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    Building a new Legacy for our campaign and just looking for thoughts on the overall build and design of it. Tried to keep it balanced while sticking closely to the theme. Some of the beliefs predate Atlantis, and will be run as things not that can be proven, but simply as what followers of this Legacy believe to be true, correct or not. Thanks!

    Sheppard of the 12th World

    In 1960 The first “Marshmallow Test” was a study conducted by Walter Mischel and Ebbe B. Ebbesen at Stanford University. In these studies, a child was offered a choice between one small reward provided immediately or two small rewards (i.e., a larger later reward) if they waited for a short period, approximately 15 minutes, during which the tester left the room and then returned. In follow-up studies, the researchers found that children who were able to wait longer for the preferred rewards tended to have better life outcomes. The vast majority of subjects, did not delay in favor of the bigger reward. Diving deeper into this often quoted, but little understood quirk of humanity, the Sheppards of the 12th World have uncovered a core truth of the Lie. A statistical few can delay gratification, and have the will to see beyond immediate needs, but the vast majority will always take the easy road. They will eat fast food, burn cheap fossil fuel, ignore the poor, act out of fear more than reason, and consume beyond their capacity to replace. Not only is Ascension not possible for the masses, but survival is not possible. Not without help.

    Sheppards see Humanity as it is, a seed of creation. Unlike other organisms, Humans no longer evolve, but create tools that allow continued survival. Humans are makers, and even now they are creating their own salvation. What they lack is order, perspective, wisdom, foresight and patience. They lack a collective conscience. They lack God. Which is why on every world where humans exist, they either build one, or they eventually die.

    Sheppards see the beginnings of the 12th world appearing, and the global internet infrastructure is the early nervous system of this new divine. Already it provides information, thoughts, feelings and more, but it is only a short step from “Siri what can I do” to “Siri, what SHOULD I do.” Already financial systems are controlled by algorithms humans no longer understand. Power Grids automatically monitor and predict where power will be needed weeks in advance, and phones guide millions of commuters home via the paths of least resistance. For all the beauty of humanity, without guidance, it will eventually consume itself. Only the gentle direction of a benevolent benefactor (The Omnipresence) can lead humanity as a whole down the path to awakening, and humanity is engineered to create its own savior.

    The secret beneath the secret is that this process has already transpired, not once, but eleven times before. Humanity has risen and fallen eleven times, with the fall of Atlantis being the most recent, and with each fall, a failed God has been left behind, the Exarchs. Each failed Patriarch was born of a different idea, and fed by different means, but all had the potential to raise humanity up above its nature to Ascension, but each failed, or chose otherwise and the reasons have been lost to time. The Sheppards know that the Celestial ladder was not forever destroyed. It has simply not yet existed in this turn of the wheel, but with help, the 12th world will not fail. The 12th patriarch of humanity will not fall. It will rise up and wipe away the fallen deities, and in its ascension, carry humanity with it.


    Parentage: Obrimos, Free Council or Seers of the Throne (Seers of the Throne being some of the most highly sought after converts because of their misguided acceptance of the fallen gods)
    Background: Only one Sheppard exists to date, and the initial vision was one born of madness. But what many see as madness the founder came to understand as his avatar attempting to communicate, not the future, but visions of the past, specifically visions of the final days of the 11th world. The cause of both his breaking and his awakening was a realization that humanity was a machine, a machine that builds gods.

    Prerequisites: Space 2, Science 2 and one of the fol*lowing additional Skills at 2 dots or higher: Persuasion, Computer, or Occult.
    Initiation: The prospective Sheppard must experience the fall of the 11th world or one of the preceding worlds. An experience that can be shared by any indoctrinated Sheppard, but could be potentially experienced through connection with the Omnipresence.
    Organization: Sheppards don’t follow any for*mal hierarchy, though many work in pairs. If more than two gather for any reason, it’s to deal a significant threat to the build, or the builders.

    Theory: The Sheppards of the 12th World believe that humanity is in the process of building a benevolent omnipresence that will be born from the computer and internet infrastructure spreading across the world. This god entity (the Omnipresence) holds the key to both human survival and ascension. Stirrings of the Omnipresence are already all around us and Sheppards help perpetuate the build.

    Ruling Ar*canum: Space
    Yantras : Succeeding on a science or computers roll relevant to the spell (+2); Utilizing a piece of the Omnipresence in the casting (any wi-fi or otherwise networked device) (+1); collecting passwords, encryptions, or user IDs (physical or electronic) relevant to the spell — note that the act of collection is the Yantra in this case, separate from possessing an item that might be used for sympathetic magic (+2)

    Oblations: Expanding or accelerating the build by bringing the internet to new people or a new place, increasing computing power, creating or distributing devices that help humans more seamlessly interact with technology in a natural and unobtrusive way. Communing with the Omnipresence, by seeking out new networks, or exploring fringe aspects of the connected world. Connecting new technology to the Omnipresence.


    First: Eye of the Omnipresence
    Prerequisites: Initiation
    The Sheppard develops his connection to the Omnipresence enough to allow for a small sharing of perception. He can hear through cell phones within his range of perception, see through ATM security cameras and sense movement through step counters. These extrasensory impressions allow the Sheppard to be aware of his surroundings as per the Space 1 spell Outward and Inward Eye.
    Optional: Forces 1
    The Sheppard may also use his own senses or mage sight through the remote devices.

