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    True, it's basically a matter of timing.


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      Originally posted by Charlaquin View Post
      Where I'm from, there's a name for when the GM changes the rules at random with no warning and with no consistent pattern to how they change the rules. We call that a screwjob. Most people who have played RPGs for any significant length of time have had the misfortune of playing under a GM who throws random screwjobs at them, and it sucks. It's not fun. And while GMs who do that don't have to answer to any "RPG police", they do have to answer to their players. If the players feel screwed over by the GM, they will either find a different GM or they will stop playing. The reason you're getting so many responses cautioning you not to randomly apply Anomalies on contained Paradoxes just because you want to and think it'll be a good "roleplaying challenge" is that we sympathize with your players, and we want to convince you not to screw them over like this.
      Perfectly worded to capture the sentiment I was thinking when I wrote this:

      Originally posted by Pale_Crusader
      In particular the removal of the players' agency can produce very bad habits in players that the rest of the gaming community and future versions of yourself will have to deal with. My advice? Have player choices matter, if you're going to have house rules have them written down so the players can know them and to keep yourself honest, and don't be overly invested in particular outcomes for the story, other than the vague goal of a story that is entertaining, and/or meaningful.
      Originally posted by Dante90 View Post
      and even if??
      i play with them since i was 14.. now i am 27.. will someone be upset for this?
      Dante90 Especially since you've been role-playing since you were 14 you should know what we are saying about Storytellers governing their games like a pre-Magna Carta fiefdom is true and if you don't that means you're likely the one oblivious to that style of play, and the likely source of that experience for some people. (Assuming you're not roleplaying in an isolated bubble, which happens and is unfortunate, and my apologies if that's the case) This all refers back to this question:

      Originally posted by Mrmdubois View Post
      I can understand that it feels like you're being unfairly dog piled, but I think you should look at all of these replies that have a similar theme and ask yourself whether or not your wrong in assuming their irrelevance.
      If we're pulling out our gaming anyone-can-say-anything-on-the-internet unverifiable credentials, I've been a DM, GM, Referee, Lore Master, CryptKeeper, and Storyteller since I was 10 and am current 38 (28 years). I've put more time and effort into roleplay than most college professors, lawyers, or doctors put into their particular fields in a equivalent range of years (most being defined by those who put in average time/effort, and those that put in less totaled). Please don't take my remarks as intending to disrupt or harm, their intent is to share things I and others had to learn the hard way, to avoid making bitter players, and help you consider player choices as valid and meaningful, because they should be.
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