body; exposing Sleepers and Sleepwalkers to the Abyss


    First: Calling the Uncalled
    Prerequisites: Initiation
    The Place Between calls to the Gatekeeper, and she calls back. Whenever she invites Paradox to any spells using the Space Arcanum, she may spend three Paradox Reach to open a Thura into the Place Between.
    Optional: Spirit 1
    Be he an Opener or Warder, a Gatekeeper finds it prudent to be able to fight back Gulmoth. He can use the Counterspell Attainment against the Numina and Influences of Gulmoth. He uses Spirit in his dice pool, and must be using Spirit Mage Sight. The countered entity rolls Rank + Power or Finesse when using Numina, and Rank + Influence when using Influences.

    Second: Shroud of the Borderland
    Prerequisites: Space 2
    The Gatekeeper enters the Place Between only partly, the liminal nature of the Emanation allowing such a feat. When using this Attainment she takes on an uncanny mien; she may seem translucent, bleed from her eyes, or grow scales and tendrils that match no earthly creature. This is a mere illusion, but disquieting enough to warrant appropriate Social dice modifiers. In this state, the Gatekeeper can spend a Willpower point to "tag along" any time someone or something enters the Place Between within her sensory range.
    Should the Gatekeeper raise her Space Armor while this Attainment is in effect, she adds her Space dots to her Withstand rating to any incoming Supernal spells.
    Optional: Spirit 2
    The Gatekeeper shrouds himself with the stuff of the Place Between, allowing him to touch the intangible. His Spirit Eyes Attainment extends to Gulmoth in Twilight. He can spend Mana to interact with Gulmoth as he can do with spirits. Such interactions are unnatural to observation, even moreso than interaction with spirits, for the Gatekeeper phases through intervening objects and creatures to touch solely the Gulmoth.

    Third: Walk the Place Between
    Prerequisites: Space 3
    From her experiences in the Place Between, the Gatekeeper understands that distance and direction is meaningless. She can impart this revelation to others, replicating the "Lying Maps" spell. Reach is assigned to instant use and Advanced Duration. The Gatekeeper counts as having rolled an exceptional success on spellcasting when using this Attainment on subjects carrying debris from the Place Between.
    Optional: Spirit 3
    The Gatekeeper becomes recognized as an experienced walker of the Place Between, and he knows the secret steps of its denizens. He may command them as per the "Command Spirit" spell, with Reach assigned to instant use and Advanced Duration. When issuing a command that goes against the entity's nature, the Gatekeeper scores automatic successes equal to his Spirits dots in the resulting Clash of Wills. This is still ineffective on Abyssal entities above Rank 5.

    Fourth: Dwell in the Place Between
    Prerequisites: Space 4
    The Gatekeeper's long dwelling in the Place Between now marks her past steps. After a scene of retracing her own steps, reminiscing past experiences in the Place Between, the Gatekeeper warps space in replication of the "Co-Location" spell. Reach is assigned to sensory range and Advanced Duration.
    The Gatekeeper may employ Sympathetic Range to connect to the Place Between, bypassing the gulf between the Fallen and the Supernal. This however leaves a mark upon the world, leaving an Abyssal Environmental Tilt upon the area co-located with the Place Between, and other possible afflictions. She still needs a sympathy Yantra and a point of Mana to employ Sympathetic Range.
    Optional: Spirit 4
    The Gatekeeper is now recognized as a dweller in the Place Between, and deceives lesser Gulmoth into thinking he is one of them. His Honorary Rank from the namesake Attainment expands to Gulmoth.

    Fifth: The Fearful Reconciler
    Prerequisites: Space 5
    As a true prelate of the Fearful Reconciler, the Gatekeeper becomes able to summon any being from the Place Between, and likewise banish any being to it with ease. This Attainment costs a point of Mana and replicates the "Teleportation" spell, with Reach assigned to instant use and sensory range. Sympathetic Range is automatically employed, but to a fixed location that transcends the Fallen World; the Place Between.
    Optional: Spirit 5
    In his devotion to the Lonely Exarch, the Gatekeeper reaches the pinnacle of the Way of Opening, or the Way of Warding. Choose beforehand how this Attainment initially manifests. For an Opener, this Attainment emulates a combination of the "Shape Spirit" and "Bind Spirit" spells, which only works on Gulmoth or Abyss-tainted spirits. Reach is assigned to instant use and Advanced Duration. For a Warder, this Attainment emulates a combination of the "Shadow Scream" and "Banishment" spells. Reach is assigned to instant use and dividing Potency to Essence damage.
    However, if the Gatekeeper has retained a sense of balance, he may remember that he must be both Opener and Warder to truly embody the Gate. Those who do so can brand himself with a Paradox Condition caused by his own magic, wait for it to settle in his Pattern, Scour it out, and spend the resulting Mana to change which effect this Attainment grants access to.

