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    Originally posted by 21C Hermit View Post
    Of course, it's entirely possible that in the MtAw world, dragons got associated with The Enemy only because the mages used draconic imagery, and mages aren't exactly safe people to be around...
    Still, from logical stand point of Order spread by various philosophical systems, Diamond Orders and their Dragon Symbology need to be reconnected with Christianity in Middle Ages. But I think this idea should go in to other topic. I base my Christanity asesment of Diamond Order on great post of glamourweaver which sounds solid:

    Originally posted by glamourweaver View Post
    The Diamond Orders were born in the Alexandrian Empire. Rome actively makes itself a cultural heir of the Hellenistic world, so add its territory too to the expansion of the Diamond. Buddhism comes out of North India into China and beyond, so the Diamond easily expands throughout East Asia at the same time. Roman, Byzantine, and Coptic Christianity does the job of further expanding the Diamond (so that covers the rest of Europe and Russia), and once the Persian Empire is subsumed by the Caliphate, Islam does the same.

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      I believe Glamourweaver's point was referring to Christianity as an institution, not as an ideology. Like, Christianity and Islam both create fairly unified cultural areas where people could fairly freely move around as there's a shared overarching world view and set of institutions.