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[Legacy] Rising Divines/Cloaks of Ganelon/Iconomancers

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  • [Legacy] Rising Divines/Cloaks of Ganelon/Iconomancers

    This is a 2E adaptation of a 1E homebrew Legacy you can find here, made by the poster 105349. As always with my Legacy ports, check the original source for the background and concepts and stuff.

    I've been using these guys in my chronicle for a while and decided to formally write them up. The big idea is they're cultivating their Shadow Name into a (new or existing) divine persona, they get Fate bonuses when channeling it, and they can manifest magical features (presumably in addition to mundane costuming and performance) to enhance their persona. I also liked the idea that their powers are keyed to Specialties, which focuses their Fate boons. I first introduced my players to the Iconomancer Free Council variant, and progressively revealed that they were actually a modern schism of a very ancient magical practice with an ugly history spread between Council, Seers, and Diamond. Turns out trying to become a god is pretty popular among the Awakened of all times and places!

    Parentage: Obrimos or Free Council/Silver Ladder/Seers of the Throne
    Prerequisites: Fate 2, Shadow Name 1, and one Divine Specialty
    Ruling Arcanum: Fate
    Yantras: Wearing elements of the mundane panoply (+1 for minor accessories, +2 if the costume is obvious), taking an action with a Divine Specialty relevant to the spell (+2), stating your divine identity (+1), manifesting the divine panoply (+1 for 1 element, +2 for 3 elements, +3 for 5 elements)
    Oblations: [see original writeup, but basically "re-enacting, researching, and spreading the worship of your divine identity"]

    Originally posted by Divine Specialties
    The divine identity is defined by Specialties. The initiate is not expected to start with all of them, but to develop and hone new ones as they refine their understanding of the god-self. Each Attainment requires a new instance of the Divine Specialty Merit, and no Skill can have more than one Divine Specialty.

    Divine Specialty (•)
    Prerequisite: Rising Divines or derived Legacy, one Skill at 3 with a Specialty
    Effect: A certain act resonates with your character's divinity. Choose a Specialty to assign to this Merit. Forgo the +1 bonus afforded by a Specialty, in exchange for a +2. You may take this Merit more than once.
    1st Attainment
    Serendipity, instant cast, can use a Skill with a Divine Specialty to substitute for another Skill in the same category.
    Optional: Divine Panoply element. See sidebar.

    2nd Attainment
    Fate 2, Potent Nimbus 1, a second Divine Specialty
    Exceptional Luck, advanced duration. 9-again when using Divine Specialties or Divine Panoply elements directly.
    Optional: Divine Panoply element.

    3rd Attainment
    Fate 3, Shadow Name 2, a third Divine Specialty
    Fools Rush In, advanced duration, adds dice. When channeling the divine identity in the moment rather than planning and thinking ahead with the mundane identity, get a bonus to rolls that resonate with the identity.
    Optional: Divine Panoply element.

    4th Attainment
    Fate 4, Potent Nimbus 2, a fourth Divine Specialty
    Superlative Luck, instant cast, switch primary factor. Rote quality when using Divine Specialties or Divine Panoply elements directly.
    Optional: Divine Panoply element.

    5th Attainment
    Fate 5, Shadow Name 3, a fifth Divine Specialty
    Miracle, advanced duration. Do all kinds of divine stuff.
    Optional: Divine Panoply element.

    Many of the Legacy believe that there is a 6th Attainment upon achieving Gnosis 10 which enables Ascension. The promise of a definite, clearly established path to Ascension has attracted more than a few initiates, although unfortunately the proof tends to be less than empirical. "Y'know Zeus? Yeah, he was one of us." Figures claimed as recent Ascensions include Santoshi Ma (Rising Divines), Mother Teresa (Cloaks of Ganelon), and the Lizard King himself (Iconomancers).

    Originally posted by Divine Panoply
    Being a Legacy with a sprawling and diverse history means you get lots of variant Attainments being codified, especially when the whole point for many of them is to develop your own personal take on the divine identity. They don't even share a common Arcanum, necessarily. Legacy members learn the optional Attainments from multiple sources or develop their own, but they all share a theme: the Divine Panoply, a set of supernatural features that are adopted when wearing the god-self. A halo, an ethereal voice, a pearl necklace, a shadowed face, constantly chirping birds. The focus is not on fundamentally changing the mage's appearance, but adopting iconic elements associated with the identity. Odin's face changes from one appearance to another, but everyone knows about the eyepatch and the ravens. These Panoply elements tend to have the mage herself or her immediate vicinity as the subject, and be "cast" with Advanced Duration at the same time as the ritual that activates the non-instant primary Attainments. Popular choices for Divine Panoply Attainments include:
    Death: Deepen Shadows, Shadow Sculpting, Cold Snap, Shadow Crafting,
    Forces: Influence Fire, Control Heat, Control Light, Control Sound, Control Weather, Gravitic Supremacy, Levitation, Create Energy
    Life: Speak with Beasts, Lure and Repel, Mutable Mask, Honing the Form, Transform Life, Create Life
    Matter: Lodestone, Shaping, Shrink and Grow, State Change, Transubstantiation, Ex Nihilo

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    Choir of Hashmallim (plus extra Summoning content)
    Storm Keepers

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    So every single one of them can become a different god? This is very broad stuff, more like a separate template.

    I'd somehow tie this with the Prelacy Merit, and include some ways for these guys to contact the deities within the Temenos. Still, looks promising.

    Any example god a member can/has become?

    MtAw Homebrew: Even more Legacies, updated to 2E