    Between Being and Unbeing

    From Mage 2E core:

    The Place Between, Realm of Liminality (Space and the Abyss): Seers of the Throne whisper that the forbidden Exarch called the Gate bargained with the Abyss so that it would curse the world with the Lie. The Gate stood between the Fallen World and the Abyss to conduct its negotiations. Members of its Legacy learn to enter that liminal Emanation, which resembles a ruined, distorted mirror of the material realm. Abyssal entities haunt the Place Between, and spatial distortions allow for shortcuts between mirrored locations. Irises manifest in Abyssal Verges, or at the site of the most extreme Space Paradoxes.

    The symbolism of the Place Between is that of liminality, the silence of non-existence between every note of existence. The following is a non-exhaustive list of the unique laws and aspects the Place Between display.
    • The Place Between is simultaneously both a Supernal and Abyssal Verge. While it still grants a +2 Yantra bonus for its signature Arcana, spells still risk Paradox and Dissonance. Summonings of both Pandemonic and Abyssal entities gain a +2 bonus. The -2 to Skills rolls are limited to those that depend on knowledge of directions, dimensions, distance, travel and the like.
    • Space folds into fractals and contorts itself within the Place Between. Travelers may roll Dexterity + Occult to take paths that are short and mostly linear in the Place Between, but corresponding to locations in the Fallen World much further than the distance walked in the Emanation. The distance covered is equal to Speed to the power of successes rolled. An exceptional success allows the traveler to immediately exit the Place Between. A dramatic failure invites attention from the native entities.
    • The Place Between is haunted by both Imps of Pandemonium and Gulmoth of the Abyss, strangely coexisting despite their very essences contradicting each other. Even their behavioral patterns resemble each other; Imps will be more scathing in their ordeals, and Gulmoth will tempt rather than destroy. Summonings of these entities are warped as well. Storyteller rolls for Abyssal incursion during Supernal summoning gain the rote quality. However the reverse also happens, as summoning Gulmoth within the Emanation carries the risk of summoning a Supernal entity instead. Use the same mechanics for Abyssal incursion, including the rote quality granted by the Emanation.
    • Exits are not readily visible in the Place Between, nor do they look like one. Travelers may roll Wits + Occult to intuit a small ritual that will lead them out. Even on success, the results often look counterintuitive or nonsensical, such as chaining oneself to a wall or maiming one's own feet with a loose piece of pavement. On exceptional success, the traveler gains the Informed (The Place Between) Condition. On dramatic failure, the ritual works, but the traveler gains the Resonant Condition keyed to a Gulmoth that rode them as they walked out.
    • Visitors to the Place Between may pick up debris in it, and with effort carry it back to the Fallen World. Carrying such a piece saps one Willpower point each scene, until the visitor abandons it or exits the Emanation. Once back in the Fallen World, the object counts as a Sleeper with an Integrity of 10 for the purpose of Dissonance. All debris picked carried back this way count as symapthy Yantras to the Place Between, and have at least a Weak sympathetic connection to the Emanation itself. The sympathy is stronger the more warped a piece is compared to its Fallen counterpart.
    Seers of the Throne whisper of a conspiracy within their ranks, the Secret Order of the Gate, who as priests of the Gate enjoy privileges in the Place Between. In addition to the above, a Gatekeeper in the Place Between gain access to the following features.
    • When rolling Wits + Occult to figure out an exit out of the Place Between, a Gatekeeper can spend a point of Mana to automatically succeed at it. When rolling Dexterity + Occult to take spatial shortcuts, he may substitute Gnosis for Dexterity, and Space for Occult.
    • Along with Space, the Spirit Arcanum counts as the Emanation's signature Arcanum as well.
    • The Gatekeeper can attempt to summon Gulmoth instead of Supernal entities, without being a Scelestus.
    • When a Gatekeeper enters the Place Between for the first time, she gains the persistent Mystery Commands Condition representing the Gate's will.
    • Sometimes, for reasons even the Secret Order is yet unaware of, when exiting the Place Between a Gatekeeper may find himself in the shores of the Ocean Oroboros, usually near the hut of the Old Man. Such mages are in the flesh, not their dream form. Thus he uses Health in place of Dream Health, which leaves him vulnerable to true death. Fortunately, at least the Ecstatic Winds inflict damage to Willpower points instead of Health, and if the Gatekeeper hasn't found a way out, being reduced to zero Willpower points will eject him out of the Astral the same way characters killed in dream form are.
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    New 2E Legacies, expanded


    • Wait Scions of God is a all Path legacy, not Obrimos.


