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[2E] Homebrew Legacy (Life/Matter)

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  • [2E] Homebrew Legacy (Life/Matter)

    This this a Legacy of Kemetic physicians-alchemists for my character in a campaign of To the Strongest. Critique and help welcome.

    Name: Can't think of one

    Parentage: Moros or Thyrsos, Weret-Hekau, later Keepers of the Word
    Origins: Scolars, physicians and healers
    Apperance: Can't think of anything particulary distinct

    Prerequisites: Life 2, Medicine 2, Science or Occult 2
    Initiation: Must heal patient of wounds or disease?
    Organisation: Not sure
    Theory: Medicinal knowledge and Life Magic provide what people need most when the chips are down.

    Ruling Arcanum: Life
    Yantras: Succeding on a Medicine check relevant to the spell (+2), need more
    Oblations: Can't think of any


    1 - Initiation
    Banish Poison: Cleanse the Body, Advanced Duration
    Optional (Matter 1): Know Reagent: Discern Composition, Percieve concealed objects

    2 - Medicine 3
    Banish Plague: Purge Illness, Advanced Scale (my ST ruled Purge Illness is lasting, but doesn't recure on the same disease of the same patient)
    Optional (Matter 2): Alchemist's Touch, Advanced Duration

    3 - Life 3, Science or Occult 3
    Banish Bruises: Knit, Instant casting
    Optional (Matter 3): Brew Poition, Advanced Duration

    4 - Life 4, Medicine 4 or Science 3, Occult 3
    Banish Wounds: Mend, Instant casting
    Optional (Matter 4): Alchemist's Touch, Advanced Duration, Immune to L and reduces A

    5 - Life 5, Medicine 4, Science 3, Occult 3
    Banish Scars: Mend, Instant casting, Heal A
    Optional (Matter 5): Transsubstantiation, Advanced Duration, Multiple components

    Any help?

    Simurgh, Mysterium Thyrsus in Mountains of Shadow (IC|OOC)

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    With Advanced Duration on Cleanse the Body in the first attainment the attainment will reoccur every GRI, but it'd be more efficient and timely to have it available as an Instant Action that they can perform on a patient (Or themselves) while tending to them. The Optional attainment will have to be done as a ritual as is.

    Purge Illness will have to be done as a ritual, but you can at least clear large areas and numbers of patients with the attainment. Alchemist's Touch has to be activated as a ritual, you may want to consider Instant Activation though, depends on if you think you'll be handling hazardous materials for long periods of time that you can prepare for, or just a few turns very frequently.

    Fourth Attainment: Getting a repeat attainment (Alchemist's Touch) with slight power boost is a bit of a waste for an attainment in my opinion. Either go with this version and use the 2nd Optional Slot for something else, or come up with something better for this slot would be my recommendation.

    Same advice for the 5th attainment as I gave for the 4th Optional.