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  • [GotV 2E] Your Masques

    Topic for sharing and making your own Masques ‘trees’ for particular Guardians characters. For inspirations, we have 49 classic Masques in Guardians of Veil Order book.

    Notice: I put Skill Specialties and Merits lists as propositions – each character choose his own particular complete for each Masque.

    For ease of reference – particular dots effects of Masque Merit from 2E Mage corebook:

    Identity (•): Choose a Virtue and Vice different than that of your character. While in the Masque, your character benefits from those traits instead of her own.
    Competency (••): Choose Skill Specialties equal to the Masque Merit dots. Your character uses those Specialties instead of her own while in the Masque.
    Diffusion (•••): Choose a new Signature Nimbus (see p. 89). While in the Masque, your character uses that Nimbus instead of her own.
    The Code (••••): Choose two Acts of Hubris your character would normally suffer. While in the Masque, your character does not risk Wisdom for those acts.
    Immersion (•••••): Choose up to five Merit dots. When your character dons her Masque, she gains access to these Merits. These Merits must be logical parts of the identity, at Storyteller discretion, and cannot include further Masques.

    Good Death ( Prudence \ Envy from GotV book )

    The Good Death is an assassin. He dispatches his targets as efficiently as possible and pretends to have a detached attitude toward his victims. Mercy is not an option, unless it tempts the one weakness in his character. The Good Death doesn’t really kill for money or for a cause. He kills to pretend he has power over death. In a moment of honesty, a religious Good Death might say he envies God. With every kill, he reaffirms that he, and not some higher power, is the master of his fate.

    Identity (•): Prudent \ Violent ( thought about ‘Efficient’ as Vice, but it would simply double Prudent Virtue in gameplay )
    Competency (••): Skill Specialties – Stealth ( Shadowing ), Weaponry or Firearms ( Any chosen )
    Diffusion (•••): Signature Nimbus – Long shadows and cold is entrenching items.
    The Code (••••): Acts of Hubris – Planned murder, Impassionate killing ( if plans derail )
    Immersion (•••••): Merits – Professional Training ( Assassin – Asset Skills: Stealth and Weaponry or Firearms ), Fast Reflexes, Meditative Mind, Trained Observer, Allies ( Assassins )
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    Byzantine Empire in Middle Ages ( 330–1453 A.D.)
    Conquest of Paradise – Portugal and Spain in 15th century and their conquests
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    Golden Hand ( Prudence \ Greed from GotV book )

    This Masques is used in tactics based on social, economic or even magical bounding and extortion of target. Golden Hands balance their materialism and common sense to survive. Based on the merchants of ancient cultures, the Masque has become that of the average urban worker. Golden Hands are shopkeepers, sales people and service employees: people whom the supernatural world either ignores or treats as victims. The order doesn’t believe that every normal person is a Golden Hand, but that the Masque is emblematic of the modern age. It’s true that the average Golden Hand is materialistic (and cowardly, because a Golden Hand views her life as her most prized property), but desperation can inspire her. Under stress, average people can devise cunning plans capable of snaring those too blinded by supernatural power to notice the threats.

    Identity (•): Prudent \ Greedy
    Competency (••): Skill Specialties – Persuasion ( Deals ), Empathy ( Motivations ), Socialize ( Clients )
    Diffusion (•••): Signature Nimbus – For Mage Sight, literally everything that Golden Hand touches becomes gold! Or rather have golden radiance.
    The Code (••••): Acts of Hubris – Forcing a sapient being (whether a Sleeper, spirit, or anything else) to act counter to its interests, Binding being to a task based on previous contract
    Immersion (•••••): Merits – Professional Training (Professional), Good Time Management, Indomitable, Multilingual, Patient, Closed Book, Contacts, Fast-Talking, Fixer, Iron Will, Table Turner
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    Dark Eras fan stuff hub ( with Eras inside ):
    Byzantine Empire in Middle Ages ( 330–1453 A.D.)
    Conquest of Paradise – Portugal and Spain in 15th century and their conquests
    My stuff for VtR 2E, WtF 2E, MtAw 2E & BtP