      • Originally posted by Blakemikizuki View Post
        Wait Scions of God is a all Path legacy, not Obrimos.
        * checks notes

        Yeah they were, but I felt they were Obrimos, so assigned them accordingly. Like how the Eleventh Question were all-Path in 1e too, but are Moros-origin in 2e.

        MtAw Homebrew:
        Even more Legacies, updated to 2E
        New 2E Legacies, expanded


        • Partial progress; designed the Attainments for the Secret Order of the Gate (Legacy), and tweaked a bit how the Emanation works. I edited the post accordingly. Oh, and finally finished that 5th Attainment of the Daksha.

          EDIT: Finished! Next up are the Cult of the Doomsday Clock.
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          MtAw Homebrew:
          Even more Legacies, updated to 2E
          New 2E Legacies, expanded


          • The Secret Order of the Gate's attainments refer to prerequisite Skills ... but there are none listed, either under Initiation or as requirements for the MCI Merit. Which Skills did you have in mind? The Order's rote Skills?

            Also, shouldn't the Legacy initiation require Space 1 at least?


            • Originally posted by Michael Brazier View Post
              The Secret Order of the Gate's attainments refer to prerequisite Skills ... but there are none listed, either under Initiation or as requirements for the MCI Merit. Which Skills did you have in mind? The Order's rote Skills?

              Also, shouldn't the Legacy initiation require Space 1 at least?
              Oops. That’s what I get for copy-pasting my template. The intention is that Mystery Cult Initiation is the only requirement, with not even the Legacy’s future Ruling Arcanum required, because I imagine Left-Handed Legacies as being easy to learn and with powerful Attainments in varied ways. I’ll go fix that later.

              MtAw Homebrew:
              Even more Legacies, updated to 2E
              New 2E Legacies, expanded


              • Hey guys I'm bac-

                * sees 25 unread messages

                Whoa, what happened? Anyways, here are the Cult of the Doomsday Clock. Next up are the Path of the Book. But before that lemme catch up a bit on what I missed...

                EDIT: Oh, and here is the link for the new spells I made; Killer's Eye, Disperse Wounds (revised), and Cut History.

                EDIT: I’m torn apart from making the Cult a Moros-origin Legacy and making it Pathless. The former fits with their 1E version, and 2E Moros being all about change (including destruction). The latter fits with how I classify all the “wrong” Legacies as Pathless... eh, I’ll do them as Moros for now.


                It was him again, that man with the black suit and sunglasses, doing the usual socializing with the guests. Only you saw what he was, when he killed a man in the alley and took his watch, his sunglasses dropping to reveal a digital clock instead of eyes. But somehow this all feels familiar, as if you already saw and did all this before. What is going on?

                It Is Always Later Than You Think

                The Cult of the Doomsday Clock is an apocalyptic cult that seeks to unmake the Fallen World, seeing it as a prison that bars them access to the Supernal. Every now and then, the Cult mounts attacks on the world; killing people, destroying objects, and erasing places in ways the Orders have yet to find a pattern in. The Ticktock Men apparently have mastery over Time, making actions against them ex post facto in many cases. Indeed, the Cultists coordinate their assaults from a stronghold outside time they call the Clocktower, and as the wake of Paradox following their attacks have led many mages to suspect, the Clocktower is a realm within the Abyss.

                Mages who investigate the Cult find records of how the Cult first emerged from a disastrous Paradox manifestation, caused in a fight between a Mysterium cabal and a Seer pylon, from which doppelgangers of the mages emerged out of the Abyss to finish them off. The Cult tells a different story, of how they trace their roots back to Gnostic cults in the Hellenistic era who wished to escape the Fallen World, only to be erased by the Exarchs over and over again. With whatever truth that exists in the stories cast into the Abyss, it is now imposible to tell the truth. This only helps the Cult spreads further and further and unravel the world, tick by tick.


                Parentage: Moros
                Background: Those who seek the Cult out share great discontent with their lives, and are heavily disappointed at the world. Some are idealistic to a fault, despising the world as it is and pining for what it can be. Others simply lash out at the world, either struck with guilt and grief or feeling cheated out of what they believe they deserve. Sometimes the Cult will persistently attempt to recruit certain individuals. Those who know the Cult suspect it foresees in such courted mages the potential to destroy the world.
                Appearances: Cultists tend to dress in the classic Men In Black style, whites covered by black. While this preference is easily discarded for their mission, Ticktock Men always have a subtle tell in the form of a death's-head pocket watch worn closely on their persons. In addition, many bear Paradox Conditions that manifest physically as clockwork-themed mutations, from eyes turned into digital clock displays and hands formed of brass clock hands.


