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[2E] Reapers only with Death Arcanum?

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  • [2E] Reapers only with Death Arcanum?

    Reading latest Legacy Updates made by 21C Hermit I see that all Reaper Leagcies are made with Death as Primary Arcanum - should not other Arcana be possible on soul manipulation? Like maybe high Spirit or maybe Prime? Tremere points that ALL Subtle Arcana are part of Soul, so every on of 5 should make possible to be Reaper on it, does it not?

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    A soul is most likely made out of all five subtle Arcana, but Death is the only Arcanum that can actually manipulate a soul. And it's kinda hard to be a Reaper if you can't do anything with souls.

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      For the same logic that while a body has electric currents (Forces) and minerals (Matter) in it, and of course occupies Space-Time, affecting the whole thing falls under Life.

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