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    I think you are. An Exceptional Success can bypass Withstand, grant conditions (which is the main source of XP in my group) and replenish Willpower points.

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      It's the Willpower and XP that's the draw of Praxes; you can't do more with them than you can with a regular spell (they don't add dice or give more reach) but they keep your character fuelled. Rotes are for pushing your limits. Praxes are for the things so comfortable they're second nature.

      Also for helping design your Legacy.

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        Whenever my friends need to do a programming or construction related project for their University stuff, they contemplate giving into temptation of logging into closed private student internet space, because more often than not, you can find there easily customizable "almost-done embryo| for your work. It saves them tons of time, allows them to learn by taking it apart and reassembling it for their specific needs. Usually, Professors will ask for a project that's basically "the same assignment, but with different parameters". Everyone know that 3/4 of students use these "blueprints" or "seeds" or however you would call them in English. Professors pretend to not notice it, but they are actually aware of it because lazy students will just copy it with errors or without removing certain...tells, and so can be told to redo the project with XYZ in mind, and good students will learn by observing someone's else work and tinkering with it. Hell, some people whisper that it's *the Professors* who release these mysterious half-done projects into internet as a teaching tool. Spooky!

        So when I think about Rotes, I like to compare them to these project blueprints. You borrow someone's else work, but you are free to adjust it for your needs as long as you are skilled enough and capable of understanding it - even if you can't really reliably perfectly recreate it from the ground on spot. It also greatly enhances the "feel" and "purpose" of Magical Society.

        From mechanical point of view, Locked Rotes are just not worth it - both player-wise, GM-wise and designer-wise. Players always will have to look at the Rote with XP efficiency in mind, and when you can choose between gaining X reach but having to spend it ONLY in specific way, and just saving up to rise your general magical prowess...
        For GM, you will have to specify reach for each specific Rote in your game. It's much easier to write that "yeah, Master Ave Shawkorb has 10 Rotes based on Occult Skills, for Spells XYZ" and then spend these Reach options as needed during scenes. Alternative? Assume that Ave gets 2 extra reach for each of these. You need to lock 20 Reach Options. RIP.
        For a designer, you have to figure out how to make both players and GM pleased, while also taking in consideration the problem of "how to make locked Reach options work with the fact that player get's less and less Extra Reach out of the Rote as they approach Arcanum 5".