                Prerequisites: Time 2, Science 2, two dots in one of the following Skills; Subterfuge, Crafts, Computer, Academics, Empathy
                Initiation: The Cult has officially issued a manifesto of its agendas, and despite the Orders' best attempts to curb them, every now and then a young mage reads it and becomes interested. When the Cult decides an applicant is sincere, it starts indoctrinating them with standard, non-magical techniques used by cults. When the aspirant is molded properly, she is brought to the Clocktower for proper initiation, in which whom appears to be the nascent Cultist's future self help her in Gnosis-shaping.
                Organization: The Cult observes a strict hierarchy, enforced by the sympathetic name and samples of hair and blood forfeited at initiation. Mages who are still being indoctrinated are called Foliots. Those who initiate proper and learn the first Attainment are called Hands. Foliots and Hands must obey higher rank Cultists without question, must regularly report to a supervisor, and are not usually allowed to operate without supervision. Tollers are the middle managers, tasked with supervision of Foliots and Hands. Anachrons are the inner circle, consisting only of the original doppelganger-mages and a few new members. The true leaders of the Cult are the Horae; three enigmatic beings who frequently meet Anachrons and occasionally Tollers. Cultists do not even know the Horae exist until they become Tollers.
                Theory: The Cult of the Doomsday Clock does not provide a path to Ascension. The three Horae are powerful Abyssal entities, unable to leave the Clocktower. The Anachrons are Gulmoth summoned from the Paradox invoked by the Cultist at her last stage of initiation. Anachrons deceive the world so well that they believe themselves to be the mage, and carry on the Cult's agenda with inhuman zeal.


                Ruling Arcanum: Time
                Yantras: Within the Clocktower (+1); announcing the time (+2); the death's-head pocketwatch granted at initiation (+2); annihilating an object using magic (+1, +2 if using Death or Prime magic)
                Oblations: Meditating while surrounded by clockwork; causing death and destruction by disrupting a schedule or deceiving someone about the time; meditating in a site of Paradox caused by Time magic; rendezvous with other Cult members during a mission


                First: Escape Time’s Chains
                Prerequisites: Initiation
                Now a Hand of the Cult, the Cultist’s temporal senses expand beyond those still confined by time. She projects her senses to the future, assessing potential dangers or benefits that will come by within the next three seconds. In effect this replicates the "Momentary Flux" spell, with Reach assigned to instant use.
                A more important aspect of this Attainment is that it allows the Cultist to see and enter Escapements; Irises into the Clocktower that exist three seconds in the future. Those without this Attainment or similar abilities will pass through normally when attempting to enter a door upon which an Escapement is overlapped.
                Optional: Death 1
                By stepping towards Time's edges, the Ticktock Man can now see how its threads can be frayed. He replicates the "Killer's Eye" spell, with Reach assigned to instant use.

                Second: Time Out of Joint
                Prerequisites: Time 2, Science 3
                The Hand can now disrupt the small eddies of time around her, fanning up an unnatural swirl to cloak herself. While she has Time Mage Armor raised, the Cultist may spend another point of Mana to shield herself from any magic that would view her from the future, for the period she has her augmented Time Armor raised. The shield provokes a Clash of Wills, upon which the Cultist scores automatic successes equal to her Time dots.
                Optional: Death 2
                The Ticktock Man disjoints himself from the timeline, removing his footprints upon it. By destroying a time-telling device he has carried for a full scene, he replicates the "Without a Trace" spell. Reach is assigned to Advanced Duration. Using Death Sight to pierce the veiling provokes a Clash of Wills, upon which the Ticktock Man scores automatic successes equal to his Death dots.

                Third: Bid Time Return
                Prerequisites: Time 3, two dots in a second Skill among the optional prerequisite Skills
                A Cultist who learns this Attainment finally become a Toller, gaining more freedom and authority but her heart pulled deeper into the Cult. She learns how to fray and reject her own timeline, replicating the "Shifting Sands" spell. Reach is assigned to instant use.
                Optional: Death 3
                The Ticktock Man denies even the march of entropy when he bids time return. When using the Attainment he may combine "Shifting Sands" with the "Disperse Wounds" spell. Reach is still assigned to instant use.