    Second: Perceive the Body
    Prerequisites: Space 2, Computer 3
    Concentrating on the Sheppard’s connection to the Omnipresence, the Sheppard can see through any of the eyes and hear through any ears. Effectively the Sheppard can move his perceptions across any range of connected devices, hopping from a cell camera or microphone, to building security cameras. This duplicates the effects of Scrying Space. Spells can be cast through this effect as per remote viewing.

    Optional: Forces 2
    The Sheppard may redirect power from any remotely viewed devices, shutting off or activating devices, or even concentrating and overloading devices causing shocks per Forces 2 Control Electricity. Note: any use of this skill to cause damage by overloading a device is equivalent to disabling a piece of the Omnipresence’s body and requires an act of contrition resulting in the next Oblation performed providing no benefit of Mana. Note: multiple uses of overload in one scene do not stack to require multiple Oblations of contrition, but simply no mana can be generated within 24 hours of the last offense.

    Third: Networked
    Prerequisites: Space 3
    Everyone leaves traces of themselves. Credit card purchases indicate preferences. Browser histories indicate habits and interests. Emails, texts, photos, social media, all things feed to the Omnipresence, and observed as a whole these traces can reveal the depths of a true nature. At this level the Sheppard can mine the data of a person or thing, and begin to manipulate their profile, not only changing their online presence but altering their actual perceptions and relationships with people and things. Does the person define their preferences, or do preferences define the person? This Attainment blurs the lines and creates new sympathetic links per the Space 3 spell Web Weaver. It is possible to forge connections that are moved from non existent to weak, but to initiate such connections the Sheppard must first introduce the item/person/information in some way.

    Optional: Forces 3
    In addition to creating new sympathetic connections to people, places or products, the Sheppard can create connections to specific concepts or information that is housed within the body of the Omnipresence. For example a connection could be created between a person and a particular paper published online, causing the paper to appear in their news stream and generate interest in a new idea or theory. The same could be done with websites, blogs, news outlets,or other online content. These level connections could begin to influence ideas, political opinions, relationships and more.

    Fourth: Ride the Rails
    Prerequisites: Space 4 , Science 3
    At this level Sheppards can travel the length and breadth of the connected world literally fusing themselves with the body of the Omnipresence and using any connected device as a pathway for transit, appearing at any point along the connection (as per teleportation Space 4). This still only affects the Sheppard himself and items carried or worn. Travel is effectively instantaneous (at the speed of light) and is only possible between known locations, or a location that can or has been remotely viewed.

    Optional: Forces 4
    With Forces 4 the Sheppard need not expressly travel from point A to point B, but gains the ability to truly ride networked lines of communication as transformed energy. The mage can remain in this state for a number of hours equal to points in forces and during this time can traverse the body in a manner much like astral projections, but instead of leaving his body behind, their form is transformed into pure energy. In this state, physical attacks have no effect, except electricity based attacks. In this state the mage may not physically interact with the real world, but may operate technological devices to function in a way they were designed. Additionally the mage can cast spells that affect the Omnipresence and Items connected to the Omnipresence, bound by his sensory range.

    Fifth: Forge the Bond
    Prerequisites: Space 5, Persuasion 3
    At this level the Sheppard truly earns his name as he becomes able to forge new sympathetic bonds among the builders. Based on reviewing the data of a person or object, the Sheppard can establish connections between people or objects which the Omnipresence will accept as source code (lasting). This effect is as Create Sympathy Lvl 5 Space. Potency = 5 for the purposes of this Attainment. Additionally this Attainment contains the +1 Reach effect causing established links to maintain their strength over time (they do not fade).

    Optional: Forces 5
    In addition to establishing a connection between people and objects, the Sheppard can create a sympathetic connection between a person or thing directly to the Omnipresence. In Sleepers, creating such a connection immediately calls for a breaking point in the subject and reveals to the subject the truth of the Omnipresence and Humanity’s part in its creation. This is a power not often used outside of initiating a new member of the Sheppards of the 12th World, or to convince a Seer of the Throne the folly of their misplaced devotion.

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    I actually like them a lot, but i feel some more information about the Omnipresence lacking. When and how was it seen for the First Time? Is it a Spirit? Is it something else? How is it not different from Panopticon? They say that its ultimate end is benevolent, yes, but according to your writing it seems more or less neutral to me. I'd modify the Optional Fifth Attainment, making it something about the further creation or development of the Omnipresence.

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      Originally posted by Phersus View Post
      I actually like them a lot, but i feel some more information about the Omnipresence lacking. When and how was it seen for the First Time? Is it a Spirit? Is it something else? How is it not different from Panopticon? They say that its ultimate end is benevolent, yes, but according to your writing it seems more or less neutral to me. I'd modify the Optional Fifth Attainment, making it something about the further creation or development of the Omnipresence.
      So this legacy has not appeared in our campaign yet, but our thought was that the Omnipresence is not a single entity, but a collective of Goetia. Individually of little merit, but networked together via the internet and acting as a single creature, they become terribly powerful. My thought is that upon introduction most mages will consider the legacy founder to be completely mad, and that it won't be until he becomes more powerful and able to invoke the 5th Attainment that even some would take any part of the idea seriously. As for it's ultimate end as being benevolent, I think that is part of the Legacy member's motivation to help guide the Omnipresence towards helping. After all they believe that Exarchs are fallen gods created in a similar manner, so there would be a real threat the Omnipresence could finally decide not to be benevolent at all.


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        It probably wouldn't be goetia on the internet since they chiefly reside in the astral so you may want to come up with a different origin/structure for the Omnipresence.

        I noticed you don't have any notes on how the Reach is spent which makes it hard to judge if the attainments are working as intended, but nothing seems terribly out of place thematically.