                Fourth: Erase History
                Prerequisites: Time 4, Science 4
                The Cultist curses the history of the world, tearing it apart and condemning it to oblivion. This Attainment replicates the "Cut History" spell, with Reach assigned to instant use. She counts as having rolled an exceptional success on spellcasting when using this Attainment on herself.
                Optional: Death 4
                As an agent of Doomsday, the Ticktock Man becomes a being excised from history. Magic that will read or alter his history counts as magic affecting his soul for purposes of the Inviolate Soul Attainment. Should such temporal magic succeed anyway, the Ticktock Man is banished to the Clocktower.

                Fifth: Off the Clock
                Prerequisites: Time 5, two dots in a third Skill among the optional prerequisite Skills
                Those who reach the highest echelons of the Cult become Anachrons, now fully a being of Doomsday. By meticulously disassembling a time-telling device for a full scene, she can tear herself off Time and enter a bubble of her own, replicating the "Temporal Pocket" spell. Reach is assigned to Advanced Duration.
                This Attainment is not taught by an elder Cultist, but the Horae themselves. When doing so, the Horae use the Clocktower's temporal anomalies to send the Cultist back in time and kill herself, which truly destroys her instead of erasing her presence from the timeline as usual. This summons a Gulmoth who truly believes itself to be the Cultist, the deception even allowing them to mimick Awakened qualities and perfectly substitute for the destroyed mage.
                Powerful Mind and Time magic can dispel an Anachron's self-delusion, but this causes the Anachron to remember its true nature and unleash itself as a Gulmoth. All such unleashed Gulmoth wield all the Cult's Attainments as Numina regardless of Rank.
                Should a Cultist realize what is happening and is able to shake off her indoctrination, she can attempt to evade the Horae and forge a new fifth Attainment. Upon success she will evade her doom, and become a true agent of Doomsday surpassing even the Anachrons.
                Optional: Death 5
                The Ticktock Man laughs at entropy, mocking it for how it fails to claim him. He replicates the "Deny the Reaper" spell, with Reach assigned to instant use.
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                Even more Legacies, updated to 2E
                New 2E Legacies, expanded


                • So with the 3rd attainment, if a Reach is spent for Instant it applies to both spells, meaning you have a freed up Reach to spend on Disperse Wounds.


                  • Originally posted by Mrmdubois View Post
                    So with the 3rd attainment, if a Reach is spent for Instant it applies to both spells, meaning you have a freed up Reach to spend on Disperse Wounds.
                    I do? I thought we only got one set of free Reach, counting from the highest rated spell (in this case, both are 3-dot anyway)? The rules for combined spells always leave me confused, after all this time.

                    MtAw Homebrew:
                    Even more Legacies, updated to 2E
                    New 2E Legacies, expanded


                    • When combining spells it becomes a single spell and a single set of reaches. in this case it has 1 reach and it is used on instant casting.


                      • Originally posted by Hardwire99 View Post
                        When combining spells it becomes a single spell and a single set of reaches. in this case it has 1 reach and it is used on instant casting.

                        Yeah, that's how I ran it.

                        MtAw Homebrew:
                        Even more Legacies, updated to 2E
                        New 2E Legacies, expanded


                        • Okay, so I was reading the Path of the Book just now, and it seems we have at least three Legacies whose Attainments are roughly summarized as “use your superior cognitive and pattern-recognition abilities to draw information from the world.”

                          The Sphinxes do that with Fate and Mind. I remember giving them Prime as their Ruling Arcanum because I thought it made more sense back then.

                          The Cryptologos do that with Mind and Prime. I remember noticing that I inverted which Arcana were Ruling and optional for them, compared to what Mage 2E’s snippet of them had that is.

                          And now we have the Path of the Book, who use Fate, Mind, and Time. Right now I’m thinking of jus using Mind and Time for them, but the Loquacious Grimoire is specifically stated to have and grant Fate magic.

                          While I have ideas on my own how to do the Path of the Book and revise the other two, they’re vague at the moment and I’d like some fresh input from anybody reading this. So... pretty please?

                          MtAw Homebrew:
                          Even more Legacies, updated to 2E
                          New 2E Legacies, expanded


                          • Not sure what part you are asking for help with? I would be glad to help with whatever is needed that I can do.


                            • Originally posted by Hardwire99 View Post
                              Not sure what part you are asking for help with? I would be glad to help with whatever is needed that I can do.
                              Actually, lemme sleep over where my thoughts were getting garbled. Damn, I wish I had the Serendipity spell in real life... Anyways, thanks for the support!

                              MtAw Homebrew:
                              Even more Legacies, updated to 2E
                              New 2E Legacies, expanded


                              • I think you can get away with simply Mind and Time, and have the Loquacious Grimoire simply be an Imbued Item with a massive investment of Fate Magic.